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Holiday Burpee Challenge

Posted by The Coach on November 30th, 2010

Who plans on slacking off over the Xmas/New Year Period?
Who would prefer to eat, drink and be merry than train?
No one? Awesome! 🙂

Just in case you were thinking of taking it easy, we’ve come up with a little holiday challenge for everyone.

From Monday 13th December 2010 to Tuesday 11th January 2011 we will be running

The Cell’s Holiday Burpee Challenge

How does it work?
Commencing Monday 13th (Day 1), you will perform 2 Burpees. Tuesday 14th you perform 4 Burpees. Wednesday 15th you perform 6 Burpees and so on. You continue to add 2 Burpees each and every day until you reach the final and 30th day, Tuesday 11th January where you will perform 60 Burpees.

– You can partition the Burpees however you like. EG On Day 15 – 10 in the morning, 10 at lunch and 10 before bed.
– If you miss a day, you must perform the missed days Burpees before completing that days allotment
– You must let everyone know, by commenting on this post, that you are participating

How do you enter?
Entering the Challenge is easy. Just jump on the comments page below and tell everyone you’re taking part. We’ll keep this post as a sticky on the front of our home page and from time to time over the course of the challenge, chime in and tell everyone how you’re going.


The result of too many burpees



80 Responses to “Holiday Burpee Challenge”

  1. Andrew said

    I think michelle is demonstrating the results of NOT ENOUGH burpees…yay burpees

  2. Tracy Lydiatt said

    Count me in – *oh god* – I’ll be in Spain doing most of them so I’ll do my best to get some good photos!

  3. graeme said

    im in, mine will be “burpees in bali”

  4. Biljana said

    Yay Burpees!! I’m in! 😀

  5. Jane said

    I’m in – although not sure how my sister will cope when she arrives and I try and rope her into doing burpees with me 🙂

  6. The Fruzys said

    Peter seems to think that a family that performs burpees together is a happy family. The jury is out on that at the moment

    Anyway we are in!

  7. Laila said

    I AM SO IN!!!! Nice idea Cell Coaches! I’m very grateful for the effort y’all go to to keep us inspired over the silly season. Thank you!!

  8. Lisa said

    I’m in! Was gutted between work and Tassie for Christmas I’ll be cell-less for 3 weeks- burpees will do the truck nicely- thanks guys!!!

  9. The Cell said

    I have discovered my life’s purpose… It is not to cure cancer, or reconstruct our social systems, nor retain what little rain forests we have left or provide awareness to the sensitive ecology of the Earth. It is not to discover the ever elusive ‘real’ book of secrets, understand ancient civilizations or realise real human potential…

    No! It is to simply do burpees…


    🙂 🙂 🙂

    All fun aside, remember guys, this is actually important and is a reflection of something greater, a symbol for something deeper. Remember this can be for EVERYONE! You can always scale if you need to, just do 1 per day instead of doubling, or you could be like Jason, Kate, Storm, Steve and I, and do triples every day (Sorry to throw you in that guys, but I know you love burpees also)!




  10. Corey said

    I’m definitely in… I hate burpees but I can always learn to hate them more

  11. Will F said


    DO IT!

  12. Brett said

    Im in!

  13. Nikita said

    Oh what fun 😉 I’m in!

  14. Jase said

    Yeh thanks Stef! Triples!!!

    Why is it that whenever Stef sees a WOD or a movement he immediately thinks, “How can I make this harder?” and “How can I get Jase to do it?” F*%ken crazy mofo! 🙂

    OK, I’m in, triples it is. I can see the maths being a problem. hahaha Rod, can you do me a chart?! 😛


  15. Storm said

    In the words of the Great Captain Smash..

    STEF, F%# F%$# SAKE

    S x

  16. Steve said

    Stef- How will this fit in with our 60 min amrap af burpees?

  17. kate said

    Oh I am in for triple burpees. I will be doing New Zealand burpees, but they will be done!!!!!
    Yay burpees.

  18. Travis said

    Im in for triples.. cant wait!!


  19. Mary-Anne said

    Im in for burpees absolutely! refaraining from yelping ‘yay’ outloud just yet lol

  20. michelle said

    Count me in for triples. My goal will be not just to get through the sheer quantity of burpees this challenge will demand, but to get through them at high speed.

  21. Liz said


    I have a confession.

    I love burpees too =)

    I AM IN! 🙂

  22. Mary said

    Burpees will definitely keep me honest over the silly season! haha

  23. Jeff said


  24. grover said

    all in

  25. grover said

    ps, don’t double every day as stef implied or you’ll end up with 1,073,741,824 burpees to do on Jan 11th.


    that’s why you’re a coach and i’m a spreadsheet jockey. big hugs champ.

  26. Mark said

    In im. 40 Burpees NYD FTW

  27. Raj said


  28. Elle said

    Count me in!!

    Great idea guys….means we can have more xmas pudding 🙂

    While my wonderful husband is getting his beauty sleep at the moment, I will also nominate him for the challenge, and I dare say we will also be doing triple burpees….at least 😉

    WOOT WOOT!!!

  29. Damon said

    I’m in too for the triple. This will be in three countries, Australia, Singapore and the UK. I will be finishing the last week in London and given the temp at the moment and likely to be as cold in Jan I’m going to need the heat generated.

    Won’t be doing 1BN burpees as per Grovers calculation methodology (btw how’s Texas Grover, FYI my BHPB email is not active anymore).

  30. grover said

    Damo, like you’ll I’ll be travelling during this one… should be fun crossing time zones.

    So what’s going on? Moving again? Do tell bud.

    My email is still active.

  31. Sean said

    I’m in.

    It’s on like Donkey Kong.

  32. Elliot said

    Southbound Burpees….. do them hangover or wait till im drunk?

    I’m in

  33. The Cell said

    Drunk is the way to go Elliot! 😛


  34. Vicki said

    I’m in. Yay burpees.

  35. Joe said

    I am in! Doubles on day one are done! A few funny looks from some of the people in the Virgin Lounge Sydney but I am sure it’s not funniest thing they’ve seen. Or maybe it is!

  36. The Cell said

    Done my triples for the day

    Jase 😛

  37. Laila said

    Had my strawberry daquiris lined up, ready to go for my slurpee challenge, but alas, I was reminded it was burpees not slurpees. Damn! =)

    Triples done for the day =)

  38. Vicki said

    Goodness I nearly forgot! pete asked during dinner “have you done your burpees?’ Whoops, so did them mid dinner. Alas, I was ready for bed – that motto being DON’T DO BRA-LESS BURPEES.

    Triple done with added bobbie slap for dramatic effect 🙂

  39. Jane said

    I forgot too – did an easy 30min spin on the bike this morning and was supposed to do them when I got back – have now had to do them before bed – worked on form not speed 🙂

    Vicki love your posting – I also did bra-less burpees but for some strange reason I didn’t have the same experience as you 🙂

  40. The Cell said

    Hahaha, love the girls posts! 🙂

    How we going with the Burpees guys?? Day 3 – 6 burpees or 9 for those doing triples.

    Go get em!

    Jase 😛

  41. graeme said

    9 done this morning

  42. Laila said

    9 done =)

  43. Matt said

    I’ll be doing burpees in Colorado. I’ve always been a huge fan of the workouts the Cell produces. Thanks for the motivation!
    Cheers and happy holidays!

  44. Jase said

    Hey Matt

    Thanks for commenting mate. Tell us a bit about yourself.

    Did my 12 last night just before bed. This was on top of 66 in my WOD yesterday. WOD reps don’t count!

    Jase 🙂

  45. Will F said

    smashed out 24 burpee’s today, they went down very smooth.

  46. Will F said

    27 burpees, struggled with these

  47. Vicki said

    30 freaking burpees after mighty murph. yay burpees.

  48. Will F said

    33 burpees and 36 burpees + 5 burpees for punishment not doing burpees yesterday…yay burpees!

  49. Andrew said

    36 on the beach this a.m. – a few funny looks fm the port beach polar bears getting ready for their xmas brekkie

  50. Will F said

    39 mega awesome xmas burpees, merry xmas all.

  51. Joe said

    Yay, forgot to post my X-mas Eve Burpees + the previous days
    a 24 + 26 = 50 stunning burpees.

    That will learn me!

    Plus Christmas Day – Burpees 28 – What a challenge! Hello Heart Rate!

  52. Laila said

    Oh hello lovely 39…done!!! Burpees-… keepin’ Christmas real!

  53. Will F said

    42 burpees on a very full stomach from 2 days eating lots of food 😮

  54. Will F said

    48 burpees

  55. Joe said

    Yesterday doubled up for the previous 2 days (stupid)
    28 + 30 done!

    32 burpees done! Getting better at them!

  56. Mary said

    Doh! I also had to double up to make up for a couple of slack days, haha, but yay for another days rations done! See ya later 34!

  57. Jase said

    Burpee Challenge – Day 18. 36 reps or 54 for triples. How r u going??

  58. Rhys said

    72 Jase 72… thats how i’m going.

  59. Will F said

    54 down! Getting hard.

  60. Matt said

    36 and Happy New Years mates! I am continuing the burpees after the 30 day challenge until I reach 2011 burpees (45 days +31 for 2*burpees) anyone else in?

  61. Will F said

    117 burpees down (yesterday’s and todays) + 5 for missing out yesterdays

  62. The Cell said

    Nice work Will. Hey I believe you smashed some out on the dance floor the other night! 😉 hahaha


  63. The Cell said

    Hey Matt

    Happy new year bro!

    That sounds great! Just because I can’t be arsed doing the figures, what date does that take us too?

    BTW, where are you following from?

    Jase 🙂

  64. Matt said


    For those doing 3x burpees you’ll do triples until the 17th you’ll then have 13 burpees remaining. For those doing 2x you’ll do doubles until the 25th with 31 burpees remaining.

    I’m following from Denver,Colorado.


  65. Will F said

    63 burpees, no more dance floor burpees planned for a while – the parties are over and it’s time to slip back into reality 🙂

  66. Will F said

    66 in the hot hot heat after a 4km run

  67. Will F said

    18km bike ride then 69 burpees 🙂

  68. The Cell said

    Day 25. 50 reps or 75 for triples. Who’s feeling the pinch (ME!!) and who can’t wait to smash out some burpees in a WOD? (Not ME!!)

    Jase 🙂

  69. Andrew said

    “I hate burpees but I do them anyway like a good little monkey.” Star Spasm

    ps think stef has signed up already…

  70. Will F said

    75 yesterday, 78 today

  71. The Cell said

    Nearly there guys. 3 days to go!

    Jase 🙂

  72. andrew said

    sure jase…only another 261 burpees to go…FFS!!

  73. Will F said

    51 yesterday 54 today

  74. Will F said

    change those 5’s for 8’s 😛

    87 today 🙂

  75. Jase said

    1 day to go!! Woohoo!

    Chip in guys. Who has stuck to the challenge and who has kinda missed a day here n there??

    I know Elise was knocking out burpees at 2am on New Years Day on her front lawn AND Alcohol had nothing to do with it! 😉 hahaha

  76. Joe said

    Last Burpee Day, it has been a huge success for our family. Burpee time as a family, dinner on then – BURPEE’s ON!

    Had to double up 2 days but, got ’em done! Even after a couple Mojito’s!

    Thanks for the challenge and a great way to stay on track over the holidays. Also a special thanks for the opportunity to utilised the gym and wods over the break.

  77. Laila said

    I haven’t missed a day or broken them up. I have gotten stronger and quicker with them over time. I found the first half of reps (when my shoulders were cold and tight) a little trying and then enjoyed smashing out the second half once I warmed up to see if I could catch Joe who was doing doubles. Most of the time I was able to pass him but this last few days with the 80+ he kicked my butt. I really enjoyed this challenge, especially having my family involved.

    Tonight, Joe made the commitment to jump on triples for the last day and do 90 with me! Yayyyyyy Joe!!!! 🙂

  78. Will F said

    Powered through a 400m swim and 4km run to finish with 100burpees…I couldn’t finish on a 2 digit number 😦

    Great to have knocked all these out and stay with it the whole way though.

  79. The Cell said

    Awesome stuff guys! Great to see everyone getting involved.

    More challenges coming……..

    Jase 🙂

  80. Joe said

    We done too!

    Last day of the challenge and I was due to do 60 Burpees but me and my big mouth did me in for 90 Burpees – they hurt but, THEY’RE Done!

    Loved the challenge & look forward to training in 2011!

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