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Sunday 19 December 2010

Posted by The Coach on December 18th, 2010

“In life we are constantly presented with difference. This difference at times presents itself in many various shapes. People communicate differently, conduct themselves differently, speak differently, understand differently, learn differently, act differently, behave differently and simply think differently to ourselves. This can go on and on, there are vast differences within human capacity and potential that may infer segregation. This is not entirely true. Three major points:

The first being patience; for without patience we can open ourselves up to multiple truths and expose ourselves to various possibilities beyond our initial views. The second point is: that as many differences as there are, there are also foundational and underlying similarities which have the incredible potential to enhance humanhood (if there exists such a word). These similarities include both biological (which are the foundations for our existence) and sociocultural. The third, (which ties the first and second point to a deeper level of understanding) is acceptance of this apparent extreme diversity. Not only acceptance but also recognising that similarities are more important that differences. I do not want to lead us on a tangent, for the human condition in all its glory is complex and multifaceted in its being. The important factor is recognising that as people we are exposed to different environmental conditions and learning’s, and our internal thought process along with our emotional interpretations shape how we interact with the outside world. The colliding problem is that with often a lack of anticipatory thought and highly active emotions our communication and understanding of others and ourselves is misconstrued.

There is an integrated method I propose to self asses and provide a deeper understanding of both human interaction and any given situation beyond anticipated scope. If you are interested you can always contact me. But what is truly important here is again the crucial existence of greater (by ‘greater’ I mean look, feel and understand beyond your own subjective circumstances, to simplify this refer to the: “walk a mile in my boots before you judge me” mentality) understanding and acceptance of diversity. Diversity of approach, thought, beliefs, ideology. This does not mean accept extreme cases of cruelty because they are staple cultural practices of certain societies.  No, it means understand where they stem from and why and it may place you in a more powerful position to deal with the situation  more adequately because of your greater and deeper understanding of what is occurring around you, without disrupting and upsetting the balance of you and who you are” Stef Sifandos.

Special mention to Pete Yeates (one of our longtime athletes and advocates) who is partaking in the 6 inch Marathon in Dwellingup. This is a 46km event all performed off road! BAM! Go get them brother!



17 Responses to “Sunday 19 December 2010”

  1. andrew said

    What we have to do… is to find a way to celebrate our diversity and debate our differences without fracturing our communities. – Hillary Clinton

  2. The Cell said

    Simple and effective Andrew! Awesome mate!



  3. andrew said

    Not a huge fan of hillary but she really captures it in this one…

  4. Storm said

    Have a great day Pete

    S, A, D and Bella

  5. Andrew said

    Jacobs ladder

    3 rft of
    1 x up/dwon jacobs
    10 x hand release push ups
    run to roundabout
    10 x burpees (yay burpees)
    run back to top of jacobs and back to roundabout
    10 x burpees (yay burpees)
    run back to top of jacobs
    10 x hand release push ups

    a gruelling 30 mins something I think

    then breakfast at frasers with the gang

    and now in the fcking office on a sunday 😦

  6. Jase said

    Awesome work on a tough Jacob’s ladder WOD this morning.

    3 rft of
    1 x down/up jacobs
    10 x hand release push ups
    Lunge to roundabout
    10 x burpees
    run back to top of jacobs and back to roundabout
    10 x burpees
    run back to top of jacobs
    10 x hand release push ups

    Andrew 30.53
    Laila 34.05
    Paul 36.20
    Michelle 37.15
    Hollie 39.32
    Joe 39.37
    Elise 39.42
    Mel (2rounds) 29.01

    Then brekky at Frasers. Yum!

    Great stuff guys. It was the perfect start to a beautiful day!

    Jase 🙂

  7. stef said

    Late morning semi epic self destruction for me, dry heat was not nice… Though I wish I was at the ladder this morning guys, workout sounded great, godd work people!

    With Steve and his bro, experimenting at different locations with work capacity and stamina in mind.

    3 movements:
    1. 1 x 600m run
    2. Max ladders (Wireless hill park) with SS special bag (43kg)
    3. Max ladders with 2 x 17.5kg DB’s, stopping half way and executing 10 renegade rows, then at the top 5 x push press
    *Once everyone has done this once, this would = 1 round
    *Gentlemans agreement to change as quick as possible, changes were no longer than 30sec.
    *Single points were assigned for completion of 1 x ladder / no points for the run. 1 point would = from bottom to top. Partial ladders did not count towards total point scoring

    5 RFT of:
    600m run (this dictated the pace and how many ladders the other 2 athletes could complete)
    Max Ladders of tower at Wireless hill park with SS special (43kg)
    Max ladders with 2 x 17.5kg DB’s, stopping half way and executing 10 renegade rows, then at the top 5 x push press
    TOTAL TIME = 45.15min
    My score = 20 points. I did 3 full ladders with the sandbag everytime and 1 full ladder with the DB’s everytime

    Finisher (untimed)
    Bear crawl down the ladder.

    Quite hard, as you can see the ladder is quite short, but the accumulation here was compounding!

    Lots that can be done here, it is also quite quiet and no people about…


  8. Pete Yeates said

    Run 46k’s off road in Dwellingup.

    Time = 4hrs 59 min. PB by 21 minutes (Full report to follow, after a nana nap 🙂 )

  9. Storm said

    Awesome work Pete

    We have been waiting all morning for you to post.

    S, A, D and Bella x

  10. Mary-Anne said

    pete, congratulations. Cant wait to see the updates.

  11. The Cell said

    Pete, you da man!!!!


    Proud of you mate!


  12. The Cell said

    Great work Pete!!

    Jase 🙂

  13. Laila said

    Great work, Pete!! Inspirational!!!

  14. Vicki said

    I think I ahve the most amazing husband around 🙂 Not only does he run 46k’s today (and win an award I’ll let him tell you about!) he goes out to get dinner while I deal with a rather sick baby.
    So proud of you poonut! xxoo

  15. Will F said

    Got super confused with the posts, a consequence a big night out.

    “21x burpees” 🙂

    Well done Pete, great to hear you finished well!

  16. michelle said

    Awesome, Pete! I look forward to hearing the full report soon 🙂

  17. Jane said

    Fabulous effort Pete, well done, looking forward to hearing all about it 🙂

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