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Wednesday 06 October 2010

Posted by The Coach on October 5th, 2010

-Unload Week-
For time:
Pull-Up, 25 reps
Run, 400m
42.5kg Thruster, 12 reps
Run, 400m
42.5kg Thruster, 12 reps
Run, 400m
Pull-Up, 25 reps

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28 Responses to “Wednesday 06 October 2010”

  1. Biljana said

    😯 More Pull Ups??
    I think I’m over them now! Thanks.

  2. The Cell said

    This one’s for you Andrew 😉


  3. andrew said

    its like fcking groundhog day with pullups and thrusters round here

    QUOTE we got you strong now we need to get you tough UNQUOTE ..indeed..

  4. The Cell said

    Andrew, I love you…


  5. Steve said

    Only 1/2 of “daniel”????

  6. Storm said

    So I take it you will doing it as RXD then Biljana.

    Sx 🙂

  7. The Cell said

    Yep, only 1/2 Steve. It’s an unload week.

    Jase 🙂

  8. Steve said

    Fair enough… Dont know who that bloke in the photo is but WOW , what a package. I dont think I’ve ever seen bigger lats. I assume he is some famous athlete. 🙂

  9. Biljana said

    Storm… You know I can’t resist giving it a crack…Rx’d it is no matter how long it takes… 😀

  10. andrew said

    WU – 400m row, The Cell (TM) KB Complex

    WOD: For time

    Pull-Up, 25 reps
    Airdyne, 40 cal
    42.5kg Thruster, 12 reps
    Airdyne, 40 cal
    42.5kg Thruster, 12 reps
    Airdyne, 40 cal
    Pull-Up, 25 reps


    Did rowing and then airdyne as my knee has been a bit tender since box jump week. Tried to keep intensity up and hit 1.2kw at least fleetingly each round

    Good work Pete Y – sub 10, you smashed it bro’..

  11. Mandy said

    Im in dutsy christmas creek – I hope I can get to this WOD!

  12. Travis said

    For time:
    Pull-Up, 25 reps
    Run, 400m
    42.5kg Thruster, 12 reps
    Run, 400m
    42.5kg Thruster, 12 reps
    Run, 400m
    Pull-Up, 25 reps

    = 13:15ish ?

  13. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Run 400m, Cell KB complex x 2, Mobility.

    WOD as Rx’d = 9:17

    Running is fun 🙂

  14. graeme said

    im back !

  15. The Cell said

    BAM! The man has returned! Get that boy of yours to move his backside back in to training also!



  16. Lisa said

    Warm up –

    400m run
    KB Mobility complex (8kg)

    For time –

    Pull-Up, 25 reps (orange band)
    Run, 400m
    30kg Thruster, 12 reps
    Run, 400m
    30kg Thruster, 12 reps
    Run, 400m
    Pull-Up, 25 reps (orange band)

    14.40 mins

    This was a great WOD! The thrusters were fine; first set was unbroken, second set was 6 reps/6 reps. The pull ups were slow – it was the first time I have used the orange band for that many reps and by the end I was doing 2 reps at a time with not much kipping action. It was painful!

    My apologies to the 630am crew for having to watch me endure that torture after you had all finished!!! Oh well, it can only get better!! 🙂

  17. Lisa said

    Welcome back Graeme – looking forward to seeing you and Pete back at The Cell!!

  18. Bliss said

    Lisa…you are a champ! Nice work.

    You know we all enjoy watching the torture.

    Pete, seriously impressive…that’s all.

  19. Anthony said

    welcome back Graeme. I look forward to some travel stories on Saturday! Awesome work Pete!! You are a machine mate.

    Anth 🙂

  20. The Cell said

    Warm up –

    400m run
    KB Mobility complex x 2

    As Rx’d
    Time = 11:24
    I had 20 pull-ups to go at the 10min mark 😦

    Also had a play with 40kg front squats in preparation for the Smoker Challenge. I thought this was tough and then realized I will have to do 45kg to go as Rx’d. Damn! It doesn’t matter how many times I do the math it still comes out too heavy 🙂

    Bring it!!!!!


  21. Mark said

    you guys are hilarious. love it!

  22. Steve said

    Just love training with the lunchtime folks… Only missing Bliss Bomb today, but I see she is training @ 4:30 so I’ll forgive her!

    WOD as Rxd: 8:00

    Felt like I should have gone faster as I actually felt quite good once we got started. First set of pull ups and all thrusters unbroken; last set of pull ups was 16/9.

    Finished with a couple of climbs up the peg board; a much under-utilised piece of equipment.

  23. Bliss said


    you are my new demi-god.

  24. The Cell said

    WHOA! Back up Bliss! Relax with your words! Careful what you say! Zeus shall strike you down with his lightening bolt! And yes I am referring to myself in the third person! 🙂

    Steve, I am not sure who that sorry excuse for a human being is in today’s pic, but by the stillness of the image it does not appear he is moving very fast, well DEFINITELY not as fast as you moved today!!! Off the performance enhancers…

    I can understand why Bliss wants you as her new Demi God…




    PS. I wish I could train…


  25. graeme said

    yes! back to the cell tonight, BAM !!!

    blow out some of those nasty jetlag cobwebs ………….

  26. Tereena said

    Hi Steve,
    I have no number to contact you…I soooo sorry have had to late cancel…first was drama with one of my boys, then there was still a chance I could make it, then just found out Anthony still not left work, so now no chance 😦
    Sorry 😦 😦 😦

  27. Rhys said

    I was so excited about this all day. Then to walk through the door and see steve had done it in 8.00. Challenge had been laid. Well done craig for 8.16.

    WOD as Rx’d 9.00

    Lung busting fun.

  28. Biljana said

    For time:
    Pull-Up, 15 reps
    Run, 400m
    30kg Thruster, 12 reps
    Run, 400m
    30kg Thruster, 12 reps
    Run, 400m
    Pull-Up, 15 reps

    13.44 min

    When push came to shove – lacked confidence in myself to do the full 25 Pull Ups so scaled back to 15 but did them unassisted…managed 6 and 7 in a row at one point. Something to be said for mental attitude and being confident in yourself when approaching a WOD…I didn’t bring it tonight…let a little fear of failure and pain creep in. Oh weel…another day…I’m sure there will be more Pull Ups and Thrusters to come… 😀

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