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Monday 29 November 2010

Posted by The Coach on November 28th, 2010

5 rounds for time of:
42.5kg Overhead Squat, 15 reps
Ring Dip, 15 reps
Row, 15 Calories

Post tme to comments

Well done to all our Cell mates who participated in the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification with Coach Burgener at the weekend. It was a great weekend, very hot, but a lot learnt. Yay burpee!!!!

Coach Storm smashing out the Wall Ball shots


15 Responses to “Monday 29 November 2010”

  1. andrew said

    WU – 400m run, 2 x CFWU, mobility, Burgener WU

    WOD – 5 rft of 15 x 25kg OHS (fm mid hang), 15 x bar dips, 15 cal row

    12 mins something

  2. Mary-Anne said

    Warm Up = 400m run, 2 x CFWU, Burgener W/Up

    WOD = 5 RFT
    15.5kg OHS from floor x 15
    ring dips on red band x 15
    15 cal row

    Time 15:29

    Vick, Trav, thanks so much for the mid-WOD support.

  3. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Run 400m, 2 x CFWU, Mobility, Burgener WU

    WOD scaled to 30kg OHS = 13:10

  4. Bliss said

    Morning swim at South Beach after dropping girls at school.


  5. Will F said

    WU – 400m run, 2 x CFWU, mobility, Burgener WU

    WOD – 5 rft of 15 x 20kg OHS (fm mid hang), 15 x ring dips (RB), 15 cal row

    15.55 mins
    Trav and I neck and neck at the line…made for a good show.

  6. Andrew said

    Hope i am rowing as fast as this guy in 49 years time..

    100 YEAR OLD John Hodgson completing this year’s British Indoor Rowing Championship 2000 meters in 13:32.6.

  7. Ash said

    WOD = 5 RFT
    20kg OHS from floor x 15
    ring dips on yellow band x 15
    15 cal row

    Time: 21:27

    Thanks to Kate and the midday crew for the support, that hurt, first session in 4 1/2 weeks. Took forever to ride home but was a good feeling.

  8. The Cell said

    Ash you are a champion.

    Morning crew had strong focus this morning! Lets end 2010 with a bang people! A big bang, perhaps bigger than the “first ever big bang”, 15 billion years ago! Start winding it up and switch those minds to narrow view. Time to get to a place within you, you have not familiarised yourself with before…

    Bliss, did the jelly fish sting you???



  9. Steve said

    “Genuine strength should include not only momentary strength, but also the far more valuable kind of strength known as strength of endurance.

    This means the ability, if you are a cyclist, to jump on your machine and ride 100 miles at any time without undue fatigue; if a wrestler, to wrestle a hard bout for half an hour with a good man without a rest, yet without becoming exhausted and reaching the limit of your strength.

    Apart from sports, enduring strength means that the business man shall stand without a break-down, business cares and worries, that he shall be capable when necessary, of working morning, afternoon and night with unflagging energy, holding tightly in his grasp the reins of business, retaining all the while a clear mind and untiring energy, both of body and brain.

    The man who can miss a nights rest or miss a meal without showing any ill effects or without losing any physical power, is better entitled to be considered a strong man that the man who is only apparently strong, being possessed of momentary strength which is, after all, a muscle test pure and simple.”

    -Arthur Saxon, circa 1906.

  10. Travis said

    5 rounds for time of:
    30kg Overhead Squat, 15 reps
    Ring Dip (orange band), 15 reps
    Row, 15 Calories

    = 15.55 mins

    Dead heat with Will today, great finish mate. Good work by all the 6.30 crew!

  11. Bliss said

    Superb quote lone wolf.

    3 rounds for time of:
    25kg Overhead Squat, 15 reps
    Ring Dip (yellow band), 15 reps
    Row, 15 Calories

    Not sure of the time.

    Did another 3 sets of the OHS at 15. Working on external rotation and a few other bits from the weekend after the class. Thanks guys

  12. The Cell said

    Today’s WOD as rx’d
    Time: 20.34

    OHS unbroken and piece of piss. Ring dips kicked my arse big time!

    Ring dips and push ups are my major weakness. Lack of muscular endurance in the upper body pushing muscles. They are such a weakness that I’ve always avoided specifically working them. Maybe I should practice what I preach! 😉

    Play the big game guys!!
    Jase 😛

  13. graeme said

    WOD 5RFT
    15 20kg Bar OHS (Box) – 4 sets of OHS unbroken which for me is great
    15 Ring Dip (managed all of them with Yellow)
    15 Cal Rower


  14. graeme said

    steve, Mr Arthur Saxon knew his shit .. nice one

  15. Steve said

    Wod as Rxd: 16:02

    Great WOD. Taking the bar from the floor each time is the way to go. Not only do you get some extra snatch practise, but for me it prevented me even considering breaking up the OHS.

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