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Thursday 05 May 2011

Posted by The Coach on May 4th, 2011

Power Clean
3 x 3 reps

Post loads to comments


For time:
Body Weight Deadlift, 26 reps
15′ Rope Climb, 1 ascent
24kg KB Snatch, 19 reps each arm
Chest to Bar Pull Up, 47 reps

Post time to comments

Today’s WOD is named after a legend of The Cell, Rod Kantor. At 64 years of age and despite a couple of knees that have seen better days, Rod is at The Cell several times a week smashing out a WOD right alongside those many years his junior. You never hear Rod complain, unless it’s about chalk, nor has he ever said can’t. It’s just not in his vocabulary. Rod can often be found at Cell events either competing or cheering on fellow Cell mates and never ceases to amaze everyone with his energy and enthusiasm. Rod well and truly deserves the recognition of a Cell benchmark WOD named in his honour. We hope you love “Rod” as much as we all love the man.



21 Responses to “Thursday 05 May 2011”

  1. michelle said

    Yay for Rod!! You are too awesome for words. Wish I was fit enough to be tackling this WOD in your honour, but rest assured it will be one of the first I do when my knee is healed 🙂

  2. The Cell said

    I love you my friend… An inspiration beyond words…



  3. graeme said

    rod, like i have said many times, you rock young man!

    the world would be a better place if there were more people like you in it.

    whenever it gets tough or im doubting myself, i look over and see you going about your business

    i am humbled to training with you

  4. Nick D said

    you’re a legend mate, hope im as fit as you at yourage! 33 right? 😉

    thanks for the great pressie…HAHA

  5. graeme said

    i would love to see your “boi-age” rod

  6. graeme said

    that should say bio – age …. sorry

  7. Dave said

    Is Rod born 26 1st 1947 by chance? Just noticed the reps is all.

  8. The Cell said

    BAM! Dave you are the man! He sure is!

    An awesome Cell benchmark WOD! To rival any bench mark WODS!



  9. adrian said

    Stef got it out first on Wednesday, but I got to complete it with the great man himself. Awesome wod for an awesome bloke. He would like a modification so there could be Rod MkII in the future.

    Stef set the time to beat, and having done it now, it is an outstanding time.

  10. The Cell said

    Rod doesn’t get to dictate modifications to his own benchmark WOD! Jeez, the cheek 😉 hehehe

    I still think we shoulda thrown in Rhodesian Deadlifts 😉

    You’re an absolute legend Rod and a total gentleman with it. Love your work mate.

    Jase 🙂

  11. Joe said

    Rod, you are Da MAN! Always amazing, always positive and always there with a smile and a hand to shake. Love your work Rod! WOD looks amazing!

  12. Bliss said

    Rod you are a remarkable man. I look forward to doing this WOD and hopefully doing you and it proud.

    In the truest sense, you are an inspiration. Thank you Rod. 🙂

  13. Dave said

    3×3 powercleans (31.5kg last set, PR lol)

    26x half BW deadlifts
    19 x kettlebell snatches (because only cool people do wods in the wrong order)
    5 x mini rope climbs
    47 x combination of band pullups and ring rows

    I’m glad Rod wasn’t born in the 80’s, that’d be a lot of pullups 😛

  14. Jason R said

    I’m just glad he wasn’t born in December!

    WOD: As Rxd
    In the spirit on the man it was named after I gave it my all, but was unable to dethrone Stef
    Great WOD! Enjoy.

  15. Laila said

    Kantor the Great! It’s a privalege to train with you Rod, you generate the most amazing peace and calm. Respect and love to you!

  16. Jane said

    Enjoyed this workout this morning – channelled Rod to help me with the pullups – it worked 🙂

    26 x 60kg DL
    1 x rope climb
    19 each x 12kg KB snatches
    47 x pull ups – chin over bar – all unassisted & kipping 🙂

    I fly out tonight so won’t get to see you guys for a couple of weeks will be trying to keep up training while I’m away but unfortunately no CF box near where I am so standard gym doing non-standard training

  17. Laila said

    W/up: 1000m row

    Pull ups (RB), 25 reps
    Deadlifts 45kg, 50 reps
    Push ups, 50 reps
    Box Jumps 24″, 50 reps
    Floor Wiper 45kg, 50 reps
    KB Clean & Press 12kg, 50 reps
    Pull ups (RB), 25 reps

    Time = 23:14

    Good times! 🙂

  18. The Cell said

    Do not limit yourself to training that does not fit your mould of sound training!

    Be creative Jane and drop us an email if you have any questions. Travel safe!



  19. Biljana said

    Rod – You are so inspirational – a pleasure to train with you! 🙂

  20. The Cell said

    “Rod” as Rx’d

    Knocked out the first 3 movements in 3.40 then came to a screeching halt on the pull ups.

    Great WOD for a great man.

    Jase 🙂

  21. Lenny said

    PROUD he is my uncle 😀 !! now ill now how ill look at 64 😛 we have the sma body type 😀

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