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Tuesday 18 January 2011

Posted by The Coach on January 17th, 2011

Power Clean
3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments

3 rounds for time of:
12.5kg Man Makers, 10 reps
Pull Ups, 20 reps
Run 400m

Post time to comments

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16 Responses to “Tuesday 18 January 2011”

  1. andrew said

    WU – airdyne, KB WU Complex, Burgener, mobility

    PC – 3 x 45/55/65kg

    WOD – 3rft of 12.5 kg manmaker, 20 x pull ups, 40 cal airdyne


    some discussion on what was a manmaker (I gave steve a bum steer initially) we settled on a burpee with DB. nearest thing i could find on you tube was this with KB but we also ohd pressed the kb’s

    dont ask me why he’s doing it with his shirt off in a rainy tennis court…

  2. Jase said

    Man maker
    2 dumbbells held at the sides
    Squat down, place DBs on the ground
    Throw your legs back
    Perform a push up
    Bring legs forward
    Clean the DB’s
    Press overhead

    A Renegade Man Maker adds a row of each dumbbell after the push up.

    A Towler adds a lunge on each leg after pressing overhead and with DBs still overhead. And they’re awesome 😉

    Jase 🙂

  3. Jase said

    Shirt is optional.

    We don’t perform any of these with KB’s in a group class situation. Ask Stef and his fatty finger why? :-p

  4. Laila said

    Hey Jase, we did the manmakers as you describe. I’m keen to know if there is “womanmakers”? 😉

    W/up: 400m run, KB complex, mobility, Bergener W/up

    Strength: Power Cleans 26.5/35/41 for 3 reps…failed on the last set on the first lift. Am going to watch as much visual material on power cleans as I can. The technique hasn’t sunk in with me yet.

    WOD: 3RFT of
    8kg man makers, 10 reps
    Pull ups (orange band), 20 reps
    Run 400m

    Time: 14:44

    Felt very average today. Couldn’t get the energy output I was trying for. Trying not to dwell and shift focus to the next time. Plan is to rest tomorrow and “bring it” on Thursday!!

  5. The Cell said

    Renegade man makers whilst using small base KB’s + lots of sweat + competitiveness = trip to emergency room…



  6. The Cell said

    Laila – There probably are woman makers but they are far too hard for us blokes to even attempt 😉


  7. Steve said

    WOD as rxd 10:52

    Had some discussions today about those days when everything feels heavy,runs feel slow or you cant quite get the numbers you got last time. This happens. If it happens more often than not, there is probably another issue that needs to be addressed (overtraining, recovery, sleep etc). The following is a good post from CrossFit West Santa Cruz on the topic:

    “Bad training days. You are going to have them. A lot of them actually. In fact, the longer you train, the more those not-so-great training days will happen. That’s ok. Sure, its a bummer, but it is totally natural. Is every meal you make awesome? Does every photo you take have perfect focus and lighting? Is every post you write for a website worthy of publication (whoa, easy there)? I have seen a lot of great bands a half dozen times each (the Stones, Social D, the Rev, the Paladins, Pearl Jam), and you know what, some shows were a lot better than others. Every workout is not going to be great either.

    A large part of making progress is understanding that you will not always be making progress. And working hard anyway. You are not going to PR every training session, or even have a good one. Real progress, spread out over years, is about persevering in your training. Look at the whole picture, not just one workout, or even a week’s worth of workouts.

    In the beginning, you are going to make big jumps regularly. Its called beginner adaptation. The better and stronger you get, the harder earned gains will be. As Dan John writes…if you bench press a hundred pounds and add ten pounds a month, you’ll bench 460 in about three years and 500 in a few more months. How many [people do you know] with three years under [their] belt are pounding out 500-pound benches? You know…in the gym, not just on the internet.

    I know that is not very inspiring, but don’t worry, you are going to have training sessions where everything just clicks. You are on fire, you are a cross between Dimas, Amundson, and Conan the barbarian. Revel in those days, glory in them, write them in your training journal in red ink. And then let them go. Don’t expect every workout to be like those magic ones, for you will never continue, but sure enjoy them when they come. And then get back to training hard.”

  8. Raj said

    Thanks for that Steve. I needed that.

  9. The Cell said

    All I read and understood was CONAN THE BARBARIAN…



  10. Laila said

    Ditto what Raj said. Thanks Steve 🙂

  11. Storm said

    Womanmakers, Laila you have me thinking we will post a video and you can be the demonstrator….hehe

    Hmmmm they will appear everyone be afraid very afraid….

    (evil twisted laugh)


  12. Biljana said

    Laila – Storm – I just couldn’t resist googling ‘Woman Makers’ – Bam!! It’s out there – Diablo CrossFit

    Not sure if this link will work but here goes…

    Diablo CrossFit “Woman Makers” from Diablo CrossFit on Vimeo.

  13. Laila said

    I have a strong feeling the Crossfit population is ready for WOMANMAKERS!!! I’m with you Storm…

    Mwah ha ha…Mwah ha ha ha ha

  14. The Cell said

    Great link BIljana. I had to approve it before it appeared because of the mutiple links.

    They may very well make an appearance 😉


  15. Jeff said

    It is double unders and sit ups isn’t it?

  16. Laila said

    Biljana, too funny…do women really have trouble making up their mind? Left side? Right side? left side?…

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