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Monday 19 September 2011

Posted by The Coach on September 18th, 2011

Met Con Monday

For Time:
Double Under, 250 reps
Walking Lunge, 200m
Sit Up, 150 reps
Push Up, 100 reps
24kg Kettlebell Snatch, 50/50 reps
Pull Up, 25 reps

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NB. Due to being closed this Saturday for the Primal Pairs competition, our Saturday strength day (Back Squats) will be on Thursday this week. Saturday will be posted as a met con WOD.

Don’t make excuses – make good.
Elbert Hubbard

Will & Jase - After the 40km event @ the Dwellingup 100MTB Race

25 Responses to “Monday 19 September 2011”

  1. Jono said

    Spot free 0530 Monday, I forgot I had a physical to attend when I booked it. Cheers 🙂

  2. Jase said

    Great effort on the 40 kayer yesterday Will! That was some tough track and some of the biggest hills I’ve ever tried to pedal up. Pretty sure you must’ve flown past my sorry arse at some stage. Probably when I was trying to walk up a hill! 🙂

    I’ve already resolved to have another crack at the 100kms next year. You in??


  3. Storm said

    Will and Jas

    Nice Picture

    Awesome Work


  4. Joe said

    Great photo guys – I’ll hang out for the details.

  5. Michelle said

    Warm up: Skipping practice and mobility work. Managed to get
    some double unders, but with some discomfort for my knee

    WOD: scaled to 750 single skips and 200 squats instead of lunges,
    the rest as prescribed

    Time = 34:04

    Nice work 0530 crew, I had fun!

  6. Michelle said

    Hey Stef – I think I left some paperwork on the bench to do with
    training history for ‘Arlene Nell’ – can you please put it to one
    side and I’ll collect it tomorrow? Thanks!!

  7. Vicki said

    Well done Will – I can’t believe you trained like a demon today after your weekend effort. What a machine!

    Well, it was a suckfest that for me required only 50 double unders (yay I can string 10 together!!!) and at one point a pair of pliers and Stef being slightly aroused. Now, there’s an interesting WOD 🙂
    30 something in time and I am really surprised at how hard the snatches felt after the pu’s.
    Rock on 6.30 am crew!

  8. Luke F-J said

    ME lower
    Work upto a 5RM good morning @ 100kg
    Lunges 3 x 8 each leg @ 75kg
    GHR 3 x 10
    GHD sit-ups
    32kg kettle-bell swings
    WOD unbroken

  9. The Cell said

    Solid work Will and Jas, always good to get out in the open air and allow the natural elements to challenge you in various ways…

    AM training:
    Warm up:
    3mins row
    Mobility drills
    Oly lifting drills

    WENDLER 1.1
    Power Clean
    5 x 50kg
    5 x 57.5kg
    15 x 65kg

    Back squat
    5 x 70kg
    5 x 81kg
    10 x 92kg

    24kg Weighted pull ups
    3 x 3

    AMRAP calories 10mins on Airdyne
    CAL = 254

    Warm up:
    Mobility drills
    For Time:
    Double Under, 250 reps
    Walking Lunge, 200m
    Sit Up, 150 reps
    Push Up, 100 reps (Hand release push ups)
    24kg Kettlebell Snatch, 50/50 reps
    Pull Up, 25 reps
    *Did 104 unbroken double unders – 250 double unders done in under 3 mins
    *HR push ups were tough, after 30 reps they were all in quick sets of 5 reps
    *KB snatches went smooth
    *Pull ups broken in 15 and 10 reps
    TIME = 28.23min

    Tough one…


  10. carole said

    Good job Jase and Will at the Dwellingup 100. I’m going to give it a try next year. It was fun watching it and being the support crew. 🙂

    Also, good work Jase at the Bibra Lake Fun Run on Sunday!

  11. Will F said

    skipping, mobility, 2x cfwu

    using 12kg KB – 37.33

    This is what Jase and I raced on the weekend for those interested:
    (checkout the player tab)

  12. Pete Yeates said

    WOD as Rx’d = 32:33
    The snatches were slow but fun 🙂

    Will, are ya going to do the 12hr as part of a team or solo, if in a team count me in.

  13. Laila said

    Have had to late cancel from tonight’s 6pm sesh due to work commitments. It’s up for grabs! 🙂

  14. graeme said

    not happy Mrs Not Quite As Awesome … unhappy face

  15. Don said

    was able to do it during lunch break on ship, though didnt have a good skipping rope. best i could find was a leather one, which meant i had to do single’s instead of double-unders. was fun.

    RX’d – 25:02

  16. Big Dan said

    WOD scaled 3:1 single skips 12 KG KB snatches and red band pullups
    43:30 minutes
    Jeez i hate body weight exercises, but happy i finished

  17. Battman said

    WOD scaled KB snatches to 20kg


    Excellent WOD great fun, well done to all the new guys you All did an exceptional job
    Shaun and Andrew you guys rock well done on pushing thru and getting it done

  18. Jane said

    Enjoyed this WOD despite having a back like an 80yr old (thanks to carrying Don on Sunday) & exceptionally sore wrists I had to keep my wrist straps on for the wod & all of today

    Had to do press ups on db as couldn’t bend my wrists & had to sub snatches for swings as my wrists couldn’t take that either!

    Time was 26.15 I think really enjoyed it even with an 80yr old back 🙂

  19. MA said

    This is likely to be my most vague post to date…

    Due to training commitments later in the evening, I scaled this WOD at 5pm to 1/2 reps for all movements bar the pull ups.
    I didn’t note my time on completion, however wanted to mark the date, the first WOD I have ever done performing pull ups without a band.

    My thanks to Adrian for standing beside me, spurning me on, counting reps, and correcting form. Time, perseverance & patience…I never stop learning.


  20. Michelle said

    Woo hoo!!! Nice work MA!!!

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