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Thursday 21 April 2011

Posted by The Coach on April 20th, 2011

Power Clean
3 x 3 reps

Post loads to comments

“The Cell KB Complex”
With a 24kg Kettlebell perform 5 reps for time where 1 rep =
Slasher to Halo x 10
Deck Squat x 5
Swing x 10
Snatch x 5/5
Clean and Press x 5/5

Post time to comments

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49 Responses to “Thursday 21 April 2011”

  1. Pete Yeates said

    For anyone interested joining Pete G, Jono, and myself for an early morning WOD, be at John Graham Recreation Reserve, Woodman Point (Meet in the carpark at the end of Nyyerbup Circle) 6AM Friday 22nd April.

    We will be doing some training of running form, followed by a WOD:

    2 minutes at each station with 1 minute rest between, x 2-3 rounds.
    Heavy rope flicks, Sandbag shouldering, Jump ups to small wall, KB swings, Medicine ball slams, Plus others especially if there are monkey bars.

  2. Anthony said

    Happy Birthday Jas!!!! Have a great day mate!!!!

    Really enjoyed KB complex this morning. Thanks Stef and fellow 5.30 crew!!

    Have a good safe break everyone.
    mmmmmmmmm chocolate 🙂

    Anth 🙂

  3. Stef said

    What a great morning!

    Now what made it better was the banter. The 6.30am crew are set to hold up fort knox against any intruders… I thought the midday crew were possessive and ‘patriotic’ of their time slot.. NO siree! The morning crew have delightfully invited and challenged any other time slots for official time slot glory.

    I am actually fearfull to even mention the nasties that were being thrown around by Adam P (2 months off training and first week back), Jason R (Has a beard and just had a birthday) and FJ (All round animal).

    Well, well looks like the gauntlet has been laid down for all those to conquer…

    Only those with a powerful and vested faith in CROM and the essence of Conan may survive…

    I believe there may be a clash of powers here, but he will be victor??? There are some power houses in the afternoon crew, some demons in the morning crew and the determination of the midday crew is perhaps second to none…

    BA BOOM!!!



  4. Jono said

    It’s on like Donkey Kong !

  5. The Cell said


    The pride, the glory, the stubbornness..

    We are all one people, we are all one. Your alliance is purely to me, your King of CROM… HAHA!!!



  6. The Cell said

    I want to make it clear, I did not start the fire, its been always burning…



  7. The Cell said

    Even Billy Joel knows this..

  8. Jason R said

    Before Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile in 1954, it was considered physically impossible for a human being to run that fast for that long. In the the two years following Banister’s monumental run this feat was repeated 6 times. The current wold reord is 3:43.13
    Once you have been shown what is possible, the mental barriers are removed all that remains is for you to give your all.
    Where would the lunch time and afternoon athletes be with out the morning crew showing them what was possible?
    A grey hound race without a rabbit, would just be a bunch a fit looking dogs standing around sniffing one anothers butts!

    If your not a “Day Breaker” then your just another John Landy?

  9. Storm said

    An idea has been discussed for some time and I think it is now time for me to put it out there……

    A Timeslot Team Slapdown.
    I know I can speak for the Lunch Timeslot Team and the gauntlet has now officially been thrown down to the AM and PM Timeslots.

    Like Jono said, “On like Donkey Kong”. Who is interested in competing as a Team for their Timeslot Honour? (Which is code for ‘put up or s@#T up’)

    Rules to estblish your timeslot;
    If there is a discrepancy over where you belong it will come down to the most classes you have done in a timeslot over a 12 month period (or the full period you have been trianing at The Cell if that is less or you have been absent for more than 3 months).

    The reason for this rule is we seem to have a couple of happy wanderers who flit from timeslot to timeslot as opposed to those who have never deviated until recently and were regarded as Urban Legends as they had never been seen or met by other timeslot athletes. Example Peter Yeates ‘AM’ and Michael Willey ‘Lunch’.

    Let the banter begin.

  10. michelle said

    That Billy Joel reference made my day….. 🙂

    As someone who started at the Cell as a true member of the am crew, has recently crossed over to the dark side of the pm crew, and has, on one or two ocassions, flirted with the lunchtime crew, I just have this to say:

    The AM CREW are by far the most hardcore group of athletes at the Cell. They win, hands down.

    Enough said.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Storm said

    Gold Michelle

    Anybody else got anything to say or are you just going to be bitch slapped by the AM crew.


  12. Elle & Dan said

    You got it Michelle & Storm!!

    The Am crew are up for anything first thing in the morning and know they can do it again at Lunch, and then the Avo….

    We’re always ready…..


    🙂 🙂

  13. Storm said

    Still not hearing anything but tummbleweeds from the Lunch or PM crew only crowing from the AM crew…………

  14. Mary-Anne said

    Ok, Im a training crew hussy (sounds worse than it is??), better known as a networker?? hehee
    Based on the rules though, thinking I’m in the AM crew.
    **crickets…..breeze….more tumbleweed

  15. The Cell said

    Big P is in the house…….

    He is not willing to say much except
    “funny how that now that summer is over the AM crew start getting lippy”


  16. Laila said

    I’m in! I’m with the 5:30am’ers… I don’t want to scare anyone, but the morning peeps are hard core! We’re so hard, we eat concrete for breakfast! We’re so hard, babies take one look at us and cry with fear (particularly Pete G…he’s so hard he makes himself cry). We’re so hard, we stand in front of the tyre and it flips itself! Bring it!

    Disclaimer: I will NEVER, not ever, under any circumstances, show faith or loyalty to such ludicrous ideology as CROM or Conan. For it is clear and science is my witness, that both are fictitious and insubstantial.

  17. The Cell said

    This could get interesting.

    I reckon the AM crew could have the goods just through sheer consistency in training. Not too many of those guys miss a sesh. Plus there’s one or two there whose psychological makeup could be of huge benefit (read: they’re fckn nutters! 😛 )

    The lunchtime crew; they may or may not turn up and they may or may not be carrying 6-packs and jars of Metsal for the warm up.

    The PM crew; well they get the best of the best when it comes to coaching 😉 and although there’s some firebreathers amongst them, there’s a bit of inconsistency there. Afternoon is the toughest time to train in terms of consistency. Shit just comes up. Unfortunately though it reflects in results.

    I reckon it should be AM -vs- PM -vs- Lunch -vs- Coaches. Each crew designs a WOD. BAM!!! 😛

    BTW Elle, what crew are you gonna belong to? We don’t have a 5.40am or 6.40am class 😉


  18. Paul said

    ambrose style WOD 5rft
    20x pull ups- Mike
    20x tyre flips- me
    800m 25kg sand bag carry- Ash
    5million(read 100) double unders- Bliss

  19. Joe said

    Just jumped into read comments and to stir a little more;
    *Jason R – You should be motovational speaking – FANTASTIC!
    *Storm – Love the reference to bitch slapping, and fuelling the fire
    *Laila/Lydia/Non-Believer – some day you will come to the light, some day. I love the amount of energy your using to combat the inevitable that you will see the light. You will continue to find support and love of Conan most. This morning is just the begining.
    *Stef – Loyalty and Unity will Conquer
    Jase – WOW, BAM/BAM!
    Roll on the AM’ers, the others may just be rolling out of bed! Cherp, Cherp!

  20. Adam Piller said

    thats it! no more time off.
    training starts again now!
    place and time…

  21. The Cell said


    Bliss helloooo???

    Ok, I like Jase’s idea! Quality! This will happen, I believe we should formalise this, but need more input from the Midday and PM crew…

    Helloooo, anyone from the midday crew? Mike, I know you are never shy for a word…

    Elle can have her own category! GOLD!



  22. adrian said

    the problem with Elle having her own category is that she normally makes another pretty good athlete late as well just so he has his own time slot.
    So does that make it AM vs PM vs MIDDAY vs COACHES vs THE JACKSONS???

    Dan just might beat us everyone by himself………….

  23. The Cell said

    Elle and Dan would crush the Ab King Pro category! 😉

    You know we have to get one! hahahahaha


  24. Luke Beverley said

    Paul you forgot to add
    30 boxjumps – Luke

  25. The Cell said

    BEVO is in!



    This is going to be nearly as good as when Conan stopped turning the wheel of death and realised his life’s purpose!


  26. The Cell said

    Luke, you will be the first one out, but how will that play out???



  27. Paul said

    sorry Luke your in another star for lunchtime

  28. Vicki said

    OK, I can end this right now.
    QUESTION: What time did and do the pregnant Cell chicks, past and present, train?
    Why… tht would be the MORNING. WHY????? Because that’s what the super cool and MOSTEST EVER hardcores train.
    The rest are just wannabees.
    And the am crew have always been lippy – they just don’t *wear* it like the rest of the daisies that need their warm beds and a sleep in…
    BESIDES, last week I was finishing my second MORNING training session of the day, and what so I see? A “late” crew, coming in to train, but what did they all do before they began? Why, they had a cup of tea. Seriously. Tea.

  29. Rhys said

    I personally enjoy the PM time slot because you never know who your going to train with, and you get to bump people off their perch without them knowing. Some of us also train in the morning, I do teeth brushing for time, shaving for time, breakfast for time, and an AMRAP of yawns.

  30. Anthony said


    it is Conan that set the Earth on its axis, turning forever more.
    I have video proof!

    Anth 🙂

    Have to say AM all the way 🙂

  31. Storm said

    My oh My….this is getting interesting i cant wait to see the carnage.

    Happy Days, blisters tears bumps bruises rope burns tight muscles all happen when the timeslots clash….Yippee

    Oh I forgot sledging as well.


  32. Ash said

    Midday Time Slot would gladly except any challenge, and would be happy to sit waiting for FJ to finish after he gasses himself in the first Round…

    AM/PM Crew wouldn’t know what hit them!

    Saying that, i’m away for another 19 Days….

  33. Lisa said

    So where are the 11.15’ers fitting in? I think we’re technically AM’ers? I’m to precious to tackle traffic from & to Scarbs to get to the super early classes, plus I get up sub 5AM when I’m onsite so on R&R the sun HAS to be up before I get up!!
    GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!
    **Rhys- love your yawn AMRAP!!!

  34. The Cell said


    11.15’ers are part of the lunch crew. Nice try attempting to distance yourself from Bliss, Mike, Big P, Ash and cohorts. I don’t blame you but you’re stuck with em! 😛


  35. The Cell said

    Now that all parties have piped up, it is time I, on behalf of the coaches say the following:…

    Coaches of The Cell should we even play with these young children? Sure some of them are exceptional athletes, infact all of them have the heart of a lion, BUT do we really want to shame them…???

    BA>>>>>>> F*****G BAM!!!!!!!!




    …It has begun….

  36. The Cell said

    Maybe the coaches could be a part of the team they coach the most. IE Stef could team with the AM crew, Kate and Adrian; Lunch and Storm and I the PM crew.

    Bring it MOFO’s!!


    Jase 😉

  37. The Cell said

    Choose your words carefully Persian (Jason) for they may be your last… My ancestory stems from Sparta, a warrior breed like no other. And Conan is the ancestor of Spartans. Do you really want to tread this path friend???…



  38. Laila said

    AM crew will gladly have Spartan Stef (SS)! Batter up!

  39. Jono said

    I will gladly follow Spartan Stef into battle. AM crew will NEVER RETREAT & NEVER SURRENDER! It’s Spartan law.

  40. Amith said

    Me thinks i’m a closet PM’er, I liken it to business/first class travel compared to the cattle class that AM sess is ;-o defo prefer training in the arvo just more with it. Unfortunately I haven’t made qantas club gold so will have to train with the cattle class AM’er.

    To make it interesting The Throw down, Gauntlet, Challenge should see each athlete perform the challenge in their opponents sess. (ie if you’re an AM’er you do the challenge in the PM & vice/versa.

    The midday rabble could do the challenge either AM/PM whatever your schedule allows you. Its prob a bit of a stuff around but should make for some interesting results…

  41. Adam Piller said

    This is gunna be unreal!

  42. The Cell said

    Its going to be bigger than when Conan destroyed 23 mere mortals with only a few consecutive swings of his awe inspiring powerful battle tool…


  43. Joe said

    Jase that’s the best handball I have ever seen, although it will be your downfall my friend! March on am’ers!

  44. adrian said


    nominate a date then we can sort the logistics from there. It won’t matter who goes where or on whose team, but whatever team has Stef will spend more time discussing the wod or the performance there of and where it fits vis a vis the greater universe and all that is Conan. I even used Stef grammar on that one.

    Crew organise teams. Don’t not participate because you are scared about the workouts. I am sure that however the workouts are organised they will cater for all. This is a slap down not a smack down. Therefore alcohol is acceptable and there is fun and frivolity to go with it.

    Bring it folks.

    BTW If I must go with the lunch time crew I will happily throw my lot in with them.

    Kate? Kate? Where are you??????????

  45. adrian said

    Maybe even a commemorative trophy??

    Suggestions anyone??

  46. adrian said

    Storm would like to remind everyone that there is only one coach who has a god like name.

    Gladiators, are you ready??

  47. Laila said

    A commemorative trophy?? – what about a replica of Conan’s wheel (the one he ridiculously pushed for 23 YEARS)??

  48. Vicki said

    Perhaps a Conan figurine mounted on a plaque with little brass plates. Make it annual, and we can attatch little brass plates which will invariably be engraved with the winning team “a.m.”
    Figurine here:
    There are many conans to be found!

  49. Vicki said

    WAIT! Here for Conan!
    Stef, when’s your birthday???? LOL.

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