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Thursday 30 June 2011

Posted by The Coach on June 29th, 2011


3 rounds for time of:
Run 1km
10 Muscle Ups
100 Squats

If you have body armour or a 10kg weight vest, wear it.

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17 Responses to “Thursday 30 June 2011”

  1. Laila said

    How massive are Raj’s triceps???? 🙂

  2. graeme said

    how massive is that look !

  3. Laila said

    Don’t mess with “the Raj”! 🙂

    Hey Batty, you playing in the morning sesh tomorrow…5:30am??? *bads eyelids and cheekily grins* Go on!!

  4. Laila said

    oops…meant to be bats eyelids

  5. Raj said

    hahaha GRRRR LAILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dave said

    scaled to 400m run, muscleup progressions, 50 squats

  7. Ash said

    Yo Storm,
    Don’t let Jade scale to much, she’s a lot tougher that she looks!! Wish i was home for this one!

  8. Laila said

    This morning’s WOD broke me. It’s a lesson for me…no dinner the night before and 3 hours sleep two nights in a row is not conducive to strong training. Mentally I felt strong, physically, my body didn’t want to play the game. I was all geared up to wear a weighted vest…thanks Stef for keepin’ it real for me. What was I thinking? Coach always knows best 🙂

    WOD: “Luce”

    1st Round:
    1km run
    10 jumping muscle ups
    100 squats

    2nd Round:
    1km row (swapped to row, back got tight on run)
    10 jumping muscle ups
    100 squats

    3rd Round:
    1km row (swapped to row, back got tight on run)
    10 jumping muscle ups
    100 squats

    Time: 39:27min…very disappointing

    Thanks for the extra time to finish too, Stef.

    Awesome work Ian, we shall call you “Bullseye” from now on…you run like the wind!! 🙂

  9. graeme said

    miss training with you laila, you are a gun!

  10. Ian D said

    Man this cross fit stuff is addictive…..This is my fourth week and im hooked.

    Today 3rds for time
    1km run
    10 progressive muscle ups
    100 squats

    I think it was around 28mins 30 secs ????

    Feeling great.
    Laila i think you raised a great point about sleep.Its not only the amount of sleep but the quality also.This is an area I specialise in with the mining industry.On average we need 7 – 8 hrs sleep.Current studies show Australians only get 6hrs , therefore affecting productivity ,exercise and wellbeing.reduced sleeping hours has been linked to obesity and,cancer and heart conditions.If you would like more information email at .I have also sent Jason and Stef some information on this.


  11. Laila said

    Graeme, text me your schedule next week…let’s see if we can synchronize a sesh…0412 593 042. Then we can play!! 🙂

    Ian (Bullseye) Dunican…you’re a legend! I remember coming across sleep deprivation research in my studies and the long term effects it can have on our performance and more importantly health. I have been caught up in life for the past couple of weeks and when I can’t fit everything in my day the compromise is less sleep. Not a good trade-off as I found this morning. I will email you for more info…you’re awesome!

  12. Travis said

    WOD: “Luce”

    1st Round:
    1.6km run (my mind wasn’t on the ball, accidentally ran the 1 mile loop)
    10 jumping muscle ups
    100 squats

    2nd Round:
    1km row
    10 jumping muscle ups
    100 squats

    3rd Round:
    1km row
    10 jumping muscle ups
    100 squats

    Time: 39:30ish

    I’m happy with this time, was focusing on running technique more than anything and felt comfortable through all of the runs.

  13. Warm up:
    1000m row
    Mobility drills
    3 rounds of:
    10 strict pull ups
    10 HSPU with 1 x ambit
    10 GHD sit ups
    10 Hip ext
    10 bar dips with 12.15kg DB
    10 OHS with 20kg bar

    Power clean

    10-7-4 reps @ 40kg

    For time of:
    10-7-4 reps of:
    70kg front squat
    15-10-6 reps of:
    32kg American swing
    20-15-10 reps of:
    24″ Box jump
    TIME = 5.50min

    50 Tarzan pull ups

    *Ian, you truly are a legend!!



  14. The Cell said

    WOD – As RXD
    3 Rounds -1000m run, 10 muscle ups, 100 squats

    23 ring MU + 7 Bar MU – 48.50

    so stoked, As RXD with MU – BAM !!!!


    Oh and special mention – Matty As RXD 46.20

    so do your first MU ever and then nail 30 in a WOD – love your work Matty G

  15. Laila said

    OMG! What’s in the water??? Phenomenal effort from both of you! Batty – you’re mintox! And Matty…really??…first one ever tonight and then 29 more to follow it up??? MIndblowing!!! And a little freakish! Not that I’m saying you’re a freak 😉
    Very inspiring both of you! 🙂

  16. michelle said

    Laila, it was the power of having Raj in the photo of the day 😉

  17. Bliss said

    Nice work Matt and Batty. 🙂

    It was impressive to watch. Well done.

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