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Friday 30 September 2011

Posted by The Coach on September 29th, 2011

Power Clean
3 x 5 x 40-50-60% of 90%3RM

Post loads to comments


For time:
42.5kg Overhead Squat, 21 reps
Pull Up, 42 reps
42.5kg Overhead Squat, 15 reps
Pull Up, 30 reps
42.5kg Overhead Squat, 9 reps
Pull Up, 18 reps

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SSG Joshua Hager, United States Army, was killed Thursday February 22 2007 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.
First posted on 26 February 2007

Great extension! - Maggie


49 Responses to “Friday 30 September 2011”

  1. mattyg said

    hey flash can i use ur washboards abs to wash my socks cheers

  2. TheBattmanoftheTagTeam! said

    i cannot cope with this …. excellent WOD’s with all my friends
    im going to stop looking at the cell website in protest

  3. Dave said

    Josh must have had nice shoulders…

  4. Ash said

    Is there a link to the Wendler excel program on here anywhere?

  5. The Cell said

    Just saying…



  6. The Cell said

    Yes Dan, you do not sound like a geek, a apologetically stand corrected, being a star wars fan I am actually quite embaressed…



  7. Battman said

    Who’s padawan anyway since I was likened to them/it/him/her???!

  8. The Cell said

    A young practicing Jedi Knight in the making… Quite the prestigious title friend…


  9. Dave said


  10. Jason said

    Ok, let’s get some manliness back to this comments page!

    Tips for the footy tomorrow??

    Who are you putting your burpees on Hannah? 😉

  11. TheBattmanoftheTagTeam! said

    i want geelong to pump the suitcase out of the other mob and i want to see mick cry, and i aint doing burpees if im right or wrong

  12. I associate the following wth manliness…



  13. Oh, and this…



  14. TheBattmanoftheTagTeam! said

    what about this

  15. Storm said

    In the blue corner we have TEAM BLISS training out of The CELL all wearing black trunks
    Michelle Fall, Ash Hollick, Mike Willey and Storm Falconer.
    Taking on all commers in the Intermediate Class November 12th at Raw Edge.


    Who else besides Jason, Stef, Carole and Maggie are in…..Go CELL

    Side note; Go the Wallabies.

  16. TheBattmanoftheTagTeam! said

  17. Luke Beverley said

    Jase sorry for no sms for my late cancel my phone has decided to stop working. I’m stuck at home with no car and no phone.

  18. Will F said

    400m run, mobility, 50 squats mixed OHS and Air, 1 x CFWU and today’s Pushups 😀

    PowerClean 1.4 @ 20, 22.5, 27.5

    20KG OHS and Redband
    Great scaling again, maybe a little too light on the OHS, probably should have gone Orange Band and 25-30 kg.
    6.27 rings a bell.

  19. Scott F said

    Good WOD. Thanks Jason for going through the ‘Burgener Warmup’. I think I need to run through it every warmup.

  20. Ash said

    Power Clean
    5-5-5 @ 27.5, 32.5, 40kg

    Post loads to comments

    For time:
    30kg Overhead Squat, 21 reps
    Pull Up, 42 reps
    30kg Overhead Squat, 15 reps
    Pull Up, 30 reps
    30kg Overhead Squat, 9 reps
    Pull Up, 18 reps

    Time: 14:04

    I know this is probably supposed to take less but OHS are my nemesis so was happy to get them done at 30kg. Pull Ups are much harder in a hot gym with no chalk…

    Tough WOD….


    2km jog and T2B Ladder.

  21. Heya Stormer, I hope As Rx’d, I dont mind sandbagging though and going intermediate, now that would be fun!



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