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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Posted by The Coach on October 11th, 2010

CrossFit Total Week
Every athlete will perform the CFT once this week. When doing the CFT, that athlete will not do the Strength WOD or the Daily WOD for that day. They will warm up and then do a CFT under the direction of a coach

“Deck of Cards”

As many reps as possible in 20 minutes where:
Hearts = Sledgehammer Strikes
Spades = 21″ Box Jumps
Diamonds = Burpees
Clubs = 24kg Russian Kettlebell Swings
Joker = 20 Pull Ups
Cards have face value with picture cards worth 10 reps. Aces are worth 11 reps.

Coach pulls out the cards and athletes perform the required number of reps of the movement as indicated by the suite. The next card will be pulled when the all athletes have finished the required reps.

Score is total reps completed in 20 mins.

Post score to comments


27 Responses to “Tuesday 12 October 2010”

  1. Biljana said

    I love this WOD!! Boo! Don’t train on a Tuesday!

  2. Andrew said

    you could always have

    Hearts = 45kg thrusters
    Spades = 60kg thrusters
    Diamonds = 70kg thrusters
    Clubs = 24kg Kettlebell Thrusters
    Joker = 12.5kg DB Thrusters

    just to stick with last week’s theme…

  3. michelle said

    Smash – don’t give the coaches any ideas!!!

  4. The Cell said

    Great idea Andrew! You’re coming to our next programming meeting! 😉

    Actually, you’re gonna love what we have coming up……………

    Jase 😛

  5. The Cell said

    Capt Smash you are absolutely going to love what is up coming…

    Mouth shut…



  6. Will F said

    Loved this WOD, wish I was there doing it!

    Well it’s been a long time between posts for me, country hopping from place to place makes it hard to slip in workout’s. With a week in Copenhagen for a work confrence, I managed to participated in a 5.1km fun run around Falledparken – Copenhagen and came 2nd.
    Untimed, but around 21 minutes.

  7. Storm said


    Good to hear from you, good time on the run.
    Glad you are well and still having a great time.

    Look forward to seeing you soon.


  8. andrew said

    WU – 1km row, 2 rds of pullups, squats, pushups, kb swings

    WOD – I was billy no mates on deck of cards while peter g & tereena pushed/pulled some heavy iron

    322 points

    disadvantage with being sole contender was that stef drew the next card before I had even finished the last. seemed to be a lot of high number diamonds as well (burpees 😦 )

    as i was leaving 06:30 class was all laydeez so jase you better try some of stef’s deodorant rather than what you used last thursday

  9. Pete Yeates said

    Back off day today.

    WU = Dynamic mobility, High bar back squat x 3 @ 15, 45, 65, 65, 65kg’s.

    Run 20 minutes at a medium pace.

    Andrew – that deodorant comment was funny 😆

  10. Andrew said

    pete – it was wall2wall hot chicks @ 06;30. i need to change my times…

  11. The Cell said

    Its because the lovely ladies could not get in to the 5.30am session and they knew you would be in there, so 6.30am was the next best slot! Anything to get a glimpse of the man, the myth who is the Towler…



  12. Andrew said

    sorry but only 3 @ 05;30 so cant be true 😦 ..all the laydeez love cool stef

  13. Ash said

    337 Reps. Well Done Jeff also!

    Midday very very impressive.

  14. Jeff said

    BAM Steph

    Warm up as Rx’ed.


    Worst/Best I have felt in a long while. No resting here.

  15. kate said


    4 Rounds:

    In 5 minutes
    500m row
    400m run
    Max doubleunders in remaining time.

    Round 1: 52
    Round 2: 66
    Round 3: 63
    Round 4: 61

    I irritated my neck blow drying my hair so I am staying away from overhead things for a couple of days. Looking forward to doing the CFT by the end of the week.

    Kstr X

  16. Bliss said

    Warm up as Rx’ed!!!! You are hilarious Jeff! 🙂

    That was good workout. Started out as Rx’d but box jumps were not my friend today.

    Hearts = Sledgehammer Strikes
    Spades = 21″ step ups
    Diamonds = Burpees – no jump 😦
    Clubs = 24kg Russian Kettlebell Swings
    Joker = 20 Pull Ups *** missed one set of these – thanks Paul…I know it’s weak Stef!


  17. Nicole said

    I did my CFT this morning for the first time but will do a rough comparison with results I’ve got recorded in log book from wods…

    Back squat: 70kg @ 1 x rep ( I was doing 42.5kg for backsquats in May 2010 )
    Strict press: 37.5kg @ 1 x rep ( No record of STRICT PRESS in book but PUSH PRESS in June= 37.5kg)
    Dead lift : 105kg @ 1x rep ( last PB for DL a few months ago was 97.5 )

    Happy with strengh improvments 🙂

  18. The Cell said

    Way to go Nicole geez between you and Bliss Bomb im going to have to pull out some big numbers to even look half decent, oh and I forgot the might mouse Mandy when she does hers.


  19. The Cell said

    Blow drying your hair????

    What hair, its short, why do you need to blow dry it???



  20. Kate said

    To look pretty Stef!!!!

  21. Kate said

    Stormer did you also forget my numbers, they will be intimidating!!!!

  22. The Cell said

    Total = 392.5kgs (863.5lbs) Puts me firmly between Intermediate and Advanced.

    Happy with that considering my lack of training recently. Deadlift PB x 2.5kgs. Squat 5kg under PB and Press 2.5kg under PB but a CFT PB by 22.5kgs!

    Great efforts by all in the CFT and awesome stuff by Luke F-J going the deck of cards alone tonight. He stopped for a spew around the 10 min mark before continuing on. Putting it all on the line! Awesome!

    Jase 🙂

  23. The Cell said

    Warm up
    5min airdyne
    mobility drills
    3 rounds of
    5 x OHS broomstick
    5 x dead hang pull ups
    5 x HSPU to 1 abmat
    5 x push up

    For time
    40kg press
    Ring support
    30sec constant
    TIME = 13.40min

    3min intermission

    100 cal airdyne
    1km row
    100 cal airdyne


    *Intensity still only moderate, but slowly introducing other movements, an slowly increasing intensity…

    Kate you don’t need to blow dry your hair to look pretty, you naturally glow…

  24. The Cell said

    Dana’s first CFT, very cute

    Warm Up
    500m Row + squats, swings, pushup, pullup, situp

    Backsquat 6.5kg
    Press 19.5kg
    Deadlift 55kg

    Big effort from Mary who trained along side her while Corey knocked out the WOD.

    PB’s across the board for Mary. Awesome

    4.30 and 5.30 class’s big efforts with lots of PB,s and smiling faces.
    Very Mintox.

    Bella still not happy 😦


  25. Storm said


    Im to scared to even think about what numbers you will pull, actually I’m feeling inadequate already.

    In a nice way of course, thank goodness Michelle is not running on all 12 cylinders, otherwise Vicki would find me curled up in corner in the foetal position rocking from the numbers I know she can pull.

    Mwah Mwah


  26. Bliss said

    Oh Dana!!!! Join us at lunchtime!!!

    Nice work on the CFT!

  27. Lisa said

    CFT Numbers –

    Back Squat – 70kg
    Press – 35kg (for some reason this felt like 100kg, I know I can normally press more but it wasn’t happening!!)
    Deadlift 100kg


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