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Monday 26 September 2011

Posted by The Coach on September 25th, 2011


For time:
Row, 1600m
Pull Up, 100 reps
Mountain Climbers, 100/100 reps
24kg Kettlebell Russian Swing, 100 reps
Run, 1 mile

Reps may be partitioned.

Post time to comments

Our 100 Day Push Up Challenge kicks off today. Today’s requirement – 1 Push Up!

Primal Pairs 2011 - The Cell Crew


25 Responses to “Monday 26 September 2011”

  1. Joe said

    Good afternoon guys,
    I have just returned from camping and a realised I have a 530am Monday 26/9, flying to Brisbane tonight and wont be able to participate.

    Go get it!

  2. Thanks Guys for putting on a nice easy workout for monday ……..not sore at all after saturday …(sarcastic tone ) im in bits …..i feel like crying for tomorrow mornings workout …wait now ….im crying ….sob sob
    Frank Dubican

    • michele said

      just pull up my porn site frank!! that’ll fix ya:-)

    • The Cell said

      Serious question Mr Dubican, how would you compare post Primal Pairs with Post TNF100??

      And by the way, the only easy day was yesterday 😉


      • its tough, there is no doubt about it,Its a different kinda of tough than a 100km.
        In a 100km your minds plays tricks and your alone a lot of the time.But I have been running for 17 years.

        Cross fit was good yesterday as it was a team environment and people all around were supporting which made it easier mentally.But those sharp,short wods were really tough.But Ive only been doing crossfit since June 2011.

        Its a good question Jase.
        One things is for sure crossfit is tough,enjoyable,and rewarding and complements my running.

        I have and always have had respect for people who do crossfit games and yesterday cemented that further.It truly is an all round fitness challenge

        NOW will you change the WOD for tomorrow please !!!!!!

        • The Cell said

          Yeah it is an interesting question. That’s why I asked 🙂

          Always keen to hear how different athletes pull up after different sports, especially when they partake in those they are not totally familiar with or accustomed to. I feel pretty good today and felt fine after a 40km MTB ride last weekend (although crap during!) but after the City to Surf 1/2, my knees and calves were screaming for a few days. Aim is to feel fine after all of it! 😉


  3. graeme said

    every sunday for the last 6 months i have watched and waited for the metcon monday challenge, pretty much my favorite WOD of the week
    this week im looking at it with green eyes, i have to leave this one to you guys, op is done so now ill start concentrating on my recovery

    whoever gets my regular spot at 6.00pm monay its a loan ok, coz i will be back faster and stronger before you can say BOOM!

    PS: nice touch with my shoe guys, i was def there in spirit !

  4. Carole said

    Get well soon Batty. I have some good pictures of you. I’ll Facebook them. Keep smiling and stay positive. 🙂

  5. MA said

    32:07 mins this morning, 12kg kb swings, red band pull ups.
    Tough on the shoulders after this weekend.
    PeterF & PeteY were literally smiling after this wod…amazing haha

    ….You survived Ian!

  6. The Cell said

    What a fantastic, good looking bunch of athletes it was so much fun for me watching you all do that last WOD, nearly had a punch up with another person who thought that they could make uninformed comments about my athletes…lucky for them they backed down. I think the fact the lovely gorgeous Elle was over my shoulder backing me up scarred her off hehe.
    Awesome effort by everyone don’t worry by the end of the week you should be able to mover your shoulders and legs.


  7. The Cell said

    Yes I know I spelt a word wrong……

  8. Pete Yeates said

    WOD as Rx’d = 27:27
    A fun one 🙂

  9. The Battman! said

    sooo jealous right now !

  10. Ash said

    WOD as rx’d: 25 mins
    (same time as Mike)

    Felt good…

  11. ahhh pretty sore and tight today ,but the WOD loosened me up !!
    Nice running in the rain 05:30 -Zombie crew

    1600m row
    100 mountain things
    100 pullups on a blue band -very sore
    100 kb swings – 16kg
    1 mile run
    In a time of around 30mins and 50 secs

    Lunch time – 8km run in 40mins
    and 1 Push Up

    My ultramarathon training offically started again today (4 races planned for tehe next 10 months (46km,82km,100km & 166km)

    Ian D

  12. Elle said

    I’ve always got your back Storm!

    xxx 🙂

  13. The Cell said

    And I have yours Elle…




  14. Big Dan said

    WOD for time
    Row 1600m
    200 mountain climbers
    100 pullups blue band
    100 x 20kg russian KB swings
    1600m run( ran 400m, back seized, finished with 80 calories on the Airdyne

  15. michelle said

    Warm up: extended mobility, airdyne, etc.

    1.6km row
    100 pull ups
    100 sit ups
    100 16kg KB Swings
    800m run

    TIme = 32:14

    Feeling very stiff and sore from Saturday! Forearms are the size of Popeye’s 🙂

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