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Posted by The Coach on October 29th, 2010

I consider myself fortunate that I have been able to receive inspiration in my life from a variety of sources.

One of my earliest inspirations was my grandparents. My father’s father was a polio survivor. He went on to be a very successful businessman and a highly respected member of the community. He was also a man who lived by the seasons with a half-acre vegetable garden. His wife, my grandmother, was the first female shire president where I grew up. She was also one of the first in Australia.

My mother’s father was a veteran of World War 2. He may have not been the greatest father but he was an outstanding community person and would help out anyone. He was grumpy and abrupt but would work from dawn to dusk every day, only taking time off for church. My grandmother was a wonderful person who was a wonderful mother and grandmother.

My parents are my strongest influence. My father now owns his own business, a mechanic and a masseur. An odd combination I know. He knows everyone, both from his business and sport. He played a league record number of football games, 3 league best and fairests and was involved in coaching. He also played basketball in to his 40s and coached juniors right up until last year. He was a competitive middle distance runner in his earlier years and decided at one stage to take up cycling so that his brother had someone to train with. My father was my earliest training inspiration. My mother has raised three children as well as working full time as an administration officer, race club secretary and now as a real estate agent. She has recently had a knee replacement and is a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis.

My current influences are varied. I gain inspiration from people and events. Events such as a person who hadn’t played a basketball game until a week ago, scoring his first three pointer. Seeing a struggling athlete sustain their first pull up. Seeing a struggling or not physically gifted recruit absolutely nail a skill set and the resulting confidence that comes from this. I get inspiration from the people I train with. I was inspired recently by a man who displayed a passion for sport unlike anyone I have ever met. He has an exceptionally positive outlook on life despite his own career being cut short by a serious injury. By serious I’m talking a broken back. He took inspiration from the people he was coaching and I consider myself privileged to have played under him.

The people at The Cell give me inspiration. I hope that everyone who trains here realises the positive effects that they have on other people’s lives. Whether it is a formerly sedentary 2 pack a day smoker who gave up and is on his way to being a fire breather, to everyone’s favourite inspirational 64 year old. The mothers who train to be better mothers and for themselves. People who train to be better workers. People who train to not suck at life. People who train to prevent injury and in spite of injury. You all inspire me. The coaches here inspire me. Whether it is chasing someone through a workout or being corrected and challenged, they push and motivate each of us. They each bring us different skill sets, from elite soldier, police officers, to elite athletes, each of them has extensive experience in different fields. Stef, Jason, Steve and Kate, you are all a pleasure to deal with and inspire me in different ways.

This brings me to my 2 biggest current inspirations. Rod Kantor. You are a star. You are the same age as my father and you would run him under the table. You are an outstanding person who cares deeply for those around you, and I am proud to have you in my life. I know that all the people who train with you feel the same. I hope that as time goes on and you have struggles, you accept all that is offered to you. Not out of pity, but out of love and respect.

Storm. What can I say. A mother of a 16 year old girl. Police officer. Cell Coach. My partner. Don’t for a minute think that she is bullet proof. She has bad days like all of us which makes her all the more inspirational. She drags me out of bed and makes me eat good food, and gives me guidance when I need it. Sometimes we are lucky enough to find a person that makes us better. She is mine. I don’t mind sharing her though.

Next time you train, think about what inspires you. Do you train to look good in the mirror, or is there a deeper purpose. What gets you going? Do you want to look as healthy and strong as Rod at age 64. Everyone trains for a purpose. Do you know yours? If not, perhaps it is time you figured it out and wrote it down. Keep referring to it. It should be there with your goals. Knowing why you train is part of the struggle. Once we know this we can use it to make ourselves better. And when we make ourselves better, we make everyone else better. We are a community. You influence everyone that you come into contact with. Make it a positive influence. Be an inspiration.





7 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Storm said

    Rod on all fours just as he is about to get up and continue to crush the WOD some more.

  2. The Cell said

    No words express the admiration I have for this human being that somewhat epitomizes what humanity could and should be. Inspirational in fullness…


  3. Raj said

    U just inspired the fuck out of me!!! sorry for the french!!! well said !!!


  4. Storm said


    I love the warmth in your smile, embrace and friendship.
    You are my training buddy, guru, friend and inspiration.
    There is never a time when I am talking about my other home ‘The Cell’ that you do not get a mention.
    I have showed your picture and told your story all over the world and it is done with pride and admiration.

    You have the same challenges, heartaches and difficulties as we all do but not once have I seen you drop your lip (except after you had your jaw opped on and that was uncontrollable) expressed your displeasure or be negative in anyway.
    You always listen to what I am saying and encourage me when I am struggling.

    I am blessed to have Rod Max Kantor (AKA Rocket McGyver) as a friend.

    Having said that if anybody ever harms you in anyway I will crush them.

    S x

  5. Elle said

    Rod, you are a STAR!

    Thank you for being an INSPIRATION….

    I hope that when I’m your age I have at least a quarter of the drive, determination, courage and fitness that you have…. you truly are amazing…..

    Adrian, thank you for your Inspiration too – I’m off to work now & it has put me in the best mood 🙂

    Elle xxx

  6. Bliss said

    Great, great words Adrian! Thank you

    Rod…your fierce determination and courage are somewhat incredible and available for all who care to observe. What most impresses me Rod is that you somehow manage to bundle up those amazing qualities with kindness, humility and grace. You can be proud of so much but there is not one hint of ego or arrogance to be seen. You are amazing. Thank you.

  7. JENNIFER said


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