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    100 Day Push Up Challenge
    Mon 26 Sept 2011 to Tue 03 Jan 2012

    Movember 2011
    Tue 01 Nov to Wed 30 Nov 2011

    Sleep Seminar
    7.30pm Wednesday 09 Nov 2011

    REX Affiliate Cup
    Sat 12 Nov 2011

    FREE Open Gym
    12pm - 3pm, Sat 19 Nov 2011

    Real Fitness Standards Grading - Level II
    Sat 03 Dec 2012
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    The Cell workouts are designed and intended for the fittest of individuals and those who have exposure to our coaching and training. Do not complete these workouts as posted unless you have been coached in the movements, are familiar with our philosophy and have substantial training experience.

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Our Philosophy

Real Fitness

At The Cell we believe in real fitness – fitness that translates to real-world, everyday application. If a movement is not replicated outside the gym, in everyday life, you won’t find it inside The Cell. No part of the body works in isolation, we do not isolate. We actively coach you to use your body the way nature intended.

Our fitness is as much at home unloading the groceries as it is on the football field. We believe that regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or an office worker, your training needs differ by degree, not kind – every person should have access to quality coaching. Everyone has immense athletic potential which is why everyone at The Cell is considered an athlete!

The Cell provides this quality coaching to the general population with the sole aim of improving our athlete’s fitness and mental well-being. Our definition of fitness is broad and inclusive, covering the ten recognised fitness criteria; cardiovascular respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, speed, power, flexibility, agility, balance, door dination and accuracy.

Improved fitness is an increased capacity for work across broad time and modal domains – moving large loads, long distances, fast!

We deliver this improvement in fitness to our athletes via constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. Routine is the enemy! Nature punishes the specialist and rewards the generalist. We specialise in not specialising! Workouts can be long or short; can involve weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning or any combination of these. The one constant is intensity. Intensity is key and is always high.

Train for real fitness and all other health markers such as body fat and muscle mass, blood pressure and cholesterol fall into place. Our view is that health and fitness are the same thing. We typically achieve superior results with ‘side benefit’ vs side effect.


What sets The Cell apart from every other fitness facility is active coaching. This is simple: every athlete is treated as such – skillfully taught a range of movements and techniques, assisted, assessed and encouraged; the relationship between coach and athlete is a personal one, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all template that can be applied. Everything we do is scalable to an individual athlete’s ability.

Training athletes is not something that anyone can do; it takes passion, a keen eye, integral knowledge and interpersonal skills. You will find these qualities in coaches at The Cell.

Every athlete has the opportunity to progress through individual coaching to ensure a sufficient level of competency before moving into the small groups we affectionately call ‘Cells’. These Cells are where our athletes really accelerate their fitness levels by completing workouts at higher intensity but with all of the rigour and safety of having been coached appropriately from the outset.


If our experience tells us anything, it’s that athletes work harder in a group setting. As coaches, we also know that it becomes more difficult to pay close attention to any athlete as that group size grows. Our Cells strike the perfect balance between group size and personal attention – we impose a limit of 7 athletes per coach for any particular session.

With up to 7 people under the watchful eye of a coach at any time, you will find the benefits of individualised attentiveness combined with a team spirit that demands greater effort!


The walls of The Cell are testament to the hard work performed by every athlete that steps through the door. Our whiteboards are dynamic records of personal achievement forged from immeasurable sweat and strain. We believe it is paramount to document triumphs, failures and the effort injected into each endeavour in order to measure your growth as an athlete.

Not only are efforts measured against the clock, previous personal scores and fitness criteria, the incentive works better still when competing against fellow athletes at the same time! Time and again we see perceived limits being annihilated in the heat of battle, new found energy stores being tapped to eek out the last few precious repetitions or push just that little bit harder to beat someone to the finish line! Men will die for points!

The Cell celebrates the success of our athletes, the unrivalled camaraderie that forms between athletes and the very healthy competition that pushes us harder and faster than ever expected.


One thing you won’t find at The Cell is mediocrity! Don’t expect a mindless experience where you come along and leave feeling drained. We promote real fitness as an all-encompassing experience of body & mind which is why we keep on hand an ever-expanding collection of books, journals, articles and website snippets that anyone can sit down and read.

One of the fantastic allures of a fitness community such as we have is the ability to share information quickly. If you wish to expand your fitness knowledge further we host regular seminars & workshops on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

We ourselves are always learning, adapting and passing on new found relevant information to those who are open to it, we expect the same of our athletes!

Real fitness extends far beyond the time you spend at the gym. We want you to be accountable to yourself for taking control of the other 23 hours every day, to make informed choices and to enjoy your life by being fitter and healthier.

This is The Cell.

This is Real Fitness!