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Our Athletes

Nikita Gabrielson

Age: 25
Occupation: Primary School Teacher
Family status: Boyfriend – Nick
Where from: Fremantle
Suburb you live now: Hamilton Hill

Sports played/activities participated in previously: I was really into Little Athletics as a kid, and participated in numerous state/national events, particularly long distance running. I also loved playing team sports such as netball and basketball.

What fitness training were you doing before joining The Cell: Netball up until a gruesome ankle injury a year and a half ago, my local globo gym (when I could be bothered, which wasn’t very often!) and regular running.

What are your fitness goals: Well up until a few weeks ago I would have said, unassisted pullups, pushups on my toes and consecutive double unders. BUT over the few weeks I have conquered my fear of going band-less (Thanks to Storm, Adrian – and Rod) and somehow managed to complete 120 double unders in a WOD. Who would have thought? Now, my goal is to visit numerous CrossFit affiliates during our travels and come back next year with an even greater competitive edge!

Why did you start training at The Cell: I was bored with my fitness regime and looking for motivation to get fit. Our mate Will told us about this crazy thing he does at this place called, ‘The Cell’, booked an intro session with Jase and haven’t looked back!

How has your life changed since training at The Cell: Where do I begin? I can honestly say I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been. I am now motivated, eager and determined to do my best in everything I do. Not only have I toned up, I have developed an upper body strength I never knew I had. If someone had have told me 10 months ago that I would be lifting heavy weights, throwing around kettle bells and flipping tyres I would have laughed – but that is where I am at today, and I love it!

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell: Being a teacher, my days can get quite stressful. Ending the day with a tough WOD is the ultimate release. No matter the mood I am in before a WOD I always come out of it clear headed and reinvigorated. I cannot forget our awesome coaches; they make The Cell the great place is it. From the carefully thought out WODs to the constant source of encouragement before, during and after the workouts. I thank them all for helping me to achieve my goals. Last but definitely not the least, is the amazing community and culture at The Cell.  Everyone is so supportive and encouraging of one another, whether it be helping clean up your weights or shouting encouraging words at you to help inspire you to finish the WOD. Seeing the pain on everyone’s faces reminds me that we are all in it together. In addition to all of this, it’s a lot of fun kicking Nick’s ass!

Describe training at The Cell: I believe that training at The Cell is what you make of it. There may be days where you cannot be bothered or are tired from a long day at work – but as soon as the countdown starts and the buzzer goes off you put your head down and get the job done. There have been numerous times I have felt like giving up, but there is always someone on the sidelines with words of encouragement that always help me over the line. And that is what The Cell is all about.

Any special comments: I want to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to Jase, Stef, Storm and Adrian and also the awesome 5:30pm crew (and others) who have helped me throughout this journey. I am really going to miss everything about The Cell – but look forward to training with you all again soon 🙂

Michele Pascoe

Age: 42
Occupation: Mother, Massage Therapist, all round nice girl
Family Status: Married, 2 kids(Hannah a new CrossFitter herself)
Where From: Lismore NSW
Suburb You Live Now: Attadale

Sports Played/Activities Participated In Previously and Now: NONE!! As a child, I was completely unco and unsporty!! Ballet was the extent of my sporting pursuits, and I was crap at that . Physical activity was not my strong point. Sadly that came to me after 40….better late than never right?

What fitness training were you doing before joining The Cell?: After a back injury 12 months ago, I stopped training totally ☹ . I had done a couple small triathlons with the aim of an Olympic length but after the injury that never eventuated ☹

What are your fitness goals?: In general terms, to be better. Physically, emotionally, generally. Specifically, there are too many things to mention, particularly since starting atThe Cell, but I’d really like to get off my knees with push ups and unassisted pull ups would be great! It would be nice to feel I could run without feeling like a heffalump too. Oh, did I mention generally approach a workout without fear ☺ OH YEAH….the bloody rope!!

Why did you start training at The Cell?: About 3 years ago, at 100kgs and rapidly reaching forty, I realized something had to be done. I approached a local gym where I decided to do 3 classes a week. I lost 30 kg (with a dramatic, ridiculous and unsustainable diet change to go with it). I really enjoyed the process and learning about how the body works and responds so when I enrolled in massage therapy (I figured 40 was about time to get a life) I also did my cert 1V in fitness . A trainer at the gym where I worked out told me about the cell but I figured I was not in any physical state to tackle it (having put back on 80% of the weight I’d lost), so I procrastinated for a (long) while. In the end, I took the advice of a quote that sits on my kitchen wall “courage is not the lack of fear, it is acting in spite of it”, made the call, bit the proverbial bullet, did fundamentals and joined.

How has your life changed since training at The Cell?: Hmmm, let me count the ways. The combination of training and nutrition coaching with Jase has seen me lose 12kg (and dropping). My confidence has skyrocketed and I have a renewed interest in learning about every new move I encounter and the Paleo lifestyle fascinates me (although I still struggle at times, and my husband just thinks I am being evil, I am maintaining 80% compliance) The Cell has also given me the wisdom to listen to my body, not every day has to be a killer. Also the confidence to tackle physical challenges I would never have considered before (Hiking the Overland track recently In Tassie is an example)

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: The recent mothers day treat of receiving a card in the mail from The Cell is just one example of the camaraderie and thoughtfulness that the coaches (and Cell mates) contribute on a daily basis. The support from coaches and crew makes you feel like part of a team and its human nature to want that! I have learned soooo much since starting training here. I particularly like the way everyone takes responsibility for themselves, their health, fitness and safety, instead of blaming others for mishaps or mistakes. Things are taught and supervised well. I feel sensitive and aware of the fact that I know nothing, particularly in regards to why certain things are done the way they are, and humbled that people are interested enough to teach me. And the other cellmates are a wealth of knowledge also for various reasons. Everyone has something to contribute, particularly the encouragement to persevere.

Describe training at The Cell?: From Adrian’s… “Don’t say you can’t! Lift it off the floor NOW” To having to keep yourself working to avoid looking at Stef’s latest facial growth, to Bella licking the sweat off your legs, Everyday is a challenge and a learning experience in a fun, safe and knowledgeable environment. Sounds like a corny ad I know but its true☺

Anywhere where there is that much support is all right with me. (and it’s cheaper than counseling)☺

Any other comments or recommendations: ASK QUESTIONS!! I am yet to ask one that stumps a coach. There is always a forum for discussion and learning if its what you want. Get nutrition advice and READ! It’s a fascinating learning curve.


Bliss Jackman

Bliss is a much-loved member of The Cell cult. Stef and Jase can still recall Bliss’ early Fundamentals sessions. This avid runner had the heart & lungs but lacked the strength to make her the full fitness package, but how that has changed! Bliss now pulls over 130kgs off the floor and features prominently on The Cell’s Leaderboards! Bliss is now very much a total fitness package. A very busy mother of 3 young girls, Bliss is at The Cell 4-5 times a week hitting up the day’s WOD with the lunch time crew, often in temperatures of +40c. Even with a damaged ankle, the result of a rope climb descent gone wrong, Bliss holds her own amongst the boys from the lunchtime crew, often leaving them for dead during the WOD. Bliss is a pleasure to coach and we’re sure all her Cell mates would agree, an absolute hoot to train with. Just don’t get her started on politics…….

Age: 34
Occupation: Normally a student
Family Status: Married – 3 girls
Where From: Perth
Suburb You Live Now: Coogee

Sports Played/Activities Participated In Previously and Now:
From a young age I played netball and swam, representing the state in netball as a schoolgirl. Coming from hippie stock, we spent a lot of time at the beach and as a result, I flirted with surfing for years. I’m not certain if it was school or social commitments but the age of 16 saw a rapid decline in my participation in organized sport. Regardless, as soon as I was able, I travelled overseas (in my case 17) for a number of years. Suffice to say, sport and training were the last things on my mind. When I came home and then in the ‘in between’ years of having the girls, I started running and playing netball again. I also involved myself in triathlon, cycling, indoor rock climbing and not so frequently snow skiing.

What fitness training were you doing before joining The Cell?:
Prior to the Cell I was mainly running. I certainly had not ever done any weight training. I thought running for endless kilometres was all I needed. I had applied to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Melbourne and when I looked at physical requirements and testing, I realized running wasn’t going to cut it and I needed to get stronger. Pete Yeates mentioned to me in passing that he was doing some CrossFit training at a place called ‘The Cell’. I googled…lurked for a while…then made the call to Jase. I am very glad that I did. My training at The Cell has resulted in increased strength but more than that it has given me the assurance that I can approach physical endeavours with confidence, knowing that I have the physical ability and mental strength to persevere when I want to quit.

What are your fitness goals?:
I would love to have muscle up’s in my repertoire, 10 unassisted strict pullups, pistols, box jumps with both legs, have an average of beating Mike twice a week. I cannot wait to run again, so when my ankle recovers I would like to complete an ultra marathon.

Why did you start training at The Cell?:
As previously mentioned, I wanted to become stronger for the fire brigade but alongside this sat an even more important reason. My Nanna is 86 and last year she was put into a nursing home. My Nan has strong mind and fierce tongue. In her younger days, she was a strong, self-sacrificing and hard working woman but not one who looked after herself. She didn’t exercise, carried too much weight and generally did very little for herself. In the last few years, her health has declined rapidly until this year she moved into a nursing home. As saw what was happening to my Nan, I determined that I would not be like that. I decided that I for the rest of my life I would do some sort functional training. As I get older, I want to be able to maintain my lifestyle. I don’t want my body dictating to me. So for me while PB’s are wonderful, what I really want is consistency and sustainability. I want to be able to train well into my older years…and every decade reset my PB’s to a more gentle number. I am looking forward to turning 40 so I can claim a “post 40” PB.

How has your life changed since training at The Cell?:
Before The Cell my right ankle worked well and I could run 😉 But could I squat, do a pull up, deadlift double my body weight? Ahhhhh, no. Could I do ring dips, throw around a kettlebell or climb a rope? Not a chance. Could I do a handstand, let alone add a pushup to it? Obviously no.

I now can say that I have achieved all of the movements above and that feels really good. It feels good as a woman to have physical strength. It feels good to know that I can play with my girls, and more than anything be an example. My girls have witnessed me going from doing pullups with a blue band to now doing dead hang pullups unassisted. My girls know that my progression has been somewhat slow, with not just a little bit of HARD WORK. Make no mistake, training at The Cell has been tough. Mentally, emotionally AND of course physically…

The Cell has given me the facility, the sensational coaching and equipment to achieve any and all the goals I have for myself.

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?:
I have been training at The Cell for close to 18mths and in that time I have not only become stronger and leaner, I have met some fantastic, like-minded and very funny people. In the beginning I shopped around the timeslots, attempting towork out what suited myself and my family. For various reasons and in no small way, the brilliant people with whom I train, I decided on lunchtime. We don’t take ourselves too seriously at lunch, we struggle with the warm-up and are probably far too casual with mobility drills. We are possessive of our space, make a mess with chalk (which we always clean up Jase), laugh a lot and generally are misfits. That said, when it comes time to start the WOD, we are uber competitive. We work hard, support each other constantly (unless you happen to be coming last; in which case encouragement is strictly forbidden), get stars (well one of us does) and fight hard to finish as fast as we bloody can. I love training with the lunchtime crew. These guys, right along with the sensational coaches who tolerate us, have become not just my great friends but my quasi family. I am thankful to them for a whole raft of reasons…but mostly for making me laugh, not taking myself seriously and their unwavering and continued support.

Describe training at The Cell?:
Frankly, it’s fcked! 😉 bloody tough but for some reason I keep coming back. My husband is certain that I have lost my mind. When I look at the WOD on the website, I always feel nervous. There is not one day when I think, ‘yeah, I’ve got this, this will be easy’. Therein lies the beauty of The Cell. It’s that varied programming which forces you to push yourself to your physical, emotional and mental limits. No day is ever the same…it’s brilliant.

Although I have mentioned the coaches, I am confident that this is what sets The Cell apart from other crossfit affiliates. Jason, Stef, Storm, Kate and Adrian are skilled, methodical, and professional. They will not allow bad form, a lack of intensity or plain laziness. They have encouraged me to persevere when I have felt as though I had little left to give. They have required technical precision when I could barely air squat. They have taught me movements that I thought I would not ever be able to achieve. I am grateful to them for helping me to realise so many goals in the last 18 months and without them, achieving them would not have been possible.

Any other comments or recommendations:
1. Be focused on your long term goals. Today’s bad WOD is just that, a bad WOD for today. Tomorrow will be better.
2. Give up alcohol for a month every six months. You go faster and lift heavier stuff.
3. Paleo is a very good nutritional option.
4. Listen to your coaches. They are always willing to help and give great advice.
5. Have fun and laugh a lot.
6. Don’t be concerned if your spouse thinks you have joined a cult…you probably have.

Peter Fruzynski

Pete epitomises exactly what The Cell is trying to achieve; bringing real fitness to those prepared to accept the challenge. Pete accepted the challenge over 18 months ago as an unfit and overweight, middle aged bloke with a dodgy knee. Fast foward to today, a knee surgery and 12kg’s of fat loss later and Pete’s tranformation into a Cell athlete has been amazing. Putting in 100% each and every session, staying late to work on his weaknesses, attending skill sessions and nutrition seminars; there isn’t much more Pete could do to improve his fitness. His dedication and conscientious approach to his training is an asset to The Cell. Pete is a role model for his Cell mates and a pleasure to coach.

Age: 43
Occupation: Engineer
Family Status: Married with 2 Children
Where From: Born and bred in Perth
Suburb You Live Now: Cockburn Central
Sports Played/Activities Participated In Previously and Now:
– Football in younger years
– Skiing for 4 seasons in Canada, great fun, but can’t do it now that I have moved back to Perth
– Now I do crossfit 3 to 4 times a week and ride my bike to work once or twice a week (44 km round trip), plus the odd run and family bike ride.

What fitness training were you doing before joining The Cell?: My fitness program was non-existent before I joined The Cell. Lots of hours working and generally being very unfit (heart attack material). I have always been a bit over weight. The long work hours did not help with my eating habits.

What are your fitness goals?: My current fitness goal is to get my level 2 grading. Items that I am currently working on include hardstands, rope climbs, double unders, skin the cat, getting my running time down, rowing technique, mastering weight lifting techniques including cleans and snatches. I also want to do more gymnastics. I would like to complete some fun runs and then progress to some smaller triathlons. I also want to impart this way of exercise to my family, especially as the children grow up.

Why did you start training at The Cell?: I pretty much stumbled across The Cell. I needed to do some form of regular exercise as I have a desk job and I was steadily getting heavier each year with that dangerous layer of body fat accumulating around the stomach.

How has your life changed since training at The Cell?: I have lost 12 kg, and have begun to tone up (which is great). I have much more energy to complete the things that need to do during the day. I have noticed an increase in strength and endurance. I have seen too many seniors get weak to the point where they are unable to walk and can’t complete the basic task of looking after themselves, I do not want to be one of those people.

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: I have been going The Cell for over 15 months now, one of the longest periods I have stuck to an exercise program. I like The Cell because of the varied exercises. The WODs are so varied, in the time I have been going to The Cell I have not done the same WOD three times. The coaches teach you the techniques and set you up for success. They are dedicated and proficient. My fellow athletes encourage me and give me tips and hints to improve my techniques. The Cell is a group of like-minded people. The encouragement and motivation that the coaches and fellow athletes give during the WOD helps you push through, especially when you are struggling and the others have finished.

Describe training at The Cell?: The training is both physically and mentally demanding.

Any other comments or recommendations: A couple of things I have also learnt from The Cell are:
– Intensity. Exercising at max speed with max load has real and rapid benefit.
– Nutrition. The Cell has a nutrition class, which teaches you about eating well with a bias towards the Paleo diet. I have found nutrition to be important when you are demanding that your body produce high output.
– Sleep. The Cell has also helped me with my sleep. The exercise makes sure you are physically, as well as mentally tired by the end of the day.

Well done to The Cell for putting on a great exercise program.

Laila Gampfer

Laila has been a member of The Cell for a relatively short time, but in that time has made an extraordinary impact on The Cell, the coaches and her fellow athletes. Forever smiling, always energetic to the point of bursting out of her skin and constantly encouraging and supporting, Laila is an absolute pleasure to coach and train alongside. A real pocket rocket, Laila is always striving for an extra rep, a faster time or better technique. Laila embraces all that The Cell is about and is seeing the results of her conscientious approach. Laila attends all Cell events, rarely misses a training session, records all her training, supports her fellow Cell mates and sets S.M.A.R.T goals. Laila is also a very generous and caring person, never more evident than her recent Queensland Flood Relief Cupcake Bake-Off. A huge undertaking where she set about organising volunteers and resources to bake 3000 cupcakes to raise money for the victims of Queenslands recent floods. We are very grateful to have Laila as a member of The Cell

Age: 36
Occupation: Cake Designer/Decorator
Family Status: Married 17 years to “Cool Joe” and blessed with an awesome child, Zoe.
Where From: Born in Perth of Italian parents
Suburb You Live Now: Melville

Sports Played/Activities Participated In Previously and Now:
For as long as I can remember I have actively participated in sport. I had an early start with gymnastics when I was 2 years old, competed locally and in state competitions through most of my childhood/adolescence, aspired to represent Australia but quit when school commitments were more demanding of my time. Through High School I played any sport I could but found my strength in fast paced sports (soccer, lacrosse, basketball & hockey). Years later beach volleyball on the beaches of Guam soon became my favourite activity…might have been the lure of the mudslides and strawberry daiquiris from the beach front bar. Post-pregnancy I became involved in long distance running and started competing in triathlons and adventure racing. I was forced to take a sabbatical from training for 16 weeks when I broke my foot and had it operated on.

What fitness training were you doing before joining The Cell?: I was regularly running at Cott Beach…that’s it, just running.

What are your fitness goals?: I have many, some short term, some long term, some ongoing. Some specific examples of short term goals are: unassisted pull-ups, consecutive double unders, stronger power cleans, completing WODs with weight vest, completing WODs as Rx’d, improving time on 1 mile run with sandbag …the list is a long one. Overall I aim to be consistent, challenge PB’s, improve technique and grow stronger and faster. The ultimate goal is to compete in the Crossfit Games. I don’t think too much about how realistic it is or how long it will take, the goal is there and it’s the direction I am working towards.

Why did you start training at The Cell?: Joe & I were researching outdoor training groups and looking for something that would enhance the training we were already doing. Joe described the Cell to me, perhaps I wasn’t paying too much attention, but I was kind of, “meh” about it. I was not interested in joining a gym. He then sat me in front of videos of the Cell and showed me what it was about. I jumped out of my seat and screamed, “Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner??” The rest is history!

How has your life changed since training at The Cell?: I now follow a paleo diet, consistently train three times a week, have excellent energy levels, am gradually getting leaner and stronger, am running stronger, am sleeping better, have stronger relationships with Joe & Zoe and am much more motivated to improve my professional life. The Cell has a holistic approach. For me, the positive changes have impacted ALL aspects of my life.

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: No matter what the WOD is, I am guaranteed to leave the Cell feeling accomplished and satisfied. I train in the morning and love mentally and physically setting myself up for the day. I enjoy documenting my progress through my journal and being able to monitor my growth (something I’ve never done before). I especially enjoy training with like-minded athletes who have very quickly become valued friends. I’m never short of inspiration, I’m surrounded by strong-minded athletes. I value their positive reinforcement and motivation through tough WODs. Above all, I can’t go past the personalised coaching. Each coach brings with them their own method and strengths, and the benefit to the athletes is an all-round, holistic training experience.

Describe training at The Cell?: Typically I check the Cell website for the next day’s WOD (at 3pm when it’s posted) and write it in my journal. I then mentally prepare myself for the WOD, sometimes researching videos on what’s required and I look for strategies that may improve my performance. I follow a ritual of laying my training gear out and setting my alarm. I rock up to the Cell and am greeted by cell mates, we check in with each other, talk about the pain we are about to endure and start to warm up. Strength training is followed by the inevitable WOD. When the buzzer is set and I hear the beeping, the anticipation sets my nerves off and I instantly want to crap myself (that same feeling I used to get at a swimming carnival, standing on the block, waiting for the gun). The Buzzer sounds and the rest I can’t explain. I zone out and work towards the finish line. For the rest of the day, I feel like there is nothing I can’t accomplish. Then hit the repeat button and do it all again.

Any other comments or recommendations: I still find the Cell experience surreal. It’s something I struggle to verbalise. I am spoilt with generous and passionate coaches who prove time and again they genuinely care and cell mates who motivate me to be and do better. I will never take this experience for granted as I know it’s unique and extraordinary.

Peter Yeates

Pete has been one of The Cell’s most committed and dedicated athletes from the day it opened. 3 times a week; rain, hail or shine, Pete is there with the 5.30am crew smashing out a WOD. He was even there the day after he ran the City to Surf Marathon! Pete eventually coaxed his wife Vicki into training at The Cell and ever since, they, and now little Willow, have been permanent fixtures in the morning classes. Many of The Cell’s members have also benefited from his expertise as a Naturopath. We thoroughly recommend that if you haven’t been to see him, make an appointment today at Fremantle Natural Therapies, 9331 5123.

Age: 43
Occupation: Naturopath
Family Status: Married to Vicki and have a daughter Willow
Where From: I grew up in Subiaco
Suburb You Live In Now: Wattleup

Sports Played/Activities Participate In: I currently run, cycle, indoor row, yoga and crossfit.  In the past I have participated in a number of sports including: surfing, sailing, running mostly fun runs, triathlons (Olympic distance), road cycling ( Some B grade racing), free diving / spear fishing, Iyengar Yoga (currently every Wednesday night) and cross country mountain biking (mainly 6 & 12hr racing).

What influenced you to start training at The Cell?: I started CrossFitting from home after I cycled the Munda Biddi off road trail from start to finish for my 40th Birthday, taking 28hrs nonstop.  After this ride I thought I was fit but tried Crossfit two weeks later and found many flaws in my overall fitness.  I started at the Cell as soon as it opened to receive professional coaching in the many aspects of fitness I have neglected.

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: The coaching is first class, and with the camaraderie of the other trainees makes the Cell feel like a second home.

What are your fitness goals?: My only fitness goal is to stay “fit as all bejeebez” for as long as possible.

Describe training at The Cell?: FUN 🙂

Any special comments or recommendations: Through continued movement, conditioning and general physical play, I aim to fortify my body, mind and psyche, so as to thoroughly explore my physical limitations to my absolute best.

Check out the guns

Andrew Towler

Captain Smash can be an imposing sight!

Name: Andrew Towler
Age: 51
Occupation: Self-employed consultant to Upstream Oil & Gas Industry
Family Status: Married 12 years no kids. Some of you know Linda – the troublesome Singaporean who clearly isn’t a morning person
Where From: Aberdeen, Scotland but almost an Aussie now (waiting on Passport)
Suburb You Live In Now: Cottesloe (when are the beach session starting again??)

Sports Played/Activities Participate In: Rugby, Gridiron until injuries ended my “career”. Mountaineering, hiking – less of the former, more of the latter these days

What influenced you to start training at The Cell?: Having worked away overseas I came back to Perth after having taken a start-up company to IPO in Norway wanted to take a bit of a break and sort out my Australian Citizenship. and having trained with weights since the early 1980’s I continued to train at Challenge Stadium doing 3 weights sessions a week, 3 Fitness Training (a circuit style programme)and swimming. Although I was only working part-time and training fairly hard I had definitely stagnated and struggled to make progress. I kept abreast of fitness “trends” and had heard of Crossfit and a Google search showed me that Jason & Stef were doing something in The Warehouse South Freo. I was literally just away to do a session with Jason when they moved to Cockburn – I thought too far away I will never go and dint think too much of it. Then as I had registered on the The Cell email list I got an email about the kettlebell Workshop (April 2009??) so I though let’s give it a go as again I was intrigued by kettlebell training but had never seen them anywhere. After I attended the workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed I thought it wasn’t so far to Cockburn so I signed up for Fundamentals and the rest is history. I found it a challenge as a lot of the movements did not suit my body, lack of flexibility, and injuries etc. but over time my body adapted. And it’s like crystal meth but good for you so I was hooked and usually train 5 days a week when I can

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: A great group of like-minded people from all walks of life. We have “fun” and we train “hard”. Even though some mornings (as it’s usually 05:30 for me) I may feel a bit sore & stiff once I get going I ALWAYS feel better from having gone. I even go out of my way to attend the Skills Sessions (all really worthwhile so far) in the evening although this usually finished at about my bedtime.

Its no easy feat getting that frame up the rope

What are your fitness goals?: TMy fitness goals are not really related to how much iron I can push as I recognise that at my age I probably shouldn’t push it too much so my goals are more on improving my flexibility, I would like to achieve a 60kg snatch, work on my overhead squat so I can be as good as Michelle Fall (which I am steadily coming to grips with). Also in general terms I don’t want to look like a lot of other 50 years olds an although I don’t plan on taking my shirt off I want to look reasonable and be able to eat as I like (which was always fairly healthy).

Describe training at The Cell?: Invariably it’s the 05:30 class so It tends to be the same faces (although these change over time – now a surfeit of Peters and hey whatever happened to Gus??) so we know each other and encourage & push each other to new PB’s and times. I also like that you can have a bit of laugh (usually at Stef’s expense)and that no one takes themselves too seriously except when it comes to training. Two points I would like to make about the Cell, having trained at a lot of gyms (some fairly hard-core) I would say that (a) most people don’t train hard enough and (b) as a consequence, don’t make much progress. However this is not true at the Cell where I struggle to think of anyone not giving 100% and I am literally amazed at some of the progress I see with strength, flexibility, body shape, weight etc. I like the strength cycles and the fact that we have strength and short-ish WOD’s. I like the long grinding Chippers (sad f*ck that I am) and I like the Metcons where you are doubled over gasping for breath. Only thing I don’t like are Double Unders (really don’t see the point with these) and American swings (I just don’t see the transference in the top half of the movement). Nevertheless I acquiesce when these pop up in WOD’s

Special thanks to Jason, Stef, Storm, Kate, Steve for making the Cell what it is –all the more remarkable when you consider that its nota full-time job for any of them. In nearly 30 years of training it’s the best facility bar none I have trained in and it’s seriously making me reconsider whether I go back overseas or not as I don’t want to be without it in my life.

He even talks to the animals

Michelle Fall

Name: Michelle Fall
Age: 29
Occupation: Pharmacist
Family Status: Single
Where From: Perth
Suburb You Live In Now: Vic Park

Sports Played/Activities Participate In: I was pretty active as a youngster and participated in all the regular sports programs – tee ball, netball, swimming, etc – until I discovered rock and roll as a teenager. Eventually I decided to start taking care of myself again and started on some general gym-style training with some running thrown in.

What influenced you to start training at The Cell?: After about 4 years or so of general training, things were stagnating and boredom was setting in. I was at the point of working out twice on most days, but wasn’t seeing any progress in my fitness. I wanted to find somewhere I could learn some new skills and ramp up my fitness to the next level. To be honest, I can’t remember where I first heard about CrossFit, but I found the Cell through my trusted friend Google, and haven’t looked back since!!

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: The Cell ticks all the boxes for me – every time I leave, I feel like I have accomplished something! I’ve been training at the Cell for over a year, and love it that I still come across movements that I’ve never heard of before. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get when one of the coaches ‘makes’ me do something I don’t think I can do, and I find out that I can!. I like the nervous feeling I get when I know there’s a WOD coming up that’s really going to hurt. I even like the soreness that sets in after a particularly tough WOD. I love the coaches, with all their diversity they all share a holistic approach to training that challenges us and urges us to excel. And of course, there’s the sense of community amongst the athletes, with everyone pitching in and supporting each other no matter what – what a great bunch of people to train with!!!

What are your fitness goals?: Too numerous to mention, but here’s a snapshot, in no particular order: To get to the CF Games, to get faster (ingeneral, but especially at running), to master the muscle up and handstand push up, to take fewer breaks, to increase intensity, to improve mobility, to get stronger, to live a long and healthy life.

Describe training at The Cell?: It’s what I imagine stepping onto a battlefield would be like – mentally and physically challenging, but you know that you’re among a group of people who all have your back, and that the training and coaching has prepared you for this moment. And nothing beats the feeling of getting through it.

What have you achieved as a result of training at The Cell?: Here are some of the goals I’ve been able to cross off my list:
– Unassisted pull ups (10 x kipping and 3 x dead hang – I had to use a blue powerband for assistance when I first started at the Cell)
– Rope climbs
– 50 x consecutive double-unders
– 30kg snatch
– 45kg OHS (I struggled to OHS with the broomstick not that long ago!)
– 40kg strict press
– 2km row <8min
– 500m row <1:50min
– 5km run <25min
– 2010 CF Games Sectional Qualifier – 10th place
– 2010 CF Games Regional Qualifier – 53rd place

I also ran a half marathon over a very tough course with no training other than the training provided by the Cell, and was fully recovered within 2hours of finishing!

Of course, these have all been replaced by new goals, and I know that training at the Cell will help me smash these as well! ☺

Graeme Batt

Name: Graeme Batt
Age: 42
Occupation: Business Owner
Family Status:Married
Where From: Perth
Suburb You Live Now: Leeming
Sports Played/Activities Participate In: Over the past 20 years i only really occasionally played a bit of basketball, surfed a bit and more recently started cycling, my priority over that time was business and family, my health really came last

What influenced you to start training at The Cell?: 13 months ago I stopped smoking 25 cigarettes a day cold turkey after 20 years. I really wanted to do something to help me try to beat the smokes, a friend(Brad Rogan … thanks champ !!) suggested I come down and have a look at The Cell. I was very reluctant as i was completely unfit, and I needed a full knee reconstruction so it was a bit intimidating and after all I was like everyone else and dropped plenty of money trying “gyms” before. To my surprise the coaches at The Cell were actually interested, there was a real sense of community and they were open to help me work around my knee problems,they even gave me “subs” for the stuff I couldn’t do. I saw a real commitment and enthusiasm from the coaches so I thought I’d give it a go and I have never looked back.

What are your fitness goals?: What … do I need any, compared to where I was 12 months ago !! I’ve actually smashed a few huge goals already, and honestly I have never been this fit in 20 years. I have also never been this focused about being fit, fitness and The Cell is now a priority in my life. My immediate goals are simply to knock out each challenge that The Cell throws at me better, stronger and quicker than last time I did it, and to help the people around me do the same. Long term …. hmmm ….. masters games  ????????? (well i am 42.9)

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: I could write a book on this one. simply, for me it’s about the culture that exists at The Cell, period, from everyone who is involved. I think it’s a community of like minded people who are very focused and positive, they are all competitive but very encouraging and supportive to each other. Everything exists at The Cell for you to challenge and to push yourself, for yourself. I’ve said before and it’s true that somewhere during some nasty 30+ minute WOD with Stef asking me if “I’d like a cuppa tea and a rest” (thanks for that by the way) when it was hurting and I wanted to stop, the realization came that with some commitment I actually could do it. So with the guidance and encouragement of the coaches and the motivation and example of my fellow “Cell-mates” you push through your personal barriers and you actually realize YOU CAN and I think that is the secret of The Cell. Everyone at The Cell knows that if we are determined and committed enough, we can. The word “can’t” isn’t even a word I care to use anymore, in any part of my life.

Describe training at The Cell?: You know its weird, we all turn up, there’s people on the wait list, waiting for our spots, we all know that it will be hard and it will hurt and we will be pushed to our limits, but we still come. Sometimes we don’t feel like it but then 3,2,1….Go! and you’re into it, pushing yourself. Why ? I know I like now the challenge of finding out how far I can go (I think we all like this in a sick way), it’s quite addictive. I think we enjoy the challenge to ourselves, smashing the barriers, finding out that we can go heavier, stronger, faster, longer? The fitness for me is just a side benefit.

Any special comments or recommendations: When you consider how much effort everyone who trains at The Cell puts in, week in week out, I’m kinda uncomfortable with this, but I’ll take it as recognition of how far I’ve come in a really short time. I want thank everyone who I train with, for your friendship and example, there should be more positive people like you guys in the world! Most especially thanks to the coaches, you guys took me on and worked around some hurdles with me, at least I made you more creative with the pain you dished out !!! Seriously, you were never anything but 100 % professional, you took the care with my limitations, but you still pushed me to places I never thought I could go, never mind wanted to. I think in the early days at times you were even more committed than me to helping me, you made me go where I needed to go, so I could move forward, thank you, thank you, thank you, you are truly amazing and very inspiring. Bottom line, everyone at The Cell taught me way more than how to hang power clean, you’ve taught me that with hard work and dedication, we can achieve anything we like.

Anthony Lucas

Name: Anthony Lucas

Age: 38

Occupation: Business Owner

Family Status: Married to my sweetheart Tereena and we have twin 4 yr old boys Caleb and Declan.

Where From: Perth WA

Suburb You Live Now: Success

Sports Played/Activities Participate In or Did Participate In: I hate to say it but I have not played any sport since about 16yrs of age. I used to love and participate in all forms of sport like: football, soccer, cricket, little athletics, swimming, speed skating all the way up to the time I left home at 16 ( yeah ok I was thrown out of home but that is a whole other story! ). From then on I worked 6 days a week and that was the end of sport. I only have myself to blame for not making the time since then. I am rapidly learning the value and benefits of regular training / exercise.

What influenced you to start training at The Cell?: My #1 influence are my 2 wonderful boys. I want to be a good Dad and role model and hate the thought of not being there for them. I was fed up with being stressed out and overweight and was constantly thinking about having to lose weight etc. One day I went for a coffee at Gloria Jeans and saw Jason’s business card on the wall. I was captured by the comments “ if you don’t want to train hard then don’t come to The Cell” or along those lines and I called up for Fundamentals that day. I have never been to a gym before now – so I feel lucky to have such stellar coaches to learn from as my first gym experience!

What are your fitness goals?: First is definitely to lose weight. I have already dropped 2 jeans sizes and I still have more to lose. There is a six pack in me I know it! – just need to uncover it. After that, long term would be to maintain good health and a good weight for my body size and to get stronger / fitter so I can keep up with my boys as they get older. I will be 50 when they are 16! Some Crossfit goals would be to achieve 10 x pull-ups in a row and more with no band, perform at least 10 consecutive double unders damn it!, and then to achieve a muscle up will be a highlight.

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: I really enjoy just getting in there and smashing out a WOD with a class of like minded people all going hard at it. Everyone is so helpful and supportive of each other and it is great fun. I love being trained by coaches that really know their stuff and are smashing out the same WODs that we do every day. Very inspirational.

Describe training at The Cell: Every day brings a new challenge. Every day barriers are broken and new goals are set as I get fitter and stronger. The programming is brilliant and all workouts smash body and mind to reveal the better me. With only 6 athletes per class you really get close 1 on 1 tuition. With all The Cell coaches being so technically skilled and knowledgeable, I know I can trust that whatever I am doing is right for me and is what I am physically capable of doing, whilst pushing me past my own mental limitations.

Favourite Movement?: Dead lift, Back Squat, Cleans, Snatch – pretty much most lifts. It’s all MINT. I also love Burpees in a sick kind of push myself to my limits kind of way!

Least Favourite Movement?: Thrusters suck a fair bit. They hurt big time, still like them though.

Favourite WOD?: Chipper. Anything with lots of variation. The Cell challenge at Christmas time was heaps of fun.

Least Favourite WOD?: Anything with over 2km of running – I love to run, my body doesn’t tend to agree; this is getting better over time though.

Any other comments?: I feel that I am blessed to have found The Cell. I have never felt better. I have a new lease on life, a second chance if you will. This will not be taken for granted. I am learning life lessons, mind and body conditioning that will see me do well and I love the fact that my children are growing up around it. I have been training now for approx 8 months and have lost 12 kgs in weight and put on muscle at the same time so probably at least 15 kgs of fat loss. When I first started at The Cell, I could not do one pull-up and now I can do 5 or 6 consecutive with no band. I would be fitter and stronger now than when I was 20!

Thank you Stef and Jase, and the other coaches Storm, Steve and now Kate for all of your inspiration. The enthusiasm and love for what you do shows every time you coach or train and it flows on through to the whole family at The Cell. This is why I keep coming back.

Adam Piller

Adam - Shoulder Press

Age: 24

Occupation: Real Estate Sales

Family Status: Girlfriend

Where From: Born in Perth. European parents/background

Suburb You Live Now: Como

Sports Played/Activities Participate In: Lots of competitive swimming, martial arts and general gym training.

What influenced you to start training at The Cell?: I was bored with traditional gym routines etc and stopped training for about 6 months about 2 years back, and attended a bootcamp with Stef in South Perth on a Saturday morning. I gassed out in about 4 minutes and couldn’t move from under a tree for about half an hour, I had rhabdo!! From then on I realized I needed to get back into training. CrossFit was the obvious choice! I haven’t looked back since!

What are your fitness goals?: The CrossFit Games, BABOOM!

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: I have access to an unlimited supply of chalk! 🙂

Describe training at The Cell?: Training at The Cell prepares me for anything, whether it’s a stressful day at work or a 15km run, The Cell gives me a mental edge that outlasts any physical conditioning. In my opinion, the training opportunities provided by the coaches at The Cell offer all athletes a superior system that develops speed and endurance with constant improvement on technique and efficiency!

Biljana Wright


Amongst The Cell’s greatest supporter’s and most committed athletes, Biljana makes the hour and a half round trip from Clarkson to The Cell three times a week to get her CrossFit fix. Biljana is an absolute pleasure to coach; always giving 100%, and now training alongside her two young sons who are both CrossFit fire-breathers in the making……

Age: 42
Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher
Family Status: Married to Michael. We have two boys – Kristofer, 15yrs & Nikkolas ,13 yrs
Where From: Migrated from Yugoslavia to WA in 1970.
I grew up living South of the River in Fremantle & Spearwood.

Suburb You Live Now: Clarkson

Sports Played/Activities Participate In:
I have always loved playing competitive sport. When I was younger, I competed in Little Athletics, Netball, Softball, Badminton & Gymnastics (Artistic & Rhythmic). After having children, I became more of a spectator and taxi driver for their sporting events. These days my sport is CrossFit.

The other thing that I really enjoy doing is Voluntary work with WA Little Athletics as the Announcer at State Run events and as the State Team Manageress for the past two seasons When I’m not teaching, volunteering, training at The Cell or reading everything CrossFit related on the net, I just enjoy spending time relaxing with my family.

What influenced you to start training at The Cell?
I was introduced to Crossfit by a friend / PT at my local Globo Gym and I loved it right from the start. I was hooked and I wanted to get more involved with Crossfitting, so I searched to find an affiliate in WA or a Crossfit certified trainer. Lucky for me – I found Jason & The Cell! I loved The Cell from the minute I walked in – friendly welcome, amazing atmosphere, lots of functional equipment and a great set up overall. My desire to keep Crossfitting helped me find The Cell but at the end of the day – I chose to train at The Cell because of Jason & Stef – They are The Cell!

What are your fitness goals?
My overall goals are to lose weight, lower my body fat percentage and to tone up generally. Some of my goals for this year include doing 1 Dead Hang Pull Up, 50 consecutive Double Unders,1RM 120kg Deadlift, completing 1 rope ascent and running anything beyond 100m without fear and anxiety! Beyond this, my broader long term goal is to get fitter & stronger so I can live my life actively with my family rather than watching it go by passively.

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?
All of the people at The Cell make training enjoyable. Jason & Stef are awesome coaches and I trust them to help me achieve my goals. Love the programming at The Cell – varied WODs and active coaching too. I’m always learning something – either through WODs skills sessions or through workshops such as The Olympic Lifting & Kettlebell workshops.

I enjoy having the opportunity to work out with different people in different sessions. Great to have only 6 people per session – you get to meet new people and working with others helps me to push and challenge myself to achieve beyond what I think I can. I love the fact that we all support and encourage each other. One of the things I love most about training at The Cell is that I get to spend time Crossfitting with my two teenage boys.

Describe training at The Cell
Mentally & physically challenging, intense, hard work, focused, supported, achievable, energising, safe, fun, rewarding & satisfying!

Some Highlights from Training at the Cell
Some of my highlights at The Cell this year include attending the CrossFit Gymnastics Cert with Tucker, my first CFT – B/S 105kg, D/L 115kg, Press 40kg- total 260kg, Attending Olympic Lifting & Kettlebell Workshops, learning how to do Kipping Pull Ups and finally getting off that purple band!!

CrossFitting Favourites
Favourite style of WOD’s – Tabatas & Deck of Cards
Least Favourite – AMRAP WOD’s
Favourite Lifts – Back Squat & Cleans
Least Favourite – OHS
Favourite Equipment – Kettlebells
Least Favourite – Sandbags
Most confident with – Skipping
Least confident with – Running
Favourite WODs I’ve done – The Bear Complex & The Cell Kettlebell Complex

Brendan “Numbers” Doughty

Photo collage of Brendan

Being one of the youngest athletes at The Cell has provided some unique experiences for Brendan but possibly more often for those who train with him. We thought leaving his responses in their rawest form would give the best insights into one of the many characters you’ll find at The Cell – he even added his own questions!

Age: born 10/08/1993, figure it out 😀

Occupation: High Schooler/Family Man/Supreme Athlete – I go to The Cell every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 – 6:45, before school, and I find it really warms me up for the day ahead (even if getting up that early is a total drag)
Family Status: Married? You’re not serious?

Where From: Born in Australia, Most known family on my Mums side, from England (possibly descended from Welsh kings), I don’t know much bout my dads side, but he’s a kiwi “I’m Beached Is Brew” XD

Suburb You Live Now: Jandakot

Sports Played/Activities Participate In: I’m not one for sports, i’ve never really enjoyed myself playing except in soccer, mostly indoor, and hockey. Even then I never had a passion for them, but when it comes to activities, there is one. Chess, my favourite past-time, I don’t so much play it as a “sport” or “hobby”, just for fun and to relax.

What influenced you to start training at The Cell?: My sister was getting personal training from Stef, and me, not wanting to be out-muscled by my sister, soon followed suit. I started going to stef on a more regular basis, from once a fortnight, to once a week, twice a week, and now three times a week. Stef’s  a really great guy and always lends an ear for you

What are your fitness goals?: Ten consecutive muscle ups (Aim high I say), Do back squat over 100 kg (Not Coming Anytime Soon, But I’ll Get There), to learn martial arts; Krav Maga, Jujitsu etc – And to have a sweet ass body 😉

Why do you enjoy training at The Cell?: The people, definitely, It’s the best way to start your morning, with people you like and filled with endorphins (thats once you’ve gotten past the grueling workout)

Describe training at The Cell?: Painful Memories? It builds character, allows one to get to know ones self, and the people around them, friendly, positive enviroment, physically and mentally exhausting, and in the end – worth it

Any special comments or recommendations: Yes, we should have a bring the family day :D, so I could bring my bro’s and cousins to have fun at the cell too

How have you benefited from The Cell training?: From training with Stef in the first place, I realise just how important it is to be fit and healthy, and now that I’ve been going to The Cell, I’ve really toned out and become alot fitter, and I’ve found myself automatically eating healthy as a result of it

Thank You to The Cell: I’d like to thank: Gus, Adam, Storm(whatever happened to her), Jase, Lauren, Nicole, Vicki, Rod( it is rod right?), and most of all, Stef, without whom I would never have met all these amazing people, and would still be living in the darker corners of my mind – Thank You

Jane Day

Photo collage of Jane

Originally from Hertfordshire, England, Jane is a 43 year young Local Government Manager and triathlete living in Floreat. Married with a teenage daughter, Jane shows outstanding athletic ability and limitless enthusiasm for her training at The Cell, “I read an article about Commando Steve from The Biggest Loser who has a CrossFit facility in Sydney, started researching CrossFit found it interesting (I’m always up for trying something new with training) and thought I would never find CrossFit in Perth – luckily I did :)”

Jane’s goals include, “to improve my overall fitness / strength, to increase my competitiveness in Triathlon, and to start looking like an athlete.” and she enjoys training at The Cell, “because I get to push myself in a friendly, safe, supportive environment – I am able to achieve more here than I have the confidence to try on my own.”.Jane describes training at The Cell as, “hard, challenging, fun (when you have finished and are sat at home with your feet up!)”.

We asked Jane to describe her recent experience of training here, “I have been training with The Cell for the last 7 months and have completely embraced CrossFit, I learnt the principles and was able to combine sessions at The Cell with training on my own. I also started using CrossFit Endurance with my running and cycling sessions and the results have been amazing. I tweaked my already healthy diet to incorporate paleo and zone principles and the combined efforts of the training and diet changes have had a dramatic effect. I recently had a body composition scan and when compared with the scan that I had two years ago I weigh exactly the same, but have lost 3.4kg of body fat and gained 3.4kg of muscle !!!!! These changes in my body and fitness are purely down to CrossFit (& diet) which I have tried for years to develop. None of this would have been possible without the support, coaching and encouragement of The Cell.”

Truly incredible results! We love hearing stories like this; Jane is not alone in making such massive changes and we want to thank her for taking the time to share her story with us!

Tracy Lydiatt

Photo collage of Tracy

Tracy is a sustainability advisor from British Columbia, Canada and was the very first member at The Cell! She now hails from north of the river and is an avid surfer, rock climber and cyclist. Tracy has previously been active in running, yoga and rugby.

Tracy’s brother, Brian who trains at CrossFit Vancouver, encouraged her to join The Cell, “He was the swift kick I needed to make some changes I had been thinking about but didn’t act on. I have been frustrated with my level of fitness, weight loss plateau and feeling limited in certain sports like rock climbing where the reality is that I will not progress past a certain level unless I can drop some extra weight and increase my strength, power and endurance.” Tracy enjoys that post-workout feeling!

As an athlete, Tracy is well on her way to achieving the goals she has set for herself, “To do a pull-up without a giant sized rubber band helping me! To surf in a long-board competition. To do a 5km competitive run. To be able to keep up with my fiancé in rock climbing. To melt off some fat!”

Once the fundamentals were completed, Tracy moved onto one-on-one training, “I currently train with Jason and the workouts are always fun and interesting. I like how I’m treated – as an ‘athlete in disguise’ instead of some poor out-of-shape girl judged by my current level of fitness (found several trainers like this and will celebrate the day when my fitness level far surpasses theirs and I’m seriously kicking butt!) Everyone is really friendly at The Cell and happy to join in with Jason cheering me on during workouts. The atmosphere is very supportive and I don’t feel intimidated being a girl at The Cell like I often do at other gyms.”

When asked what training at The Cell is like, Tracy says, “Focused. Professional. Friendly. Educational. Bloody hard work! Incredibly rewarding.”

A big thank you to Tracy for sharing her thoughts and we are sure an athlete with her determination and enthusiasm will be reaping rewards at The Cell for some time to come!!