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Friday 04 February 2011

Posted by The Coach on February 3rd, 2011


3-3-3 reps x approx 60% 5RM
These are speed sets. Accelerate the bar as fast as you possibly can on the concentric portion (standing up in this case) of the lift.
Use a load that enables you to accelerate the bar. If you slow down, terminate the set.

Post load to comments

“Frog Complex”
courtesy of Seal Fit
Squat Clean+Thruster+Back Squat+Behind-the-Neck Thruster x 6 reps
Rnd 1 – 35kgs/25kgs
Rnd 2 – 40kgs/27.5kgs
Rnd 3 – 45kgs/30kgs
Rnd 4 – 50kgs/32.5kgs

Rest 2 mins between rounds

The big fella. Now training is sunny Norway.


14 Responses to “Friday 04 February 2011”

  1. The Cell said

    Today I leave for New Zealand to climb the Southern Alps. I am very much excited at learning new life skills and owing so in an environment where life is very different, unknown and not common to us. I will be gone for a few weeks and I ask all our athletes that you focus, lift and move well, lift and move strongly. Do this with passion, with power, with intent and with fury.

    I expect to come back to a group of ‘bettered’ individuals. Allow each moment to shape the person you are and allow each moment to build a foundation of strength that will be everlasting…

    Be safe, be well…



  2. Jase said

    Bettered or battered??? 😉


  3. Jane said

    Can you please explain this WOD in a bit more detail as I’d like to do this at home Fri eve

    thanks 🙂

  4. The Cell said

    It’s pretty much as its written Jane. Perform the listed movements in one flowing complex. 1 cycle through = 1 rep. Perform the Complex for 6 reps for 1 round, Rx’d load for ladies being 25kgs. Rest 2 mins, up the load and do it again.

    This complex is not timed or scored.

    Jase 🙂

  5. Jane said

    I see there’s no Sunday session 😦 does anyone want to meet up at Jacobs Ladder for a session as I will be going and it would be nice to have some company through the pain 🙂

  6. The Cell said

    Outdoor sessions have finished for the year Jane. Unfortunately due mainly to lack of attendance.

    Jase 🙂

  7. michelle said

    Jane – I’m happy to meet up as long as we make it a bit earlier than usual – I have to be at work at 0830.

    Warm up: Airdyne, Frog Complex x 5 reps, mobility

    Strength: Deadlift
    3-3-3 @ 60kg, last set with band

    WOD: 6 reps of the following complex:
    Power Clean
    Push Press
    Lunge R
    Lunge L
    Push Press

    4 rounds at 25-27.5-30-32.5kg

    Have an awesome time in NZ Stef!

  8. Vicki said

    Enjoy NZ stef!
    Interesting WOD: I tapped out at 25kg – still having issues with flexibility and getting deeper into that squat clean. Frustrating.
    Quite liked it though.

  9. Jane said

    great Michelle I wanted to go earlier as well what suits you 6am or 6.30am??

  10. Carol F said

    Disappointed the outdoor sessions have finished, kinda enjoyed them.

    Hey Laila, as the weather has been ever so slightly warm, the seeds are dry. I will ask Peter to drop them off tomorrow when he trains.

  11. michelle said

    Hi Jane – how about we meet at the top of the ladder at 6am?

  12. Jane said

    Done!! see you there 🙂

  13. Will F said

    Enjoy NZ Stef – Have a ball!

    Warmup 800m run, mobility, frog complex practice

    Strength 3×3 Deadlift 60kg, last 3 with orange band

    WOD 25,27.5,30,32.5

    Then at 11 – 5km cycle, 400m swim, 5km cycle.

  14. graeme batt said

    stef, follow your passion and suck in all that majical sth island in NZ has for you … enjoy

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