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HBF Run for a Reason

Posted by The Coach on April 12th, 2011


Sunday 22nd May 2011

Everybody has a reason to run, walk, jog or stroll in the 2011 HBF Run for a Reason, presented by The West Australian. You might want to keep fit and healthy, achieve your personal best, challenge yourself or your friends, or raise money for your choice of six fantastic WA charities. In 2011, they’ve have added a new reason – you can enter to support your choice of North or South of the river. Celebrate Perth’s friendly rivalry and see which side comes out on top!

There are two categories to choose from:
The Act-Belong-Commit 4.5km event: Walk or run along this scenic course, which will take you on a journey through East Perth, around Gloucester Park, before a grand finish in the middle of the WACA.

The Act-Belong-Commit 14km event: With more ground to cover, the 14km event takes you along the beautiful Riverside Drive, onto the Mitchell Freeway and then to the Graham Farmer Freeway, where you get the chance to run through the Northbridge Tunnel. The course carries past Burswood Casino before coming into the home straight, taking the Causeway into the WACA grounds.

Here’s how to join The Cell Team
1. Go here. Select ‘team entry’ when prompted for the entry type.
2. Search for your team name that has been registered by your Team Captain (Jase).
3. Enter your details.
4. Pay the entry fee.
5. After clicking the finish button, you will be directed to your summary page. From here there are links to the fundraising system north and south. Click on the south link as we are fundraising for the south.
6. Complete the fundraising enrolment form and choose to join a team.
7. Make sure you join the right team so that we can all fundraise together!
8. Start fundraising!!
9. Wear your Cell tee on the day! If you don’t have one, see Jase for a special HBF Run for a Reason Cell Team discount.

Online registration closes for all team participants  13/05/2011 at 5:00pm (WA time).


21 Responses to “HBF Run for a Reason”

  1. Laila said

    Argh!!! The tunnel!!! First heights, now confined spaces…I will get my head around it and definitely be there 🙂

  2. Jase said

    But your made for tunneling Laila! 😉


  3. Pete Yeates said

    I’ll be there 🙂

    A word of caution: If you don’t want to have to walk at the start until the first kilometre nominate for Group A. If you are not quite up to that pace – still nominate for Group A and run the first 2k’s like you are meant to be there, and then slow to your cruise pace. This way you won’t be caught in the crowds having to walk for the first couple of K’s.

  4. Ash said

    Me and Jade are in it. Me 14km, Jade 4.5km!

  5. Elliot said

    Im In…14k… CELL.COM yeow!

  6. Bliss said

    Hey Luke, you are doing the 14km with Elliot, aren’t you? 🙂

  7. luke F-J said

    Im in 14k, it is.

  8. Jodie said

    I’ve bitten the bullet and am doing the run! Only the 4.5k but I’m still doing it….God, what am I thinking???

  9. The Cell said

    Great stuff Jodie!

    Come on people. We only have 7 registered so far. We have over 85 members so would love at least 40% participation. That’s about 35 people. Easy! It’s not expensive and you can walk 4.5kms if you want to, although I’d expect most of our members to CRUSH that distance! Get involved, have some fun and hang out with your Cell mates.

    I’m doing it and I’ll be about a week post hand surgery. If you’re suffering Excusitis, get over it! There are NO EXCUSES!! If you have 2 feet and a heart beat, you can do this.

    Register today…..

    Jase 🙂

  10. michelle said

    I’m hoping to be able to walk the 4.5km by then and would love a walking buddy if someone wants to join me! 🙂

  11. Anthony said

    count me in Jase! I haven’t really run much since the back injury but I will start running again today!!
    I will run / walk / run / walk the 14k course. It will be a slow jog so if anyone wants to cruise along with me that would be great. I have nominated start C. 🙂
    Tereena, our boys and possibly our friend Kerry are doing the 4.5km run / walk. 🙂

  12. Jase said

    Great stuff Anth and family!!


  13. Biljana said

    Nikkolas is registered for the 14km…Joined The Cell Team but running for the NORTH!! hahaha Don’t even ask about me …I’m thinking about walking the 4.5km with Michelle…thinking…thinking…. 😀

  14. Nikk said

    Will be doing the 14km run for the NORTH..

    First training run today =8km
    Time: 39min 30 sec

    Looking forward to the actual run, hoping to finish in under 1hr and 15mins 🙂

  15. Joe said

    HBF Run for a Reason 14’er BABY!

    14k run from the WACA to the freeway to the tunnel to Ascot Races under the Windam Bridge along the river past Burswood to the causeway back to finish on the WACA pitch.

    Time 1:35 minutes – completely blown away with my time and the way I felt the whole run.

    Suffering from General Soreness and some serious chaffing. But feeling GREAT! THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH!

    Congrats to everyone running on The Cell team today!

  16. Ash said

    I’m hearing ya with the chaffing!
    1:11 so was stoked seeing i hadn’t run for ages!
    Beautiful day for it!!

  17. Carol F said

    I am posting for Pete ‘cos I am seriously chuffed with his time 1:14 and he thought he might be able to do 1:30.
    Yay Pete!

  18. Michele said

    Had to pull out of run cause of child sport committments:-( did however run to cottesloe yesterday out of guilt( 15k) 1hr 30. I’d like to be happy with that given I’ve never run that far!! Jase I think is giving me the silent treatment:-)

  19. Ash said

    FJ, pls explain the 7th post???

  20. luke F-J said

    That was before i knew i was gonna be doing the games, and didnt think doing a 14km run was a good way to train.

  21. Ash said

    fair call mate! I was looking for u at the start line!

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