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Monday 29 August 2011

Posted by The Coach on August 28th, 2011


5 rounds for time of:
Knees to Elbows, 21 reps
32kg American Kettlebell Swing, 12 reps
Run, 800m

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If you have lower back issues due to a lack of shoulder or thoracic spine mobility, or you know you have crappy shoulder or thoracic spine mobility, this is not the WOD to go hard and heavy on. When we take the arms overhead, as in the American Swing and we don’t have good shoulder or thoracic mobility, we compensate by arching (extending) at the lumbar spine. This places a lot of stress on the facet joints of the spine and can lead to inflammation of these joints. Stick to Russian Swings until you develop the necessary mobility to go overhead without the compensatory lumbar hyperextension. 

Video: Improving your junky trunk (thoracic mobility) with Kelly Starrett

Corbin - Yay burpees!



21 Responses to “Monday 29 August 2011”

  1. adrian said

    this is a chime in from not so sunny, but still warm, Phuket. We are seeing more of our athletes starting to suffer with sore lower backs from lumbar hyperextension. Don’t be upset or frustrated if you get told to perform a wod with a load that you think is beneath you. There has been some substantial strength gains on the Wendler programming and it is our job to help you to consolidate them. There is no point adding 40kg to your deadlift if you tweak your lower back during your warmup or a wod.
    Make improvements outside the gym. Follow and give your body some maintenance. There is not enough time during your workout to address all the mobility issues but we can identify them and give you fixes. Many aren’t short term but there are things that can be done to improve positioning for a workout.

    Until we get home

    Adrian and Storm

  2. storm said

    and well done to all who ran yesterday. the only result we know is Jase but we are sure you all aquitted yourselves well and did yourselves and The Cell proud


  3. Andrew said

    WU – 500m row, 3rd CFWU

    WOD – 5 rft of 21 x K2E, 12 x 32kg KB American Swing, 800m run


    K2E disintegrated rapidly by rd 3

  4. Okay so maybe I may be a convert…….Marathon time 3hrs 19 mins (sub 3:20) wooooo

    2nd finisher in Team Rio Tinto Western Australia and finished in overall position 111/862 …..

    Will verify today but I think I may have run a negative split (second half of the race faster than the first).

    This was my fastest time on this course, an improvement by 10 minutes. So what was different?

    Well I put on 3.5 kgs in the last 3 months (76kgs up to 79.5kg)
    My arse, thighs and chest are bigger
    I ran between 30 -40km a week about half my normal prep for a marathon
    I only had 2 big runs in training. They were 19km and 26 km and they were last weekend.

    It has to be Cross Fit, It’s the only defining changing training method I have turned to this year. Now not only did I run okay, I powered up hills, never walked, kept my average pace per Km steady

    First 7 kms around 5min

    Then I changed it up a gear to about 4mins 40 until the end. It never varied regardless of terrain. This is a combination of functional fitness and strategy. No hitting the wall, although I think I never have, this was enjoyable. I sprinted the last km passing about 10 people to ensure I got sub 3hrs 20 mins.

    I have to say I never have felt this good after a long distance event, I even managed a curry, 2 beers ,2 Long Macs and a chocolate cake last night and watch UFC Pay per view …what a life

    Yes Cross Fit does Work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Laila said

    Ian, that is AWESOME!!!!! Have to be honest, there were tears when I was reading your comment. What an amazing success story and how incredible is your focus, motivation & attitude!!! Gigantoid effort!!!! Hugely inspiring!!! 🙂

    As Storm & Adrian mentioned above, I have been contending with lower back soreness from lumbar hyperextension, a poor habit I believe I developed in my days as a gymnast. The symptoms have worsened over time and although I worked on mobility from time to time, I really didn’t take it seriously until I came across WODs I couldn’t complete or WODs that broke me. In combination with physio, consistant mobility exercises from mobilitywod guy (I’m in love with Kelly Starrett), lots and lots and lots of rest (nearly killed me) and most importantly stripping everything I do back to basics and experimenting by slowly introducing movement back to determine triggers, I’m seeing improvement every day. I am working very closely with my coaches and although the journey sometimes seems excruciatingly slow and is incredibly frustrating, some days there are wins. Today was a win!

    For those who know me well, I LOVE to run, yet one of the functional movements that has been compromised by my lower back issues was running. I approached today’s WOD with the intention of scaling to the rower if I felt any tightness in my glutes, hammies (which is where it usually starts) or lower back. First round…;NO PAIN!! NOTTA…NOTHING!!!! Second, third, fourth…Five rounds of 800m!!! No pain at all! Four weeks ago I couldn’t run 200m without hunching over in pain. My time today was sloooooowwwwww, but my focus was very much getting through each rep and each movement with strong, precise technique, keeping my core locked in to avoid the hyperextension in lower back. Stef, thank you for keeping a close eye on my form and progress. Outcome is WOD as Rx’d = 44:01min with zero pain. Could have taken me three hours for all I cared…am so happy to be running pain free. If there is ever a feeling I wish I could bottle and keep forever it’s this feeling! And to top it off, I broke my pull up PB today too…did 10 consecutive pull ups…twice!

    Many thanks to my coaches for caring so much. Your expertise, knowledge and attention to detail is highly valued and to my dear friends who I’m fortunate to train along side, I’m so grateful for your positivity and support.

    Lastly, welcome to Tasha & Robin. Well done on your first WOD today, a tough one to start on and you both did extremely well! It was a pleasure training with the 9:30am crew this morning…lots of hard work but lots of smiles! 🙂

    • misstbird said

      Laila 🙂 thanks so much! i was fun training with you this morning! And way to go breaking your pull up PB!!!!!!! I was amazed watching you finish the WOD as Rx’d, then to do pull ups!!! WOW. thanks for the encouragement and advice- i am very happy Stef chose to scale the WOD to what my body was CAPABLE of doing TODAY!!! Hope to train w you again soon 🙂

  6. Will F said

    Great work Ian, are you using the pose running technique as well?

    mobility, 2x cfwu, 500m row

    5 RFT of:
    K2C x 21
    16 KG American Swings x 12
    800m Run
    = 30.19

  7. Hey Will ,
    I dont think Im using the pose running technique as i dont know what that is ????

  8. Thanks Laila …next goal is to crack 3 hours in a 42 km on road marathon and crack sub 12 hr for 100km off road mountain ultra more crossfit.
    And let me tell you im in awe of your pull ups …My goal is to complete 5 ,the scourge of the runner no upper body strentgh

    • Laila said

      Nice goals! I witnessed a bunch of amazing athletes finish a 100k race not long ago. Mental strength is paramount and Ian, you’ve got that! Share your progress, I will be following closely and if my running progress continues, would love to join you in a long distance run some time.

  9. Carole said

    Great work Ian on your Marathon time. I think i caught a glimpse of you coming out of Kings Park heading down Kings Park Road but you were so quick i only managed a picture of you disappearing into the distance. 🙂

  10. graeme said

    laila, you are SOOOOOO awesome, cant wait to WOD together on wednesday morning

    ian, i have no doubt you will surely get those 5 PU sooner rather than later, if you can put your mind to running for 12 hours mate you can do anything

  11. Ksta said

    Stef, do you know this guy????


  12. Peter F said

    City to Surf yesterday, 12km in 1 hour and 17 seconds (5 min 1 sec per km). No pose running, just my own style.

    I was happy with the time. Comparing to 5 mins and 9 sec per km in the HBF run, better by 8 sec per km this time, complete with hills this time. It was a great event.

    Next years goal is to better the one hour in the 12 km or do the half marathon.

    Ian, Good work on the marathon, what a great achievement. Look forward to hear about your future successes.

    Great to hear your back is getting better Laila.

    Today WOD scaled to 24kg on the Kettlebells, 38 minutes. The K2E were tough and the running slow, but I finished.

  13. Dave said

    I’m fairly fortunate to train alongside you guys, hopefully won’t be long til I’m nearly as awesome.

  14. Graeme said

    Mondays lung busting Met-Con with the awesome 6:00pm crew, nice work all

    WOD – RXD scaled to 24 kg KB American swing

    Brought up the rear with 37:04
    Felt pretty average after no doubt !!!

  15. Jane said

    Well done Ian on the run – I did tell you crossfit works – it was my training method for the Ironman and didn’t let me down 🙂

    Pete well done on the 12km run too – you’ve improved so much

    Phil ran the 12km and did 56.45 which considering he did sweet FA on holiday is pretty good – I just need to get him to take CF more seriously and give up some of the running sessions he’s doing 🙂

    Laila – congrats on the pull ups awesome effort 🙂 you’re a superstar ****

    Todays WOD was deceptive and I really wasn’t feeling the love at 5.30am this morning as had a bit of a crappy weekend but managed to pull my head together before we started

    5 RFT of:
    K2E x 21
    24 KG Russian Swings x 12
    800m Run
    = 34.07

    Was happy with the K2E’s felt that I kept fairly good form throughout all 5 rounds, the skill work I’ve been doing which includes hanging off the bar has really helped I think

    did Russian swings as not attempted American with 24kg before and didn’t want it to come crashing down on my head!

    The run was ok, but I’ve ended up with some soreness in my achilles again which although is not as painful as Monday is still there so will probably need to get this looked at 😦

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