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Friday 09 September 2011

Posted by The Coach on September 8th, 2011

Power Clean
3 x 5 x 65-75-85%

In cycle 2 of the Wendler Strength Program, add 2.5kgs to your Power Clean “Starting Load”.

Post loads to comments

5 rounds for time of:
70kg Overhead Squat, 5 reps
32kg Russian Kettlebell Swing, 5 reps
24″ Box Jump, 5 reps

Post time to comments

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Helen Gahagan Douglas


47 Responses to “Friday 09 September 2011”

  1. Who drawed on his arm ???

  2. Dave said

    Drawed? Silly Irish 🙂

  3. MATTYG said

    Mr squiggle drew that got a problem with that 🙂

  4. Dave said

    So back on topic…

    1200m run while waiting for adrian to show up 😉
    some air squats, wallballs and mobility

    Powercleans 2.1 5-5-5+
    37.5 – 42.5 – 47.5 x 7

    5 rounds
    5 OHS 20kg
    5 KB 16kg
    5 24″ BJ (abbreviating that one doesnt sound right)

    4:50 🙂

  5. Laila said

    “Killer Bumnuts!!!”

    It’s my new favourite phrase. Feel free to incorporate it anyway you can in your daily vocabulary, particularly at the Cell and please, please teach your children. Killer Bumnuts!!!

  6. The Cell said

    You just seem to be quite the sexual instigator Dave, with all of these sexual inuendo’s I just can’t keep up… BTW is my grammer, spelling and syntax correct here???



  7. Dave dave dave …everytime …
    Firstly the comment was made as if a kid would say it, as my nephew often says to me similar type comments.

    Secondly what if I spoke English as a second language.Then past ,present,future,imperfect tense,conditional ,collective etc may be hard.Therefore the difference between drawed and drawn may be difficult to identify.Remeber irish people have only been speaking English for about 100 years with many influences from our native tongue”Gaeilge” this is why we cant pronounce “th” in certain words.

    Finally after all the bad press about racial issues recently with the Qantas/Wallabies saga ,I am surprised that the word “IRISH” was inserted.I dont think ethnic profilling was needed,or where you insinuating that Irish people are stupid.(Not to sure,But I wont say it if you ecver went to Ireland ) even though Ireland ranks amongst the best educational systems in the world along with Japan and Cuba.


    Irish and Australian Citzen (Proud of both ME cultures)

    • dave said

      This is where text based communication fails us – there’s no lighthearted tone font. I apologise if it came across any differently.

      Secondly, where I come from, bumnuts are chicken eggs so I’m not sure what killer ones would imply – sounds scary.

  8. Will F said

    400m run
    2 x (10x Ball Slams, 10x wallballs, 10x Situps, 10x
    OHS practice

    Powercleans 1.1 5-5-5+
    20 – 35 – 40 x 10

    5 RFT of:
    5 OHS 30kg
    5 KB 20kg
    5 24″ box

  9. Michele said

    Ian….. Your lips are moving , but……..

  10. Corbin said

    Wendler 1.4
    Powerclean 5-5-5
    22.5 – 29 – 32.5

    40kg OHS x 5
    32kg KB Swing x 5
    24″ Box Jump x 5

    Definitely finding my mobility in my shoulders to be improving. Want to work on catching the snatch in a full squat though. I’m sure it’ll come. Cool WOD

    Get well soon Storm!

  11. Jase said

    Will and Corbin, thanks for posting an actual WOD result without innuendo, although Corbins catching a snatch in the bottom of the squat could go either way 😉

    Being tight and solid in the bottom position is key Corbin. Snatch transfer movements like the snatch balance help here.


  12. I love that Movie Snatch……especially the silly irish gypsy no that was Brad Pitt ….F#$*ing pykey

  13. This is worse and more addictive than facebook

  14. Jase said

    Trained with the delightful 6pm crew. First time OHSing more than 20kgs since wrist and hand surgery. Reasonably happy with it. Will see how it pulls up tomorrow.

    Power Clean 3x5x58.5-67.5-77.5×6
    50kg OHS
    All the rest as rx’d
    Time: 3.20

    Thanks to Maggie pushing me all the way.

    Jase 🙂

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