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Monday 28 March 2011

Posted by The Coach on March 27th, 2011

As many rounds as possible in 30 mins of:
180kg Tyre Flip, 10 reps
12lb Sledgehammer Strike, 10 reps
15′ Rope Climb, 1 ascent
24kg American Kettlebell Swing, 10 reps
Bear Crawl, 20m

Post rounds to comments

Grading Day


16 Responses to “Monday 28 March 2011”

  1. Enz said

    Week 10 – Final Session

    Was our final session for my Under 15 Soccer boys. We started our pre-season at The Cell back in late January and 10 weeks have already passed by!

    Through the 10 weeks I’ve watched the boys start out with poor technique, weak cores and some with a weak mental attitude. They’ve improved under the guidance of Stef, Jason and Storm and its been awe inspiring to see how these young men have pushed themselves through the mental barrier that says “give up” or “you cant do that!” and have their team mates encourage and push them to finish their WOD.

    Besides getting fit in the preseason, I’ve focused a lot of our team talks and half time chats around what they’ve done at The Cell and how it can relate to their game day.

    How pushing through the last few minutes in a game when they’re tired is in NO comparison to how they pushed and succeeded through the last few minutes of a WOD. Or how looking at something like scaling the rope climb like monkeys was just ridiculous, especially those who were afraid of heights but then having conquered their fear and get up and down as many times as they like thanks to Storm’s Coaching. How important “technique” is when push pressing/dead lifting on a ‘light’ weight, just like passing a ball between two team mates, and then re-iterating the correct technique when things are heavier or when passing a ball is done under pressure!

    All of the things the boys have done at The Cell has helped them physically and mentally through their preseason on the pitch. I had no concerns when i first decided that this was the path to take the boys for their fitness side of things and i have no regrets after 10 weeks of training every friday! Im only disappointed that it has already ended!

    In relation to the boys, they have all LOVED it. It has brought them out of the comfort zone and those who may not be as ‘technically’ gifted on the pitch, found their groove on the Cell training Floor with hard work and pure determination! To watch them listening carefully, encouraging their mates when the hands are on the knees and then seeing them push that extra rep out or run alongside their mate to ensure that he finishes, is just well…..unexplainable!

    Has the training at The Cell improved them physically and got them quicker, stronger and fitter? Check out the little footage of the training weeks they did….watch their form at the start compared to at the end, notice the small changes, the lack of pull ups, the weak cores when doing a push up or the lack of being able to squat past 90degrees and see for yourself……

    Thanks again to our unbelievable Cell coaches, Stef, Jason, Storm and Adrian! We’ll have our 2nd fitness test next week and i’ll post the results up here compared to the Test they did before training at the Cell…..

  2. Stef said

    Absolutely outstanding Enzo!!! So proud of the boys and your videotography!

    It should of been over 200m… I am all top end…



  3. Jono said

    Amrap 30 minutes

    Airdyne 60 calories
    30 pushups
    15 pullups

    5 rounds 40 calories .

  4. luke F-J said


    AMRAP in 30 mins of:
    180kg Tyre Flip, 10 reps
    12lb Sledgehammer Strike, 10 reps
    15′ Rope Climb, 1 ascent
    24kg American Kettlebell Swing, 10 reps
    Bear Crawl, 20m

    Score=6+3 tyre flips

  5. Will F said

    W/U: 800m run, mobility, 50 kb swings, 1x CFWU


    AMRAP in 30 mins of:
    180kg Tyre Flip, 10 reps
    12lb Sledgehammer Strike, 10 reps
    15′ Rope Climb, 1 ascent
    24kg American Kettlebell Swing, 10 reps
    Bear Crawl, 20m

    Score=5+2 tyre flips
    Thought I had a 16 kg bell and the number had rubbed off, but turned out it was 24kg! Hitout 3 rounds American swing, and 2 rounds Russian.

  6. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    Mobility drills
    1 x CF warm up

    As many rounds as possible in 30 mins of:
    180kg Tyre Flip, 10 reps
    12lb Sledgehammer Strike, 10 reps
    15′ Rope Climb, 1 ascent
    24kg American Kettlebell Swing, 10 reps
    Bear Crawl, 20m
    ROUNDS = 8 rounds + 10 Flips + 10 Sledge smashes + 1 Rope ascent + 1 KB Swing

    The heat was very tough! Thanks for the push guys!


  7. Ash said


    AMRAP in 30 mins of:
    180kg Tyre Flip, 10 reps
    12lb Sledgehammer Strike, 10 reps
    15′ Rope Climb, 1 ascent
    24kg American Kettlebell Swing, 10 reps
    Bear Crawl, 20m

    Score= 5+3 tyre flips

    So hot today, everyone did well!

  8. Graeme said

    AMRAP 30min -As Rxd
    5 Rounds 10 10 1 rope

    Just want to shout out to Laila.
    Soooo inspiring seeing you take that challenge head on and get up that rope. Do say I didn’t get the last round, remember YOU DID get all the others

  9. Bliss said

    AMRAP in 30 mins of:
    90ish kg Tyre Flip, 10 reps
    10lb Sledgehammer Strike, 10 reps
    15′ Rope Climb, 1 ascent
    16kg American Kettlebell Swing, 10 reps
    Bear Crawl, 20m

    6 Rounds – 10 tyre flips, 10 sledgehammer swings, 1 Rope climb

    Rope climbs slowed me AGAIN!

  10. Graeme said

    Sorry Laila can’t type on this IPhone, long story short well done exceptional effort !!

  11. paul said

    7 rds + 10 tyre flips + 10 smashes
    and mike beat me by a rope climb

  12. The Cell said

    I love when you post Big P!



  13. Storm said


    Thank You for giving us the oppurtunity to train the boys it was an honour your video was fantastic and only shows a fraction of what they learnt and accomplished.

    Well done boys good luck for the season.

    I would also like to congratulate FRANK he was right there with the boys most of the time doing the same workouts, AWESOME.

    Stef the 100m was run and the young took the money, I am sure that they will take you up on the 200m challenge and as much as I luv ya my money is with the boys.


  14. Laila said

    AM Training:
    W/up- 800m run, 500m row, 10m lunges, 10 air squats
    Gymnastics training- pistol practice & handstand wall climb/wall runs
    Strength- OHS 30/35/40 for 3 reps then 45 for 2 reps then 1 rep (PB)

    PM Training:
    W/up- 400m run, air dyne, mobility
    Spiros As Rx’d- 6 rounds + 10 + 10 + half a rope climb

    Tonight’s WOD was one of those memorable WODs – you know the ones that mentally & emotionally challenge you but you know some awesome growth is going to come from it. I have a ridiculously, irrational fear of heights. Approaching the rope always makes me want to throw up, cry, hyperventilate, run away! Tonight I climbed the rope on my last round and with less than a metre to go I was overcome with fear. I gave in to the fear and quit, making my descent without finishing it off! 1 metre to go!!! I let it break me! I had the capability of making it the rest of the way, but gave up. Needless to say I was pretty hard on myself. But then the shift happened. I had incredible moral support from the 5:30pm crew and coaches and after chatting it through with them, realised my perspective was focused towards what I didn’t achieve and I paid no attention to what I did achieve. I’m not going to lie, I’m still pissed off about the one metre I didn’t make (and so I should be…I let myself down), but I have a sense of what I did achieve too. Argh! So much growing to do, so much to take away from this experience and learn from. Very special thanks to Jase, Storm, Graeme & Adrian for your encouragement, helping me battle the rope. And very special thanks to Storm, Graeme & Stef for the chat and the clarity.

  15. Enz said

    awww thanks Storm 🙂

    I think im with you in regards to the 200m Race 😉 Could be something worth organising though!

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