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Monday 30 May 2011

Posted by The Coach on May 29th, 2011

Met Con Monday

Air Squat, 100 reps
Mountain Climber, 90 reps
24kg Kettlebell Swing, 80 reps
Push Up, 70 reps
Pull Up, 60 reps
24kg, Kettlebell Snatch, 50 reps
10kg Wall Ball Shot, 40 reps
Row, 30 calories
Burpee, 20 reps
60kg Power Clean, 10 reps

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26 Responses to “Monday 30 May 2011”

  1. Graeme said

    Nice, bring this on!

  2. Storm said

    The man the myth the legend ‘MacGyver’.

    I am back an in touch with technology YEH a big thank you to our supporters while we were in Sydney, Biljana, NiK, Rod, Mary-Anne and Miles. Thank You very much it was so great to have you all there.

    I do believe that Fiona Muxlow missed her plane back to QLD as she was watching our last team event….MINT.

    I am sorry that the updates were practically non existant from me but I was having a great time as well as having technical issues. I did take around 1300ish photos of all our guys so as soon as I finish putting them the right way up and in a good order they will go up.

    See you all soon.

    Also a quick mention I will be competing at the WA Champs OLY Lifting this Sunday. It is being held at Southern Crossfit in Willeton I am not sure of the time it starts but will post that when I find out. If anybody has a free few hours on Sunday get yourselves down and have a look at the competition it should be great there are some great lifters in WA.


  3. Great weekend! Very tough weekend, on many levels… Very busy weekend and draining weekend!

    The events were tough!

    Thank you to everyone for their support, it helps knowing there are people back home who sincerely care and support those who are giving it their best…

    Thank you and look forward to training with you all soon.



  4. Jane said

    Great to have you back Storm & Stef and enjoyed the updates although it would have been great to watch it live !!!!

    Thought you all did fab 🙂

    Will definitely come on Sunday

  5. Ash said

    WOD as rx’d (except 16kg Snatches)

    time: Same as Bliss.

  6. Ksta said

    So fast and just before Mike finished??

  7. Mary-Anne said

    A warm congratualtions to our team. Inspirational.
    Our althelets worked so hard…to sweat & blood (& the occasional vomit).

    Please try to make it to the Oly Lift comp to support Storm & ors. Its also a great learning experience if you enjoy the strength/lift aspect of crossfit. Sorry I wont be there Storm. Hit the PBs xx.

  8. Laila said

    WOD – As Rx’d = 34:32min

    Pull ups slowed me down. Reps broken up to start with in 6/5/5/3/3 then in 2’s and then the last ten reps were singles. Had to repeat a few failed reps.

    Don, was a pleasure meeting you tonight. Gave it a red hot go trying to catch your arse 😉 Lost you at the push ups. I blinked and you were done. Phenomenal effort! Nice commitment to the WOD!! and thanks for the encouragement…it was a huge help! 🙂 Welcome to the Cell!

  9. Graeme said

    Don mate, you gonna do some damage here at the cell, phenomenal effort
    Laila, inspirational effort also

    WOD As RXD 34:10

  10. Storm said

    Wod As RXD with the 12pm legends = 31.56
    Plus snatch practise in the afternoon.

    Bliss and Ash awesome as usual with Bliss scaling up by doing the burpees in the rain I will not mention the other thing wink wink.
    I think the new rule is, if you are in the building Mike and do not do the WOD it is a DNF and Bliss wins.

    Big Well Done to our gorgeous Rosa who got all her pull-ups done with no band in sight.

    Tough Wod exspecially after the weekend Bliss and I thought Rod had lost his marbles when he tried to encourage us to do the WOD again in the afternoon with him. Took no thought NO NO and NO.

    Thank you to everyone for your well wishes.


  11. Daniel said

    WOD scaled 16kg KB,BB pull ups 7kg wall ball,42.5kg power cleans
    38:41 minutes
    Damn hard wod for me lugging around 113kgs(body weight exercises suck = P), but happy i made it. Well done to the rest of the 5pm class, some huge efforts, especially the Crossfit games participants backing up from Sydney.One day soon i might be able to do a Wod as rx’d

  12. Bliss said

    Stormer I am with you…Mike you can consider today a loss. 🙂

    This WOD completely messed with me. I haven’t felt that bad in a VERY long time. I am blaming F-J for passing on his cough and sickness. YUK!

    Rosa you are a legend!

    Rod I have been thinking about your offer of doing the WOD again today…I was tempted. If I didn’t have a ballet pickup, I would have done it. 😉

  13. michael munro said

    34:02 wanted to go faster just muscle fatigue wouldn’t allow,was i right by mountain climbers being side to side pull ups under a bar?

  14. Laila said

    Ouch Michael! That would of been hard work!! Mountain climbers are when you put your hands on the ground (like starting a sprint race) then bring your feet in towards your chest one at a time (foot touches and shoots back out, alternating with other foot) Bit like a running man with your hands on the ground. Each time your draw one foot in, it’s a rep.

  15. Laila said

    Mountain climbers:

  16. Jane said

    Decided to give this a crack as Rxd !!!!

    A breeze through the first 4 movements and onto the pull up bar in 7mins 10secs – then I got off the pull up bar at about 28mins 😦 – snatches were tough and so were wall balls, powered through row and burpees only to come unstuck on another nemisis of mine the power clean – Storm advised dropping weight to 35kg so did this and finished in 34mins 01secs

    Rosa well done on the unassisted pull ups – fab job 🙂

    Only a small list of things to work on now:

    kipping pull ups
    all olympic lifts
    muscle ups

    have a year before the next CF games to “up my game” 🙂

  17. Anthony said

    Awesome work everyone at the games. You have done us all proud. congratulations on a top effort!!!!


  18. michelle said

    Awesome work, Jane and Rosa!! Jane, your list of things to work on before next year’s games is significantly shorter than mine 🙂

    Stormer, I will be there on Sunday to cheer you on

    …… and (drumroll please)

    I will hopefully be back at the Cell training from Monday 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Jane said


    Great news that you will be back training next week 🙂 🙂

    I’ll see you on Sunday too as I’m coming along too

    Also everyone, while there are a few of you who have posted Phil & I are looking at ordering grass fed beef BUT you have to order 1 whole side about 50-60kg of meat and while I eat a lot of meat I couldn’t put that in my freezer 😦 it works out I believe around $15-17 a kg and they split it up into the various cuts.

    I’m happy to organise, pay and sort this out, and am looking for others to commit to buying some of the meat – can you let me know if you are interested so I can get this organised – it takes approx 2 wks from ordering to delivery

  20. graeme said

    Hey Micheel, thats really excellent news
    look forward to seeing you back

  21. michelle said

    Jane – count me in for the beef.

  22. dave said

    I might be interested Jane depending on the amount – I have a very small freezer. How many ways were you looking at splitting it?

  23. Jane said

    Hi Dave

    As much or as little as you would like – I want to be able to stock up my freezer but am sure that 50-60kg of meat is way too much to store – I just need to know that I can share the weight & cost with others 🙂

  24. The Cell said

    Where are you getting it from Jane??

    I would be keen on 10kgs or so.

    Jase 🙂

  25. Jane said

    I was looking at either:

    Dandaragan Organic Beef
    Moore River Premium Beef

    But I leaning towards Dandaragan 🙂

  26. michelle said

    Dandaragan is good – I’d be up for 10kg 🙂

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