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Wednesday 21 September 2011

Posted by The Coach on September 20th, 2011

5 x 75%, 3 x 85%, 1 or more x 95% of 90% 1RM

Post loads to comments

For time:
1/2 Body Weight Front Squat, 100 reps

Every time you rack the bar, perform 10 pull ups before continuing.

Post time to comments

How is your training going to taper off this week for the Primal Pairs Competition on Saturday? You are tapering it off right!? Here’s a suggestion:
Today (Wednesday) – WOD @ 70% effort
Thursday – CrossFit Endurance Strength & Recovery Sesh
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Event
Sunday – CrossFit Endurance Strength & Recovery Sesh

NB. As our new retail purchasing system has been implemented, please do not leave cash on the coaches desk. Please complete the purchase logs. Thank you.


30 Responses to “Wednesday 21 September 2011”

  1. Ash said–11/Leaderboard?category=mens-doubles

    Keep an eye on this for more info….

  2. I like that suggest program for the week.How about this alternate one;
    Wednesday :Pie and chips for lunch followed by a run and ju jutsu in the evening and a sword class
    Thursday :Cross Fit with Serg Jason followed by 3 back to back meetings on teleconference with 5 – 6 Long Macs Topped up with 3 sugars.Thursday night shopping with the missus coz there is never any food at home
    Friday :15km run followed by an appt with the chiro and the tax accountant dont really know which one is going to crack me f%$King spine ,probably both.Listen to shit on teh phone at work and excuses for not getting anything done.Not too mention people crying about low pay in WA (circa only $150,000 …so unfair)Eat a sandwich in the car whilst driving from one thing to the other on Friday
    Friday night go to bed after a take away and a beer.

    Saturday work like an animal at primal pairs prob vomit a few times ,feel like shit ,have a shower get rat shit that night and wake up sunday and watch UFC 135 Live from vegas whilst trying not to spew.All the while the missus is giving you the evil eye saying why to you bother to exercise when you just go out and act like a pig and I reply “its not my fault I used to be a chimp”
    I love been an ATHELTE…….

  3. Raj said

    Hahahaha go the Irish maan !!!!

    • Raj …Ill let you off this time as you were not here last week for the big debate on ethnic origins and cultural awareness,I know you would understand this and empathise with me as we are from minority groups…..yes Ireland is a minority there is only 3.5 m irish people in Ireland….yes I know there is 600million of them in Boston and 4 -8 million in Australia
      Ian irish/australian citizen ..50/50 yall like potato and chips.

  4. Dave said

    Funny guy mr duncan!

    Also, who programmed / designed this wod?

  5. The Cell said

    Of what relevance is it David to whom precisely designed this WOD, I am curious?



    • Dave said

      Just 100 reps sounds scary. What effect is it trying to illicit? You’re the coach you know best 🙂

      • jase said

        A scared response. Job done! 😉

      • jase said

        Seriously though mate, good question. As coaches we always need to be able to answer the why behind a movement, philosophy or WOD.

        Here’s my short answer:
        100 reps at 1/2 body weight in the front squat is building muscular endurance, developing the cardio-respiratory system, which you will notice while trying to breath with the load in the rack ;-), and increasing mental toughness. There is a bit of strategy that comes into this WOD also. Do you aim for 5 x 20 reps with some pull ups thrown in or do you do as many front squats as you can before racking the bar? That’s something each person has to determine for themselves based on their experience and knowledge of their own capabilities. I could go on but like I said, it’s my short answer 🙂

        Always happy to answer those questions Dave so don’t be shy to fire away. That’s how we all learn.

        BTW, illicit refers to illegal as in illicit drugs, we want to elicit a response. Sorry, bit of subject knowledge there 🙂


  6. Dave said

    Press 2.3
    5x 32.5 3x 37.5 3x 42.5

    20kg x 100 front squats broken into sets of 45, 30 & 25 so 2 sets of 10 blue pullups.
    Not sure of time – 6:15?

  7. Pete Yeates said

    Press 5,3,6 @ 35, 37.5, 45kg

    WOD as Rx’d = 6:16 with 1 set of pullups at rep 73.

  8. Dave said

    hmm you were 6:16 pete? Maybe mine was 7:15 and not 6:15 then?

  9. Stef said

    6.37min with 2 sets of pull ups Dave! Good job this morning guys! Was not as hard as first anticipated???

    Warm up:
    Mobility drills
    3 rounds of:
    10 strict pull ups
    5 headstand press (1 x abmat)
    1 strict muscle up to 10 ring dips
    10 pistol squats
    10 Good mornings (20kg bar)

    WENDLER 1.2
    3 x 40kg
    3 x 45kg
    9 x 50kg

    10-8-6-4-2 reps of:
    50kg squat clean to thruster
    HR push ups
    Pull ups
    TIME = 7.07min

    Stretch / mobility

    *VERY LETHARGIC this morning, unmotivated and a little tired, so the WOD was not exceptionally sharp…

    Will now have the rest of today off and tomorrow and Friday in recovery stage for Saturday… Best of luck to all competing, should be a really enjoyable day! For those who are not competing get down and support your fellow Cell athlete, I am sure they will appreciate it and more so you will also have a great time!



  10. Travis said

    WENDLER 1.4
    5 x 28kg
    5 x 34kg
    5 x 39kg

    WOD scaled to 25kg
    Time = 5:04 with 2 sets of pullups

  11. battman said

    travis, i located the salt sticks caps (100) and will pick them up from runners world perth today mate

  12. Luke F-J said

    ME upper body
    Work upto 1RM bench press @ 130kg (Just failed to lock-out 135kg)
    3 x 8 press 60kg
    3 x 10 pull ups
    10 x 8 tate press 20kg


    3 x 1km sprints
    Just done on treadmill at 16kmph which was 3.45mins each, didnt go to hard and now going to rest up for the weekend.

  13. Will F said

    This WOD really f*!ked with my strategy, it’s exactly like Jase said, do I go with 4 breaks, but then I’ve got 40 pullups to do and I’m going to be even more tired for my next set. Turns out my legs hurt more…speaking of which, if anyone finds a pair of legs…hairy, able to support a guy around 172cm/68 kg, please hand them into the front desk.

    400m Run, 3x CFWU, Press Warmup

    Wendler 1.3 Press 5-3-1 @ 27.5, 30, 35 (x4) kg

    used 25kg, 8.37min, 4 sets of pullups.

  14. Ash said

    WOD scaled up and used 42.5kg. (should of used 41.7!!!!)
    Time: 6:46 i think, broke it up into 25, 25, 25, 15, 10
    So 40 Pull Ups.

  15. Jase said

    Tapering for Saturday, although with my lack of training lately, any session would be building up, not tapering!

    Back Squat
    3x5x70% 5RM

    Todays scaled to 70%. Did 10 Pull ups after 35 reps just to get some in.
    Time: 3.32

  16. Big Dan said

    Wendler 2.1
    5 x 40,5 x 46,7 x 52.5kgs

    WOD Scaled to 40kg FS and Redband pullups
    17:30 ish, 9times i had to rack, but mainly because my wrists hurt like hell, rather than my legs giving up

  17. Jason R said

    100 x 1/2 body weight front squats (45kgs)

    As Rxd: 4:43 (one set of Pull ups)

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