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In Their Own Words

People from many walks of life train at The Cell. You will find soldiers, sailors, Police officers, office professionals, stay at home mums, teachers, tradesmen and everyone in between becoming fitter than ever before at The Cell.

Here’s what a few of them have to say about training at The Cell.

“What sets The Cell (Jason & Stef) apart from others in the Fitness Industry is that they not only focus on Real Fitness by providing outstanding coaching in an awesome facility, they also understand and genuinely care about The Real Person who trains there. When you train at The Cell – you become part of a family of like minded people of all ages and abilities who enjoy training together in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment where you get to achieve and celebrate Real Results.”

Biljana – 42 years


“The coaches are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivated. It is the best and only gym of its kind in Perth which is why myself and many others travel long distances to train there.”

Rory – 27 years


“They have a great set up and if i could i would be a more frequent visitor. I also like being treated like an athlete and not talked down to like a shmuck!”

Jon – 36 years


“Looking for a serious, hard body workout with a challenge and a motivating environment…these are the main reasons for searching and finding The Cell. My experiences at The Cell have been great, the environment created through Stef and Jason makes that.”



“The style of training is what I enjoy. Focused, motivational, even those way better than me are supportive. Jason & Stef are both very supportive as are all the other Cross-Fitters.”

Andrew – 49 years


“Every day I’m at The Cell I learn something new about myself, and I’m looking forward to many great workouts to come – thanks guys!”

Michelle – 28 years


“I enjoy knowing that we’re getting stronger and having the results recorded that prove that. Also working with people at the “same” level as I am and pushing each other to finish is great.”

Enzo – 33 years


“I was made to feel really welcome by Stef and Jason at my Fundamentals Sessions, the atmosphere is unlike anything else I have experienced its like a big family where everyone is supportive and encouraging.”

Trudy – 49 years


“The Cell is unlike any other gym I have been to. The welcoming staff and community at The Cell makes it a pleasure to work out. During a WOD (Workout of the Day) at The Cell I feel pushed passed limits I did not even know existed. Training at The Cell is improving all aspects of my life and I feel great after the workout!”

William – 24 years


“Being coached by Stef and Jason at The Cell is great for a number of reasons; the small class sizes provide enough people for an awesome competitve atmosphere while allowing for active coaching; everyone is treated like an athlete no matter what their fitness level is; Jase and Stef have a great deal of technical knowledge that they’re more than happy to share; and the gym itself is full of top of the range equipment. Since training with The Cell I have achieved so many things I never would have thought possible. I am leaner, faster, stronger and more confident than ever thanks to the top notch coaching and it can only get better from here.”



“I came to The Cell looking for fitness for my running and to improve my overall strength. I enjoy The Cell because it gives me a reason to get up early on Saturday’s and something to look forward to after school. Recently I have begun participating in the Wod’s (Workouts of the Day) and I am just ruing not getting into them earlier. The Cell has a great atmosphere and is a place where all people wanting to go to a gym should go because you can make great friends, learn functional fitness and just have a great experience”

Kris – 15 years

IMG_6668 2

“The reason I decided to first go to The Cell was because my motivation started to slow down after going to gym 3-4 days a week by myself and seeing the results slowly starting to stall. When I was told about The Cell and the training styles and intensity of each session, I instantly wanted to give it a go, especially after seeing first-hand the results it had on my mate, Luke. After my first few sessions I was taken by The Cell, as after each session I feel a massive sense of achievment, nothing like I’ve ever felt before after a normal gym session running my own routine. I’ve learnt so much at The Cell and continue learning new skills and techniques, and I can feel my self improving all the time. With each session containing no more then 6 people, I feel like I’m getting 1-on-1 personal training, with the amount of attention you get in each session. But it’s better then personal training, because there are other people to take away the shadowing effect of a personal trainer and to also learn from and compete with. That’s the reason I travel so far to get to The Cell and feel happy paying what I do.”

Jason – 18 years


“I booked in for my first fundamentals, and as hard as it was, I was hooked after that session.  Crossfit is addictive and should come with a warning label! The Cell is everything that I like about individual, team and adventure sports: competing against yourself to improve, others for ego; every ‘game’ is different – you don’t get bored (boredom is the enemy); and you build a comraderie/friendship with others whilst improving your fitness. The Cell is an awesome place with awesome people, and it wouldn’t be the same if anyone other than Jason and Stef were running it.”

Chanel – 28 years


“After working out at The Cell for the last five months, I have noticed my fitness level improve significantly and am much closer to acheiving my personal goals. I came to The Cell looking to improve my fitness but have acheived much more from my experiences there; I have made many friends there and everyone is so encouraging. The coaches, Jase and Stef, are very motivating and help you get that little bit extra out of each workout.”

Luke – 22 years


“Training at The Cell has taken my body past the generic workout results. Through the specialised classes encorporating both weight, gymnastic and cardio training under direct professional supervision, The Cell caters for all body types and fitness levels. The passionate coaching provides for an intense training environment which demands complete results and added confidence.”

Brad – 24 years


“For me, the strength and speed focus at the cell is mind blowing, and body blowing! Since being involved with endurance and strength sports since a child I have never experienced a training regime as brutal, yet as physically and mentally rewarding as the training regime provided at the cell! The programming though, wouldn’t be anything without the technical and motivational support of Stef and Jason. Two professional and passionate individuals that strive to constantly better themselves and their students! Thank you for broadening my training horizons and taking me to new strength and endurance levels!”

Adam – 24 years


“I have experienced many training regimes, clubs and gymnasiums in my time of fitness awareness, though have not experienced the assistance, excitement, determination and encouragement as I have at The Cell. The physical outcomes were visible from my first session, and continue to be. Never have I experienced such passion and enthusiasm from trainers in my life, and never have I witnessed trainers that ”talk the talk and walk the walk”, such as the highly knowledgeable and self aware ” life changing trainers, ” that devote their lives to the people which attend The Cell classes, and are constantly available to assist people learning at The Cell! Please get down here and start a new truthful experience!”

Giuseppe – 26 years


“The Cell is like training in a field with a group of Spartans before defending your country at Thermopylae. Oh and half the Spartans are women who could totally kick your ass!”



“Apart from the phenomenal interactive coaching, support and encouragement I receive, here are some of my thoughts on why I train at the Cell. Love to push the envelope, If someone else can do it so can I, How much can my body & mind take, Makes me feel alive, Can I really learn more at my age = YES, Strengthens my weaknesses, Keeps me young & motivated, This stuff is great fun, Time efficiency in training, Meet and share the experience with like-minded friends, This Training Works Thanks the CELL.”

Pete – 42 years


“I have been training at the Cell for 5 months. Before then I was going to other gyms and had never really accomplished what I have at the Cell with Stef and Jason. My body shape has changed drastically.  I feel fitter and stronger than I have ever felt. The training the Cell provides is the most intense, challenging and interesting I have ever done. We are always doing something different and I always look forward to my training sessions. I am never bored and must say I think I’m becoming addicted. I have never met more focused, dedicated and encouraging people as I have at The Cell. Everyone is so dedicated to achieving their goals. I find that it motivates me. I look forward to many more workouts at the Cell and would highy recommend it to anyone.”



“I’ve been training at The Cell for 3 months after having not had any regular exercise for the last 15 years. I knew I needed to make a change in my life, and a friend said I should talk to Stef at The Cell. I knew the traditional gym experience wasn’t for me as I couldn’t motivate myself to train, but Stef explained to me how The Cell works; where you have a dedicated trainer for each session, and where at most you will only have six people in your class. This gives you individual attention from the trainer, and lets you interact with the other people in the class. Everyone encourages each other no matter the fitness level, and that has been great, because some days you really need it. Also, every training session is different, which is great because it stops you from getting bored doing the same things every week. Since training at The Cell I have noticed a change in my physical appearance, I have dropped a lot of weight, my fitness at The Cell and just in everyday life has improved dramatically, I have more energy, and even sleep better. When I train, even when I think I don’t have anything left in the tank, Stef always pushes me that little bit further, and I realise just how more fit I’m becoming every week. And that’s all happened in just 3 months! I would thoroughly recommend The Cell to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, no matter your current fitness level, it has changed my life for the better.”



“Having a general base fitness mainly focusing on cardio and endurance workouts, I decided to join The Cell to improve my core strength and general conditioning in preparation for various triathlon events. The progress achieved has not only assisted in me in my endurance training and events, but also assists in my every day active lifestyle. The combination of power, fitness, speed, technique and strength training is unique, testing but more importantly; a lot of fun. There has not been a session to date that has not tested me in some way or another. Jason and Stef are professional, inspiring, extremely knowledgeable and most importantly great guys.”



“To me The Cell is an individualised, independent gym that allows people to create their own goals and aspirations in their training, and to accomplish these with the help, support and assistance of two highly qualified coaches who not only talk about training but who also train alongside their clients. There is no denying, WOD’s are not a walk in the park but are sessions to mentally and physically challenge you. I came to The Cell to support a friend but I have now realised that it is me who has received the major benefits as I leave every session with a new attitude about myself, as each session I achieve my goals. This attitude passes into my work and everyday life and I am now achieving not only at training but also in other aspects of my life. The Cell is a highly motivating gym that allows you to see just how far you can really push yourself. I love it!”

Nadia – 26 years


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