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Tuesday 21 December 2010

Posted by The Coach on December 20th, 2010

2 rounds for time of:
32kg Farmer’s Carry, 200m
12.5kg Renegade Man Maker, 12 reps
25kg Sandbag Lunge, 100m
25kg Sandbag Carry, 200m

Load for the Farmer’s Carry and Renegade Man Makers is per hand.

Post time to comments

Compare to 10/10/09

Another beautiful day in the carpark of pain


9 Responses to “Tuesday 21 December 2010”

  1. andrew said

    Well at least the coach turned up today… 🙂

    WU – 3 rds of 300m row, 20 x 16kg kb swing, 10 x lunges then mobility then out to the carpark of pain

    WOD – as rx’ed 25:05. My post says 16 mins for Oct ’09 which cant be right as even on a double stack of crystal meth and D-bol I couldnt see me doing it in that. The 2nd set of lunges were a grind after sundays lungathon. Good effort by all and a photo finish from Michael and Joe to boot.

  2. Laila said

    Andrew, your posts always make me smile! “Carpark of pain”, aint that the truth.

    This WOD is a little rippa! Loved it. In fact, loving this week. I find Jacob’s on Sunday mornings a good set up for the week.

    WOD – as Rx’d 27:55

    Today is the first WOD I’ve completed as Rx’d, very pleased (and excited) with that, AND…I’m getting two laying hens this arvo…LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

  3. Laila said

    + 27 burpees completed 🙂

  4. Andrew said

    laila – thanks but check out the photo caption. not my work but always happy to take the credit

  5. The Cell said

    Fantastic effort from all this morning. As I said yesterday this is a big week and it requires some real mental strength to get through it well.
    Special mention to Laila who completed her first as rxd wod. This should be the standard for you from now on- you are a very good athlete and your mental strength and attitude are outstanding. It is scary to think how good you will be in 12 months time.
    Another world class effort from everyones favourite clearance diver- I cant see that time getting touched today. 18 mins!!

    Once everyone left I had a crack at a wod that I have named “The Longest Mile”-

    400m farmers carry with 2 x 40kg kb
    400m farmers carry with 2 x 36kg kb
    400m farmers carry with 2 x 32kg kb
    400m farmers carry with 2 x 28kg kb

    Every time the kb are put down complete 10 x hand release push ups

    Total penalties: 17
    Time: 31:23

    Very tough…


  6. Joe said

    3 X RFT
    300m Row,
    20 x 20kg K/B Swing Amer/Russian,
    10 x Lunges and mobility.

    WOD – OMG! 2 RFT
    28kg K/B Farmer Carry x 200m
    8kg Renegade Man Makers x 12
    25kg Sandbag Lunges x 100m
    25kg Sandbag Run x 100m

    Mike, thanks for the push in the lunges!

    Time 30:29 – Good work 05:30 crew

  7. Ash said

    3 X RFT
    300m Row,
    20 x 20kg K/B Swing Amer/Russian,
    10 x Lunges and mobility.

    WOD – 2 RFT
    2x 32kg K/B Farmer Carry x 200m
    12.5kg Renegade Man Makers x 12
    25kg Sandbag Lunges x 100m
    25kg Sandbag Run x 200m

    Was so much harder than it looked in the 35 degree heat!

    Time: 28 mins something….

  8. Laila said

    Thank you Steve, for the special mention and the positive reinforcement. I still find the Cell experience surreal. It’s something I struggle to verbalise. I am spoilt with generous and passionate coaches who prove time and again they genuinely care (don’t think for a second it goes unnoticed) and cell mates who motivate me to be and do better. I’ve said this before, I will never take this experience for granted as I know it’s unique and extraordinary. I’m really looking forward to the next 12 months. Thanks again, Steve. =)

    P.S. Your workout today was insane!!!! Nice work!

  9. The Cell said

    What a tough, epic WOD. Not sure what was harder, yesterday’s or todays.

    What impressed me most about the evening crews wasn’t the effort, which as always, was outstanding. It was the fact the everyone, during their lunges, didn’t scrimp a single metre. I saw people coming up about half a lunge short of the cone. Instead of accepting that as good enough, everyone would do another rep to take them past the cone, without me having to say a single word.

    I think that says volumes about the calibre of person we have training at The Cell. Very proud of all the athletes I coached today. Outstanding.

    Jase 🙂

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