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Thursday 27 October 2011

Posted by The Coach on October 26th, 2011

“Tabata KB”
With a 16kg (12kg) Kettlebell perform 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds rest for 8 intervals each of:
Russian Swing
Goblet Squat
Chest to Overhead
1 min rest between movements.
Score is total reps

Post score to comments

“After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.”
Italian Proverb


44 Responses to “Thursday 27 October 2011”

  1. Michele said

    Cool wod 🙂

  2. TheBattman said

    Hey Laila, YOU are all that and then some(in a matey way also!)

    look at you go 🙂

  3. TheBattman said

    hey 6.30 crew, im gonna do a WOD with you tomorrow, i can do it

    … just seated, just saying!

  4. Laila said

    I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t think of a better way to start the day than a sesh at the Cell with the most awesome people. Top this morning off with tabata and KB tabata at that…this is living!

    WOD As Rx’d

    Russian Swing – 149
    Snatch – 91
    Clean – 108
    Goblet Squat – 105
    Chest to O/H – 133

    Total = 586

    P.S. Storytime was replaced with the most useless facts you’ve EVER heard from Ian “Encyclopedia”Dubican today. Feelin’ extra special today as I walk about my day knowing I’m one in 9 BILLION!! Oh yeah, really bloody special! Thanks Ian! 🙂

  5. TheBattman said

    I second that Laila, this is living, early mornings at the cell
    i love the cell and its people, the morning crew rocks and it is all very inpiring, awesome way to start the day

    16kg KB Tabata – SEATED everything!
    Amercian Swing
    Weighted SitUps

    441 Reps

  6. Maggie said

    WOD As Rx’d

    Russian Swing – 113
    Snatch – 68
    Clean – 90
    Goblet Squat – 90
    Chest to O/H – 94

    Total – 455

    What a way to finish off the working week! I absolutely loved this WOD!!!! but particulary loved walking into the cell and seeing the 5:30am crew smashing the “Tabata’s” right before we did a tag team and smashed it ourselves!!

    Excellent scores from the 6:30am’ers and I am sooooooo happy right now! Super fantastic efforts by EVERYONE!

    Dubican keep up your daily whiteboard quotes! hahaha

  7. corbz said

    WOD as Rx’d
    530 reps

    Fantastic score Laila! Some of those numbers are ridiculous. Well done 6:30 crew, it was some great intensity.

    Then I managed to knock out some PR/PB’s after:
    80kg OHS (Bodyweight)
    60kg Snatch

    Now I must cry myself to sleep at the thought of not training at The Cell tomorrow!

  8. TheBattman said

    wheres storm ? how sthe comp, whats going on ?

    • The Cell said

      Storm’s in Cyprus, she is well and preparing. Apparently not a very well organised event, but that just sounds like CHOGM.
      The event is Sunday 7pm our time. Hopefully the webcast details will be available soon.


  9. Will F said

  10. Okay yes there was useless facts this morning ,but Laila if you read the board correctly it was 7 Billion,maybe if the 05:30 crew were not talking about Poo,snatch and 2 girls and a cup ….(all from the ladies by the way).
    Anyway more useless facts everyday on the board from now on .So forget LabrinthofLife and Jasons story time.Because DubicanDumb Facts premiered today.For those of you that missed it.

    “This week the 7th billionth person will be born.Therefore you are just a F$%KING number”

    WOD As RXD with a total of 409 reps with 16kg.i enjoyed this WOD.

    • Laila said

      NOBODY was talking about two girls and a cup…NOBODY!!! Not on my watch! Such filth 😉

      • Maggie said


      • OMG Girlfriend lies lies and more lies
        Vicki started talking about it when we started the WOD


        • Laila said

          No, no no no no no NO!… I heard nothing of the sort. Vicki, can you confirm this nonsense?

          Eek, now I feel sick! Can we make a rule to never ever make reference to this hideously, revoltingly, nauseating, foulness EVER EVER AGAIN?

          And Dubi, there was talk about poo, yes. Surely I’m not the only one who gets shit guts before every WOD. 😉

  11. this place is out of control today …….its because Jason and Stef are not here ….MITCH take control …NOW !!!! Before its too late and someone gets hurt

  12. TheBattman said

    Cups or not, Laila are are still all that, and more, just saying!

  13. stef sifandos said

    Everybody just relax… Calm down, its safe, everybody stop shivering, I am here now… And are we seriously comparing story time stories now??? Big shoes to fill guys…



  14. stef sifandos said

    Laila, PS: Stellar score, we are happy you loved this WOD today guys! Keep up the hard training and focus!



  15. Ash said

    WOD as Rx’d: 574
    Your a machine Laila!

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