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Monday 28 February 2011

Posted by The Coach on February 27th, 2011

15, 14, 13, 12…………….1 rep rounds for time of:
42.5kg Thruster
24kg Kettlebell Weighted Sit Ups
24” Box Jump

Post time to comments

Two of our greats discuss tactics. Batty & Biljana


19 Responses to “Monday 28 February 2011”

  1. Jane said

    ok now I can wish Stef a very happy birthday 🙂

    Have a great day and look forward to seeing you at 5.30am!!!!

  2. Storm said

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to Stef
    Happppppyyyyyy Birthdaaaayyyyy to yooooouuuuu.

    Lots of Loves
    Storm,Dana,Adrian and Bella

  3. david said

    How are you performing the weighted situp?

  4. andrew said

    stef – happy b’day fm snowy norway. last one of yr 20’s huh? savour it and have a great day – andrew

  5. Enz said

    Week 6

    Boys had their 2nd session with Storm on Friday. She put them through their paces yet again and had to dish out a few ‘punishment’ push ups to the chatter boxes :o)

    The boys learnt to rope climb this week, everyone all remembering to bring long socks except for one (Theres always one!!).

    When asked who had ever climbed a rope before, nobody actually put their hand up???? *sigh* the youth of today……

    They went through the basics of holding the rope up high and lifting their knee has high as possible before snaking the rope around their foot and locking the rope ontop with their other foot.

    Safe to say, that within 10mins, Storm had them ALL scaling that rope to the top! There were definitely a few naturals who could climb like monkeys and wasn’t long before the competitive spirit came in and Storm had them racing to the top!

    After everyone successfully scaled to the top numerous times, we moved to the WOD.

    Boys were split into two teams, 7 members in each. There were 7 stations:

    Box Jumps
    68kg Tyre Flips
    15kg Push Press
    5m Sprint
    15kg Sandbag Cleans
    Pullups (either blue or red band)

    A member from each team competed against each other for 1min at each station, before a 30sec rest and a rotation to the next station. The idea was to count the amount of reps done and added to the team total in the end.

    All the boys went through twice!

    Team 2 ended up winning by an extra 140 reps.

    A very good WOD that tired the boys and had them thinking about pushing through the fatigue and tiredness, something that they are normally up against on the soccer field. With fatigue, comes a lack of concentration, comes a lack of skill on the pitch that doesnt allow us to execute our game plan.

    Seeing these boys dripping with sweat and actually encouraging their ‘opponent’ next to them, makes me smile to see that they’re seeing the larger picture of working at the Cell and its not JUST about getting the fastest time or the most reps, its about being a team and encouraging your team mate when they’ve got nothing left in the tank!

    The game on Sunday was against a Under 16 Premier side, a team that is a year older than them. Half time they were down 3 nil. It was stinking hot day, but both teams were feeling it so there were no excuses. A chat about digging deep and actually waking up got them going in the 2nd half and at full time the score was a draw, 4 all.

    IMpressed with their 2nd half, but critical with their slow start! But their work rate was 2nd to none, still working hard until they collapse! :o)

  6. graeme said

    Stef, a very happy birthday to you !!

  7. Ksta said

    Happy Birthday Zeus! So glad you are home safe and back ready to play!
    Have a great day champ.
    I’ve missed you lots.


  8. michelle said

    Hi all – I’ve just had to cancel out of the 1730 session this afternoon because of work, so there is a free spot if anyone wants it!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEF!!! Have an awesome day!

  9. Will F said

    5 minutes skipping, 2x CFWU, Mobility

    15, 14, 13, 12…………….1 rep rounds for time of:
    25kg Thruster
    16kg Kettlebell Weighted Sit Ups
    24” Box Jump
    32:10 – OUCH! This WOD hurt. Real grinder…

    Good to see you back Stef, happy birthday.

  10. Mary-Anne said

    Guys, can I please take the 17:30 class? Thanks for heads-up Michelle x

  11. Jane said

    5 minutes rowing, 1x CFWU, Mobility

    15, 14, 13, 12…………….1 rep rounds for time of:
    22.5kg Thruster
    16kg Kettlebell Weighted Sit Ups
    24” Box Jump

    Time 25mins 22secs – enjoyed this session today after being unwell last week my first real training session since last Thursday!

    I’m off to Sydney for a conference for the rest of the week and will be back training at Crossfit Sydney again – looking forward to that – I think!

  12. Joe said

    Hi All, can anyone interested in going to see Zastrozzi (Laila’s Play) at the Melville theatre let me know by posting below. I am making a group booking for the 5th of March.Ring or SMS me on 0400 757 982. Need to know as soon as possible, so we don’t end up paying for tickets we don’t need. $17 per person… My mobile is 0400 757 982.

    Cheers and Thanks

  13. Joe said

    If your on Facebook – search for Zastrozzi for the full details.

  14. The Cell said

    Hi and thank you deeply to everyone for the birthday wishes, greatly appreciated!

    Well done to Mike A, today he still has time of the day after some solid lunch time crew As Rx’d efforts!

    Well done to all the lunch time crew! 44.6 degrees celcius!!!!!!!


    Proud of my peoples!



  15. Biljana said

    Happy Birthday Stef – Hope you have been having a wonderful day!! 😀

  16. Anthony said

    Happy Birthday Stef, I hope it’s a good one with lots of spoils. Glad to see you back, you have been missed. 🙂

    Today’s WOD a bit of a grueller. Awesome work 5.30AM crew. It is great to be training again, even at light pace for now.
    Thrusters 20kg bar only,
    push ups ( on the knees – arms are not playing yet ) in lieu of situps
    24 inch box jump – then easy step down
    rnds 15 down thru to 10 only was enough for today.

    Anth 🙂

  17. Pete Yeates said

    AM = WOD scaled to 30kg Thrusters = about 23 mins.

    PM = Squat 45, 65, 77.5kg – KB press 20.5,20.5,20.5kg – Double 24kg KB Thruster -Handstand hold

  18. graeme said

    15 … 1
    30kg Thruster
    24kg Kettlebell Weighted Sit Ups
    24” Box Jump

    tough one tonight well done all

  19. Kane Turco said

    15 minutes rowing,

    15, 14, 13, 12…………….1 rep rounds for time of:
    22.5kg Thruster
    16kg Kettlebell Weighted Sit Ups
    24” Box Jump

    time: 28m 37s

    a bit stiff but really needed to smash myself after a lazy weekend.


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