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Thursday 01 September 2011

Posted by The Coach on August 31st, 2011

For time:
With 2 x 24kg Kettlebells, perform the following for time:
Cross Carry Walking Lunge, 100m
Rack Carry, 100m
Farmers Carry, 100m
Overhead Carry, 100m

Cross Carry Walking Lunge, 50m
Rack Carry, 50m
Farmers Carry, 50m
Overhead Carry, 50m

Post time to comments

Video: Kettlebell Cross-Carry Walking Lunge

Caption time!


24 Responses to “Thursday 01 September 2011”

  1. graeme said

    hey stef was i signalling the boats and heliopter in your story?

  2. Maggie said

    Dont blame it on the sunshine… dont blame it on the moonlight… dont blame it on the good times… blame it on the boogy!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Laila said

    No strength work on Thursdays?

  4. Dave said

    Laila – only taken you a month to catch on? πŸ™‚

    Caption for above photo – hey macarena

  5. The Cell said

    Hasn’t been strength work on a Thursday since 23 June Laila.

    Jase πŸ™‚

  6. graeme said

    can we do midnight oil and stories on thursdays, they started yesterday

  7. Dave said

    Graeme – ask Stef about the book he’s written

  8. MATTYG said

    I’m a little teapot Short and stout Here is my handle Here is my spout When I get all steamed up Hear me shout: Tip me over and pour me out!

  9. michele said

    clients?? what clients?? i don’t see anyone… Its all about me isn’t it??(sorry boiler)

  10. Maggie said

    Beautiful morning to be training!!! Very sore today but that will learn me for not having a day off in 6 days! Ouch!

    No stories this morning but plenty of jokes, Jase was in fine form! hahaha!

    Awesome effort Laila, you smashed this WOD! Batman you did really well to and love your work Ian, thanks for the race at the end, certainly made me pick up the pace thats for sure πŸ™‚

    Didn’t do overhead carry as I didn’t want to hyper extend so changed the movement to rack carry. Started off on 12kgs but went down to 10kgs 😦 My Back is feeling good!

    For time:
    With 2 x 10kg Kettlebells, perform the following for time:
    Cross Carry Walking Lunge, 100m
    Rack Carry, 100m
    Farmers Carry, 100m
    Rack Carry, 100m

    Cross Carry Walking Lunge, 50m
    Rack Carry, 50m
    Farmers Carry, 50m
    Rack Carry, 50m

    Time: 23:45

  11. graeme said

    now that was NASTY today…harder than it sounds

    good to have the 6.30am other planet party people of Mrs Awesome and Flash all onboard and all training together, Ian was a welcome addition to the crew

    WOD – started with 20kg and dropped back to 16’s during the 100m
    squats coz i stuffed my left shoulder and coz everyone else was almost finished !!!


    i must say whilst i generally bring up the rear in most WOD’s
    the support, energy and help that other cellmates give up freely to help people like me finish is always greatly appreciated and part of what makes the cell so great

    enjoy your day everyone!

  12. Laila said

    Gorgeous morning in the sunshine today. I’m feeling summer coming!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

    Observed and witnessed a mean and impressive effort from Batty this morning. Nice!

    Planet aliens all in good form this morning. While it seemed everything was in good order, it was suggested all we needed to complete the morning was a crack pipe! Next time Ian πŸ™‚ It was a “educational” morning for Zoe. If she attempts to repeat any of Jase’s jokes, I’ll be getting a call from the school I reckon. πŸ™‚

    WOD: with 12 kg KB – 20:07min

    Love the Cell programming – Our WODS are mint! When do we see sandbags again…having withdrawls!

  13. my god what a day,06:30 crew are as crazy as the 05:30 will have to start doing two classes a day for entertainment value.

    What A MO FO of a WOD today ..FFFF $%KING tough .
    Anyway great work by Laila and Graeme..Tough Cookie Monsters….Laila bad enough you brought a young lady to a place called the Cell never mind exposing her to us Lunatics.

    For time:
    With 2 x 12kg Kettlebells and overhead for lunges and 2 X 16kg for Rack and Farmer carry
    Cross Carry Walking Lunge, 100m
    Rack Carry, 100m
    Farmers Carry, 100m
    overhead Carry, 100m

    Cross Carry Walking Lunge, 50m
    Rack Carry, 50m
    Farmers Carry, 50m
    Rack Carry, 50m

    Around 24m AND 10 Sec

    ill be sore at Ju Jutsu tonite and Thursday night is hard core night..Im having a rest day tomorrow and Saturday…..
    Oh GREAT WORK JASON,And Thank YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR TODAY (sarcasim included)
    Ian D

  14. graeme said

    i might point out that Ian is a legend, he did an extra lot of squats right next to me in my ear to help get me get back over the line when i wasnt feeling it. Ian YOU are pretty much the only reason i made it back, THANKING YOU CHAMP

    PS: i think there is a little bit of inherent craziness to want to go to the cell at either 530am or 630am anyway, you fit in well mate

  15. Ash said

    For time:
    perform the following for time:
    Cross Carry Walking Lunge, 100m (2x 16kg KB)
    Rack Carry, 100m (2x 24kg KB)
    Farmers Carry, 100m (2x 24kg KB)
    Overhead Carry, 100m (2x 16kg KB)

    Cross Carry Walking Lunge, 50m (2x 16kg KB)
    Rack Carry, 50m (2x 24kg KB)
    Farmers Carry, 50m (2x 24kg KB)
    Overhead Carry, 50m (2x 16kg KB)

    Time: 21:08?? (Same as Rosa!)

    Good work by all at midday, especially Mike who did it as rx’d..

  16. MA said

    WOD for time
    double kb carry, 10kg, per above.


    This is up there with some of the best wod’s I’ve done with The Cell; it ticks all the boxes for me insofar as heavy work load, slow phases backed by opportunities to move fast, psychological challenge, and balanced upper+lower body work.
    Thanks very much coaches, I share the opinion of others, you should be commended for the thoughtful programming…

    Nice to train with the lads at 5pm, good energy, fast pace.

  17. Dave said

    I read somewhere that a quick way to judge the community of a gym youre thinking of joining is to see how many posts they get on their website from members. I did a quick browse around perth based crossfits and saw most avg 1-2 and we avg ~20

  18. yes dave we average 21 today

  19. F******G BOOM!!!!!!!!



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