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Tuesday 01 March 2011

Posted by The Coach on February 28th, 2011

3-3-3 reps
Rest: 3-5 mins between sets
Goal: Max Strength
1 x 15 x 70% 3RM
Rest: Nil. Re-grip and re-set at the start of each rep. No touch n’ go reps
Goal: Strength Endurance

“Hammer Gone Bad”

3 rounds of:
12lb Sledge Strike, 1 min Left
21” Box Jump, 1 min
12lb Sledge Strike, 1 min Right
24kg Kettlebell Clean, 1 min
Rest 1 min

Score is total reps per round
Post score to comments

Enzo looking relaxed


10 Responses to “Tuesday 01 March 2011”

  1. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    Mobility drills
    Walking samson stretch – forward and reverse
    Inch worms
    spinal rotations
    Broomstick work
    3 rounds of:
    5 x strict tuck sit / L-sit pull ups
    5 x headstand presses (2-1 abmats)
    5 x bulgarian ring dips
    5 x pistols each leg
    5 x slow T2B

    15-14-13-12…1 reps of:
    42.5kg thruster
    24kg KB weighted sit up
    24″ box jump
    TIME – 25.02min


    *Lacking motivation to train this week, could be because of a number of reasons, I will bounce back towards the end of this week and refocus…


  2. Will F said

    An epic breakfast will bounce you back:

  3. Jase said

    Trained at CF Invictus, San Diego tonight (Monday).
    Work up to a 1RM Push/Split Jerk in less than 8 sets.
    For max reps
    24″ Box Jump 3 mins
    Rest 1 min
    24kg KB Swing 3 mins
    Rest 1 min
    53kg Thruster 3 mins
    Reps: 176

    First sesh since the 16th Feb and a bunch of crap food over the past week = Jase taking a trip to struggle town 🙂 Happy with the split jerk. 7.5kgs under my 1RM but considering I haven’t split jerked heavy in a looong time, I’ll take it. WOD was tough. 3 mins is a looong time and 1 min isn’t much rest.

    Great times over here but can’t wait to get back into The Cell.

    Jase 🙂

  4. The Cell said

    Good work Jas, sneak in a few more sessions before you return, you will feel better for it!

    Peoples, I have placed some quite interesting articles up on our site, in the FURTHER READING section (far right in top tab), under: INTERESTING READING and start from Benefits of RAW MILK.

    Enjoy, and perhaps post any thoughts to comments, definitely an interesting read…



  5. Jono said


    3-3-3 reps 120,140,150

    3 rounds of:

    12lb Sledge Strike, 1 min Left

    Air squat ,1 min

    12lb Sledge Strike, 1 min Right

    24kg Kettlebell Clean, 1 min

    596 reps.

    Rest 1 min

  6. Laila said

    WOD as Rx’d = 360 Happy with the improvement from Nov 23, 2010 of 273

    Jono, hardly a “lazy” effort…596 = approx 50 reps a minute…almost 1 rep per second…that’s shear awesomeness!!! Brilliant effort and very inspiring!

    Jase, been enjoying your pics on FB. Keep ’em coming! Say hi to Carole…we miss you guys and look forward to your safe return.

  7. Laila said

    Benefits of raw milk was an interesting read Stef, and while I agree pastuerised milk is harmful for human consumption, correlation in these studies does not immediately imply causation. Unless the subjects in the studies lived in a controlled lab for the period of testing, ate a consistent diet, had no pre-existing ailments, with the only manipulated variable being the type of milk consumed (i.e. raw or pastuerised) one could assume other factors could be skewing the data.
    For example, “One patient reduced from 325 pounds to 284 pounds in two weeks on four quarts of milk a day, while her blood pressure was reduced from 220 to 170…” Was the consumption of raw milk the ONLY change made or did other variables contribute…exercise? diet?
    The data overwhelmingly shows correlation, which can not be ignored, but I’m not sure it shows causation.

    Is their scientific research to support the notion that pastuerised milk is harmless? Of course there is. Researchers in favour of pastuerised milk can easily manipulate data to support their hypothesis too.

    What’s my point? I am reluctant to believe scientific research. I find myself questioning the researchers’ motivations. The researchers are strongly influenced by those who provide funding and their agendas. I get confused by scientific literature and the claims made and find it difficult to trust what I read. This confusion leaves me feeling frustrated. Who do we believe? What research can we trust? This skeptical approach doesn’t make decision making helpful when it comes to my diet and health or Zoe’s. I’m left with my own personal trial and error, my own research. Figuring out what works and doesn’t, what feels healthy, what gives me optimal results takes time and isn’t the most efficient way but it’s the only way I trust. Bottom line: I have to experiment on myself before I believe claims. Does anyone else feel overwhelmed with the conflicting information we have access to?

  8. The Cell said

    Absolutely Laila, and the point you made in the second paragraph is paramount to realising the truth that works for you. Absorb external information, process it, research it further then experiment on yourself with yourself, that is the best way to learn.

    There are literally over 100 examples in that article, I have no idea of the test conditions, variables, test subjects and other impeding factors. BUT, I will try raw milk for myself, that is for certain.

    Unfortunately the scientific method for all it should be and the principals it stands for has been manipulated by the most part ego, nevertheless at the least a certain element of trust and an open mind must be applied to the absorption of any new information…



  9. Pete Yeates said

    AM = Run barefoot for 35 minutes on the road.

    PM = Squat 45, 65, 77.5kg – KB Press 20.5,20.5,20.5kg – Double 24kg KB Thruster – Handstand hold

  10. Mary-Anne said

    Laila, thanks so much for your comments above. I remember in my little days, drinking warm milk from the jersey cow each morning, eating fresh fruit (the blackerries were rocking!)& vegetables, home-made everything simply out of necessity.
    Now with the luxury & burden of abundant choice, we have a responsibility to select the ‘good stuff’.
    I agree; some nutritionists are anti paleo, others are all for the raw and real, some suggest a little dairy is good for growing strong bodies. In the past months I’ve physically grown, shrunk, grown again and ultimately I feel like a walking a science experiment. Im sure there’ll be an equilibrium found, just takes time & patience.
    Appreciative The Cell have opened forum for nutrition – esp finding it heavily influences training progress and capacity to acheive my own pb’s.

    Sorry if I waffled…MA xx

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