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100 Day Push Up Challenge

Posted by The Coach on September 21st, 2011

Last year we held a very successful and very fun bodyweight challenge over the Christmas/New Year period that involved doing a set number of burpees over 30 days.
Well it’s on again this year, but with a twist.
Starting on Monday 26 September 2011 is our,

“100 Day Push Up Challenge”

And this year there is an Amazon Kindle 3G Wireless Reader, valued at $189 up for grabs!

Check out the details here….


106 Responses to “100 Day Push Up Challenge”

  1. Stef said

    You know you want to people!!!!!!



  2. Shawn Lynch said

    Hi Jase, I am up for that. On an unrelated note, can you let me know where your Police car is on day 20, and turn your back for a few seconds?

  3. im in …. me amigos arrrrrhhhh.i think im going like the location challenge more than anything.Maybe a visit to Langtrees with a camera and push up sheet.
    Ian Dunican

    • The Cell said

      What’s Langtrees Mr Dunican?? πŸ˜‰


      • I heard its got a pool table ????
        and that the boys in blue get half price ..??? dont know what that means.
        When- I moved to Australia someone was talking about going to Langtrees.I thought all the Aussies where
        F%$KING Horticulturists going to a tree nursery instead they were going to for a different kinda ah ROOT EH !!!
        Im here all week …Bang slap boom

        • Scott said

          Maybe you could get the “Residents” along with their “freinds” to pump out a few lifts along with you. You could add theirs onto your total and you would only have to do some of the push ups that day!!!!

  4. Ash said

    I’m always up for a challenge….

  5. Brad Cuff said

    In for the challenge,

  6. Shaun said

    Im in!

  7. Scott F said

    Count me in.

    Q – Do we need video of every day? My guess is video of only the best locations…

  8. The Cell said

    Yeah Mr DUNCAN! What is Langtrees?? Do you guys want to win or what? Giving awy your locations…

    Tisc, tisc…



    • Labritfofliffey check out me post back to jason dat will xplain yall.

      I reckon this blog using up 40% of my working time and to think they blocked facebook ,havent they heard of the CELLLMATES !!!!!!

  9. Sean Harro said

    Yep let’s get it done i”m keen.

  10. MA said

    Yieeew! This is going to be so much painful fun haha
    Count me in guys, and bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    MA x

  11. battman said

    im in !

  12. Wait now are ye all in for the Push up challenge or going to Langtrees ????

  13. The Cell said




  14. The Cell said

    Are you shouting rounds on the pool table Mr Duncan?


  15. yeah Ill shout rounds …although it depends are we there for a
    30 mins
    45 mins
    or 60 mins as the price may vary
    PS ive got a good story about this type of activity to tell you all some morning …yes BATTMAN ..storytime

    I will use my alias MR DUNCAN so Ian Dunican doesnt get found out.

  16. The Cell said

    I love how you are bordering on out of control… No overnight stays???



    • Overnight stays may be negotiated with the client at any time ????? If both parties agree on the activities and structure and scope of work to be performed over certain periods of time whilst ensure adequate Health and Safety precautions are taken in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act WA 1984 and that no collective agreement or union agreements are contravene ,and or the Fair Work Act 2011.Adequate rest and food will need to be provided for the employ during such time.

      • michele said

        does this ‘langtrees’ work in favour for the womenfolk also?? some of us are as desperate as you lot you know:-)

  17. battman said

    Mr Dubican, does this story involve the donkey ?
    or was that a secret ?

  18. Dave said

    Count me in, I was just about to begin the challenge at so this will be a better alternative.

  19. Tony S said

    Yeah count me in

  20. Damon said

    I’m in for the challenge. Damon in Singapore….

  21. Adam said

    I am in!

  22. Elliot said

    I’m in… im posting for nick too.. so he’s in. We can have push off comps in the bottle-o… im gonna smash him

  23. Jane said

    I’m in & if I can nag him enough so will Phil be πŸ™‚

  24. Raj said

    BAM I’m in …

  25. Kelly said

    Count me in and Im dragging Aaron also along for the ride….or hang on, that might be the other way around by about day 20

  26. Michelle H said

    Rich and I are going to give it a crack…!

  27. Luke said

    Im in πŸ™‚

  28. Morgan B said

    I’m doing it

  29. Chris Allen said

    We are up for the challenge πŸ™‚

    Chris and Tessa

  30. corbz said

    i realise I haven’t replied to this yet. I’m definitely in!

  31. […] Comments MS on Saturday 24 September 2011Lisa W on 100 DAY PUSH UP CHALLENGEcorbz on 100 Day Push Up ChallengeMA on Sunday 25 September 2011Dave on Sunday 25 […]

  32. Biljana said

    I’m in and I’m dobbing all three of my boys in to participate as well! πŸ™‚

  33. brydon maslin said

    up for this challange

  34. Laila said

    Looking forward to starting tomorrow…

  35. The Battman! said

    for the record ive even done my 1 pushup, BOOM!

  36. Bliss said

    Nice work Batty!

  37. asdkids00 said

    What a challenge!! I’m In

  38. Will F said

    That’s one down!

  39. Travis said

    I’m in

  40. Scott said

    2 down an only 98 to go

  41. Will F said

    2 gone

  42. The Cell said

    Day 2 Push Ups done. I’m basking in the ease of these early days πŸ™‚


  43. Will F said


  44. Biljana said

    Pleased to report in that all four of us are ticking along nicely with our push ups … Have been surprised by Michael’s awesome pushups … Now if he would only come and play regularly at The Cell!

  45. The Raj said

    BAM 6 push ups !!!

  46. TheBattmanoftheTagTeam! said

    6 one legged puchups completed today

  47. Ash said

    20 Push Ups every time Collingwood get a goal…

  48. Will F said

    7 today

  49. The Cell said

    Ash you don’t scale up on a challenge.:)


    I cant wait to see the post’s in another 30 to 50 days hehe; Awesome Bam Mintox.

  50. TheBattmanoftheTagTeam! said

    ive done my 8 today

  51. Biljana said

    The Wright’s are ticking along nicely … Still all in the game… 8 down for each of us today! Not looking forward to the big numbers Storm! πŸ™‚

  52. Jase said

    Had a coughing fit today and popped a rib at the rib/spine joint! Holy crap it hurt like hell! Still got my Day 8 Push Ups out though, albeit under duress πŸ˜‰

    How is everyone else going? Any strategies in mind for knocking over the big days to come?


  53. Ash said

    Does the 100 from Murph count for the 12 due today?

  54. 40 today!

  55. Adam S said

    I could be wrong but by my calculations the 2nd of January is the 99th day?

    • Jase said

      Including the start day and the 2/1/11 is 100 days mate. Checked it numerous times and had a few others check too.

      I could always be corrected though.

      Jase πŸ™‚

    • Jase said

      Yep, you corrected me mate. 2/1/12 is 99 days! Bugger. Note to self, careful who you get to check things!

      We’re on for another day people. Day 100 is actually Tuesday 03 January 2012

      Big thanks for pointing that out Adam. Ta πŸ™‚

  56. Ash said

    16 today, got my eyes on the main prize once we get to 20!!!

  57. Laila said

    I got up to Day 7 and haven’t done them since. So I figure if I do 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 +12 + 13 +14 +15 +16 +17 +18 + 19 = 162 today I’m all caught up right? And if I break them up in to sets of 10 every half hour for the rest of the day I should finish around 11pm tonight….right???

    • The Cell said

      No catching up allowed people. The challenge is based on commitment and regular action.

      • Laila said

        Harsh. I understand commitment and regular action are what this challenge is based on, but if someone is to fall off the wagon as I did, not being allowed to catch up and not following through with the rest of the challenge is a harsh punishment. Counterproductive in my opinion. I have already caught up with the push ups I missed and I’m not interested or motivated by the kindle or any other prize. The challenge is for my own personal gain, both mental and physical. I will be continuing with the challenge on my own.

  58. 5 x 20 today

  59. Jase said

    Yesterday (Saturday) was Day 20 people. The competition for the Kindle is now live! Get you’re video’s done and up on our FB page. It’s going to be very interesting to see what comes out.

  60. Ash said

    Game on!!
    Got something in the works, just need a volunteer to film me!!!
    21 done…

  61. Biljana said

    8o OMG! 21 done and dusted at the Wright’s! … yes – all 4 of us are still in the game but Mike and I are already breaking them up …got an extra challenge happening in our house to see which of the boys can do the most unbroken sets through the entire challenge. Anyone else still going unbroken?? πŸ™‚

  62. Ash said

    23 today…
    Still unbroken…

  63. Andrew said

    Hope you are doing them to this standard…

  64. Scott said

    Quarter of the way through and still knocking them out in one hit. Doing a hell of a lot better than I imagined thanks to the cell!!!!

  65. Ash said

    25, then 7×25 in the WOD, thanks Jase…. All unbroken thou mate!

  66. Jase said

    How are we traveling guys?? Don’t see too many people posting on here and we are yet to see a vid on Facebook. Am I going to have to get the ball rolling with some embarrassing video of myself doing push ups naked!? πŸ˜›

    Please don’t make me put you through that!

    Have you done your 27 reps today? I’m pushing for 50 unbroken. Starting to slow around the 20 mark right now but still pushing them out.

    Get some guys!!
    Jase πŸ™‚

    • Ash said

      Jase, just about to go do my 27 and film it for you….
      Will get the vid to you when im home next week.
      Still unbroken mate!!

  67. Matt P said

    hey Jase is it too late to get on board with the pushup challenge?

  68. Jase said

    We have out first video in the competition.

    Great work Ash!

  69. Jase said

    Day 37. Still going unbroken. But only just!

    Pretty quiet on the comments here. How’s everyone going?

    Is anyone, apart from Tony and I, actually doing this still??

    Any video’s out there???

  70. Mary-Anne said

    Hi Jase, Cell mates!

    Still at it, have broken them into 15’s + …Storm watches me push up on the hotel kitchenette floor each morning that we’re here in Cyprus.

    P.S. Very proud of our girl Storm – she performed her lifts with confidence, strength and precision at the weekend. Giddiup!

    • Laila said

      Awesome work Mary-Anne! Could we be seeing a vid of you pushing up in some exotic location in Cyprus? πŸ˜‰

      • Jase said

        Yes video it! We need more vids. And remember one of our Policing maxim’s, if there’s no vid, it didn’t happen. Applies to Xmas parties and footy trips as much as anything else πŸ˜‰

  71. Scott said

    Yip still pushing threw them but only just. Thinking it mite be just to break it up into sections

  72. Ash said

    39 today??

  73. Ash said

    Can’t feel my arms after Nancy, so 38 Push Ups was easy….

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