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Thursday 07 October 2010

Posted by The Coach on October 6th, 2010

-Unload Week-
Overhead Squat
3 x 5 x 60% 5RM

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3 rounds for time of:
50kg Power Clean, 10 reps
Ring Dip, 10 reps

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26 Responses to “Thursday 07 October 2010”

  1. Mark said

    amazing what a couple of days off in the sun will do, really pumped for this. See you bright and early.

  2. The Cell said

    The sun is the giver all of life that is my friend. Absorb it when you can and whilst you can…



  3. Vicki said

    What? No thrusters? Totally gutted 😉

  4. The Cell said

    I am also deeply hurt… I am upset there are no thrusters, now I will become depressed and my ears despaired at the fact of not being able to hear everybody whinge about there being thrusters again…

    How sad…



  5. Rhys said

    I hate thrusters, we should do more of them more often. Heavy, light, lots, that will fix my hatered. The more the better.

  6. Bliss said

    oh Rhys…I hate them too but unlike you, I have a long, long list of things to work on.

    Just one of those being my kip. Maybe I’ll institute the Mike Willey school of kip training…a hundred pullups, thrusters etc…post workout…

    We train with some exceptional people and for that, I am personally very glad…and inspired! 🙂

  7. Steve said

    Really good article from Freddy Camacho at CrossFit One World… some very valid points.
    Please read if you have the time…

  8. Jase said

    The Thrusters will come guys. You may not have to wait long but be thankful this is an unload week :-p

  9. Vicki said

    LOVE power cleans 🙂

    It was fantastic being trained by Kate this morning – thank you!

    OHS” 20kg

    PC @ 24kg
    Ring dip blue band

    Need to progress up the band for dips – this felt very easy. 24kg for the cleans was OK, a good starting point. I loved this WOD!

    Rock on 5.30 crew!
    Adam gets a shout out for the excellent tunes.

  10. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Dynamic mobility

    Row 500m, 1 minute rest, x 10

    Damper setting on 1, Strokes per minute 19 – 21, Times 2:02.7 – 1:55.2

    This was a good session, the first 2 repeats were over 2 min, the rest being under, and the last was the quickest. Next week I will do a light 1k row for warmup, which should help me have all under 2 minutes.

    Rhys, I love your thinking. 🙂

  11. Amith said

    -Unload Week-

    Overhead Squat with Single KB
    3 x 5 x 60% 5RM (16Kg)


    3 rounds for time of:
    35kg Power Clean, 10 reps
    Bar Dip, 10 reps

    PC’s need a little work(thanks kate) but felt good with no shoulder pain.

    Great work from the morning crew

    Enjoy the good weather everyone.

  12. Graeme said

    Hmm, feeling the pain after the first session back in a month last night, thx steve

  13. Travis said

    Overhead Squat
    3×5 @ 40kg


    3 rounds for time of:
    50kg Power Clean, 10 reps
    Ring Dip, 10 reps

    = 3:36

  14. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    100cal airdyne
    Mobility drills
    Parcatice HSPU, Handstand holds, push ups, pull ups

    100cal airdyne
    7 rounds of:
    1 x rope ascent
    2 x HSPU
    3 x dead hang pull up
    5 x slow air squat
    7 rounds of:
    1 x rope ascent (opposite foot lock in)
    15 x push up
    3 x dead hang pull up
    100cal airdyne

    Mobility and long stretch


  15. Steve said

    Warm up: 3km run

    WOD: 3 rft of 10 power cleans (50kg) + 10 ring dips

    Time: 3:08

    Then: 3km run

  16. The Cell said

    Come on Steve your killing me…..

    I will have to bow down and start saying “I am not worthy” when in your prescense.


  17. Biljana said

    Steve…your warm up is definately my workout and then some!! 😀

  18. Stef said

    F**K you Steve and your anabolic steroids!

    Wait until I come back, I will also take them and cease to be a DEMI GOD and begin to be a GOD such as you…

    The day is beckoning…



  19. Steve said

    “When the true messiah returns to take up his rightful place, all shall bow before him.”

    I look forward to that day…

    “Remember that fitness is a goal inadvertently attained through the systematic overestimation of yourself in all fields. It’s a byproduct of setting the bar too high, of striving for perfection and falling just short. It’s knowing that you’ll never get there but trying your damnedest nonetheless”

  20. Jase said

    Time to change the deoderant. 3 classes tonight. 1 athlete! WTF. There were more late cancels today than there were people training. Is everyone getting just a little soft!?

    Jase 🙂

  21. Glen Lewis said

    OHS and Thrusters are the toughest in my little world.

    Need to find something to do in Manila next week and Cape Town the week after. Going to get very soft I am thinking 😦

  22. Jeff said

    Would have loved to have been able to make it Jason but I got home at 2030.

    No I was not one of the ones who late canceled from his classes this afternoon. (Don’t ask about any other classes. Sorry Steve, Kate.)

  23. Storm said

    KStarre and Bliss Bomb doing the dance of the GHD……


  24. The Cell said

    Inadequacy at its best! You know I love you both…




  25. Biljana said

    Glen my friend… your answer is Deck Of Cards WODs with different body weight movements 😀

    …one of my fave wods except when Stef makes me do Hindu Push Ups 😯 … hahahaha Luv ya Stef

  26. Bliss said

    What a striking compliment! Thanks Stef.

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