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Monday 24 January 2011

Posted by The Coach on January 23rd, 2011

Back Squat
5-5-5 reps
1 x 20 x 70% 5RM

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For time:
42.5kg Push Press, 101 reps

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Wall balls just got tougher


12 Responses to “Monday 24 January 2011”

  1. Enz said

    Week 1:

    I train a group of 14 very talented young boys (Under 15) in the Premier Division for Soccer. Last Season (2010), was my first time as their coach and immediately implented a few of the “crossfit” exercises into their trainings. Gone were the standard push ups and in came the “bomber” push ups, gone were the long runs and in came the air squats and burpees and gone were just training on the oval and in came training with sandbags down at South Beach!

    Such was the success of their season last year, (I did a fitness test at the beginning of the season and another at the end of their season), and the stats that they achieved in speed, strength and agility (with just ‘minimal’ exercises without equipment), I decided to push them one step further and therefore signed ALL the boys up for a 10 week session with “The Cell” each friday as part of their pre-season training.

    It wasnt hard for the parents to see the benefits of last season and helped with the fact that Stef/Jason both train the Perth Glory in their pre-season, everyone was raring to go.

    Week 1 was just on the Friday gone and under the guidance of Stef, the boys learnt how to squat, how to do a pull up, deadlift, swing a kettlebell and the proper technique to doing push ups and situps. Just the basics for the next four weeks!

    The final WOD of the day was a 200m Run, 15-12-9 reps of squats, situps and pushups and then a final run of 200m. All done sub 4mins 40secs.

    I get a lot of joy watching the faces of the boys, especially when they are learning something new and you see the doubt creep across their faces initially which is suddenly replaced with a big grin and satisfaction after they complete the task at hand!

    Already with their deadlifts of 20kgs, the boys had laughed off the fact when I told them that they would be lifting double that weight in the weeks to come! They were in awe with the rope climbs that had to be done, the fact that some of them ‘could’ do a pullup without bands and some who have never seen a kettlebell before in their life, able to lift and swing them in both the Russian and American Swings!

    Some of the technique shown by a few of the boys, a few of the old hand crossfitters would be impressed but for as many of those that there were, there were those will need to work on their form and agility too!

    The boys are extremely excited after the first session and knowing that we can tweak the sessions to include more ‘team orientated’ drills, it will be a brilliant way of testing the boys mental attitude in a team environment, something Im keen on practising for the “World Game” when they play this season.

    Will keep the blogs going each Monday on their progress….

  2. jono said

    Back Squat

    5-5-5 reps 75 , 85 , 97.5
    1 – 20 reps 70

    WOD subbed for chinups 101 reps 6.10 min

  3. The Cell said

    Thank you kindly for sharing those thoughts with us Enz, quality brother! I know the boys will do extremely well!


    Warm up:
    3min row
    mobility drills
    4 rounds of
    5 x tucksit / l-sit strict pull ups
    5 x strict toes to bar
    5 x pistol squats each leg
    5 x headstand presses (2 x abmat)

    3 x 5 Backsquat
    1×20 @ 70kg

    3RFT of:
    HSPU (1 x abmat), 5 reps
    100kg deadlift, 10 reps
    Hand release push ups, 20 reps
    Double unders, 40 reps
    TIME = 8.31min



  4. Laila said

    I need help from my Cell mates and am sorry for imposing on Monday’s comment board but not sure how else to go about this.

    I am booked in this Friday for the 6.30am session and am appealling to anyone in the 5:30am session to swap with me. This Friday is the Qld Flood Appeal Cupcake Bake-off and I would like to be able to kick start the day as early as possible (before the volunteers start arriving). Is there anyone booked in for Friday 28th Jan 5:30am session willing to swap me for my 6:30am session. Not training is not an option! This extra hour in the morning before the bake-off kicks off would be very helpful. Cheers and my apologies again for using the comments page to post this request.

    P.S. Enz, I really enjoyed reading your post! Your young soccer athletes are very fortunate to have a coach with such dedication.

  5. michelle said

    Laila, you can have my spot. I’ll come in at 1730 instead, though, not 0630. I’ve just cancelled out, so there should be a free space for you to book 🙂

  6. Storm said

    A positive way to start the week Enzo, thank you.


  7. Will F said

    800m Run, KB Mobility, Mobility

    Back Squat:

    5-5-5 reps 52.5,60,65
    1 – 20 reps 52.5


    101 push press @ 20kg – 5.20

  8. Laila said

    THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHELLE!!!!!! Huge, huge thanks!! 🙂

    I am now booked in for 5:30am. Yayyyy!!! xx

  9. The Cell said

    Great write up Enz. Look forward to the posts to come as well as training the young fellas.

    Today’s training
    Weighted Pull Ups (instead of back squats as I’ve stained an adductor in my thigh)
    5-5-5 @ 12 kgs

    As Rx’d
    Hit 15 then 10 then 5’s with a few 6’s and 7’s thrown in. Triceps feel like they’re huuuuge!

    Jase 🙂

  10. Carol F said

    So, I am sneaking into the Sunday sessions as fear is preventing me from coming back to the gym, and whilst Jacob’s ladder after effects were less than pleasant I could live through it (read as “was able to visit little girls room without assistance from the wall”). Trained again at Cottesloe and though my legs were screaming at me I have pulled up pretty damn well thank you very much.
    Many thanks to the encouragement from Jason and Stef.

  11. Storm said

    WooHoo Carol

    Great to see you posting.


  12. Glen Lewis said

    Inspiring stuff Enz.

    It is late on Thursday night, four days after this particular WOD – involving 101 push presses. I have for the first time in 4 days been able to raise my arms above my head, and I personally discovered an abundance of pros and cons of this particular WOD, which I thought I would share.

    1. Lots of fitness reasons which I will not go into, needless to say, I place blind trust that there are good physiological/muscular reasons for 101 push presses.
    2. Delayed (possibly avoided) the annual pruning of the 8′ bouganvillia in the yard
    3. Avoided changing light bulbs at the father in laws house
    4. Couldn’t put away most of the shopping into the cupboards – had to lie down on the couch and provide moral support to my wife
    5. Managed to get out of pulling down our 7 feet high christmas tree
    6. Got to sit on the beach watching the local attractions without having to get into the water with my 5 and 7 year old sons because I am unable to swim.

    1. Drying my hair was really difficult – a scruffy vagabond isn’t the look I have generally cultivated
    2. Keeping the missus satisfied was generally very difficult given I couldn’t hold my own weight
    3. Struggled at times to get the stubbie of beer up to my mouth. There are only so many times you can spill your beer and be told that you have “a drinking problem” ha. ha. ha. before your over it.
    4. Getting under the bed to find my shoes really didn’t work for me – but I discovered that you can use the broom for so much more than just sweeping (hmm, this might actually be a pro)
    5. Can’t pick up your kids to give them hugs without wincing.

    On the balance of things, I am personally now ahuge fan of this WOD. On deep and careful reflection however, I also think a WOD that has, say, 300 squats would be even better. Then I could sit on my bum for three days drinking my beer 🙂

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