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Tuesday 04 January 2011

Posted by The Coach on January 3rd, 2011

Power Clean
3-3-3 reps
First set is at 75% 3RM, progressing to a 3RM on set 3

Post loads to comments

For time:
35kg Thruster, 100 reps
Every time you put the bar down, perform 3 burpees

Post time to comments

Post WOD - Time for reflection, recording and just hanging out


11 Responses to “Tuesday 04 January 2011”

  1. andrew said

    aah kalsu-lite!!

    when are you going to break out the bulgarian bags??

  2. The Cell said

    As soon as my black leotard turns up 😉


  3. adrian said

    all i saw was an excuse for stef to finally say that bicep curls were functional

  4. andrew said

    I was thinking maybe it was some sort of homo-erotic mating ritual..


    WU – as if we werent warm enoygh already.. 400m run, 20 x lunges, 400m row, 20 x squats, mobility

    PC – 3 x 40/45/45kg

    WOD – as rx’ed. 11mins something a little bit behind laila. didnt put bar down until 60 reps as rested in rack of deadlift pos’n. when i did start putting bar down it went rapidly downhill..head to ehad with lailia who pipped me at the post

    laila – you need to eat goat more often you were firing on all cylinders today

  5. Steve said

    Good effort by everyone this morning…

    I know I say this every week but Laila- you are a gun! Great work again. You always seem to get the balance right between attention to technique and the controlled aggression needed to crush these workouts. Keep it up and dont place any limits on what you can achieve with your training. Awesome

    Still struggling a little with right knee so I did

    6 rounds for time of
    6 x donut jumps (large tyre)
    6 x 50kg push press
    1 x rope climb (hands only)
    Time: 15:14

  6. Laila said

    Thanks Steve. I’m very happy to hear it every week. 🙂 It keeps me focused and pushes me to work harder. I was telling Joe this morning you have a strong presence. Even when you’re silent, your presence is strong. I always feel like you’ve got my back. Thanks for always pushing my physical & mental limits. It’s my firm belief the extraordinary, quality coaches at The Cell makes all the difference!

    Andrew, if it’s the goat that’s giving me power, I’m going to source a llama or a camel and see where that takes me :-). Was great training alongside you this morning. Could hear you pluggin’ away and kept me on my toes.

    W/up: 400m run, 20 lunges, 400m row, 20 air squats, mobility

    Strength: Power Cleans
    24-35(pb)-40 for 3reps. Failed on 3rd rep @ 40kg. Get it next time.

    WOD: As Rx’d 11:36min
    I think I had six penalties. Tried to rest with bar on chest but post 50 reps, it got heavy. Really pleased 

  7. Mary-Anne said

    port douglas stairs again this morning,10am.
    9 x ascents = 810 stairs & 18 ramps.
    After each of the first 4 rounds, performed 10 pushups. Jogged back to apt.
    Had a young lad join me on round 5, was really nice to have someone there pushing too.
    Tomorrow im being taken to thd ‘bump track’ aparently a local favourite heartstopper of a run. 6am start to avoid passing out in the humidity lol.

  8. Jeff said

    PC 3x 55, 65, 72.5

    WOD. subed 2 x dead hang pull ups for burpees. 30kg


  9. michelle said

    Warm up: 40cal Airdyne, 20 lunges, 400m row, 20 squats, mobility

    Strength: Power Clean
    3-3-3 @ 40-45-50kg

    WOD as Rx’d

    Time = 11:38

    35 degrees and 54% humidity in the Cell this afternoon – yuk! Is it sick that I loved this WOD regardless? 🙂 🙂

  10. Mary-Anne said

    michelle, of course it is! but thats why youre a champ right??

  11. Travis said

    Power: Power Clean
    3×3 @ 55,65,70kg

    WOD as Rx’d = 18:58

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