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Monday 04 October 2010

Posted by The Coach on October 3rd, 2010

– Unload Week –
3 x 3 x 60% 3RM

Post loads to comments


15-12-9 rep rounds for time of:
16kg Double Kettlebell Clean to Thruster

Post time to comments

A Huge congratulations to Michael Alessandrini for competing in the Wild West Power lifting competition over the weekend. He broke PB’s in all 3 lifts. Well done Michael, your efforts and dedication in training have been reflected in competition!

14 Responses to “Monday 04 October 2010”

  1. andrew said

    thrusters!!..well we havent seen those for A-G-E-S…

  2. kate said

    Andrew you are Gold!!!! Absolute Gold!

  3. andrew said

    WU – 800m run, mobility, 50 x 16kg KB swings, hip mobility

    DL – with fat bar 3 x 3 x 100kg+bar

    WOD – as rx’ed 7 mins something

    as usual 1st set of cleans2thrusters was unbroken and then all rapidly downhill from there on in..

  4. andrew said

    but hey I was sub 10..awesome bro’…

  5. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Run 800m, Mobility, KB swings.

    Deadlift 3 x 3 @ 80kg

    WOD as Rx’d = 6:05 (backed off day, so tried to keep my heart rate low, mostly succeeded 🙂 )

  6. Steve said

    Post courtesy of CF West Santa Cruz:

    The person who takes the banal and ordinary and illuminates it in a new way can terrify. We do not want our ideas changed. We feel threatened by such demands. “I already know the important things!” we say. Then [the] Changer comes and throws our old ideas away. — Frank Herbert.

    CrossFit has done just that. It has taken the ordinary and illuminated it in a new way. There is not that much brand new about CrossFit. Cleans, swings, pullups, sprints, presses, jumps, front squats. Yep, been around for a while. So why does CrossFit terrify? Its concept of intensity threatens mainstream fitness thinking. Its concept of athletic egalitarianism threatens mainstream strength and conditioning. It’s not the minutia of CrossFit, the movements and the lifts, but the essence. The philosophy, the pedagogy, the macros.

    Take a 40 year old soccer mom and train her as you would a rugby player? Sprints, lifts, squats, jumps. Leave her on the floor and tell her “good job, but really work on keeping the arms straighter on the 2nd pull next time.” What? That’s not the way it is supposed to be. That kind of stuff is for college athletes, not family therapists and literature majors and my mom. It’s ridiculous to hold these people to the same regimen and standards that one would linebackers and wrestlers. We beg to differ, and the evidence, the results, prove us right again and again.

    Along with it all, is the fear, the utter terrifying fear, that comes with being told “you can do it”. That is one of the most frightening phrases ever uttered. They may not know it, but people love hiding behind a perceived inability to do something. It is very very comforting to stay where you are and it is scary to have that taken away. Perhaps the greatest achievement of CrossFit is to absolutely insist that “you can do it.”

    We don’t want you to just push your limits, a second faster here, a pound heavier there, one more rep now and again. That’s the little stuff, the micro. We want you to fundamentally reevaluate what you, as a human being, are capable of. Because, no matter what is thrown at you, no matter how impossible it may appear right now, you can do it.

    And that, those four words, constitutes a completely new approach to health and fitness, to life.

    A new way.

  7. Anthony said

    Steve, after reading this, I told my secretary ” I’ll be back in a minute” and I got in my car, drove to the post office, and delivered the mail. Cause you know what, I CAN do it! hahahaha

    Seriously though, I agree with this 100%. When I did my first session at The Cell and got up the next day walking like a senior citizen, I was thinking OMG I am going to struggle to do this again. I was f****n unfit. But I have chipped away at it and slowly improvements have been made and fitness / strength has increased. Now I am doing things I could not do when I was 20 even though I still have a loooong way to go before I consider myself “The Cell fit”. This for me is the new way.

    Anth 🙂

  8. Vicki said

    Oh the joy of thrusters…

    Deads: 45kg

    WOD 8kg kb’s, blue band 4.43.
    Bit yuck, but over quick.

    Pilates. It was funny.
    Instructor: Do you do weights”
    Me: “a bit, I do crossfit”
    I: I could tell you lift things when you walked in …
    🙂 Must be my manly forearms.

  9. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    100cal airdyne
    MObility drills

    Executed with control and very slow
    1 x T2B +
    1 x Dead hang pull up
    X5 = 1 round
    5 Rounds untimed

    Executed with control and very slow
    1 x ring dip +
    1 x K2C
    X5 = 1 round
    5 Rounds untimed

    Airdyne calories: 50-40-30-20-10 cal
    Ring push ups: 10-20-30-40-50 reps
    TIME = 15.40min

    Long stretch


    *Back still not right, but moving around it and not pushing it. Will continue to work through this and do my best to get back to better than I can be…

  10. Amith said

    Crossfit: Sub 10 Club.

    Laughed my ass off, a little bit of piss taking never hurt anyone its always good for keeping one’s self grounded and not become too obssessed with things in life.

    Catch-ya tomorrow morning for a sub 10 ha !!

  11. Andrew said

    awesome bro’

  12. Jane said

    love the pilates comment Vicki – that’s an added benefit of CF – you end up looking fab 🙂

  13. Biljana said

    Warm Up – 800m run, mobility, 50 KB swings, 1x CFWU

    Strength – 3×3 Deadlifts @ 65kg

    WOD: As Rx’d
    7.44 min 🙂

    Trained with an awesome crew of guys tonight!!

  14. Storm said

    Well done Biljana

    Yesterday WOD at home 10 min AMRAP

    1 pullup
    (on my new pullup bar, it is not very stable as it swings and the bar will rotate so grip and hip movement have to be concentrated on)
    2 handstand pushups
    (nearly to the single abmat)
    5 20kg OH Squats
    10 back extensions
    Nearly got 8 rounds, Bella wanted to join in so slowed me down a bit.

    Warmup as on board
    Strength – Deadlift 3 x 3 @ 60kg
    WOD as rxd
    Time = 6.46 I am sure on the minutes but not sure on the seconds.
    Would have been quicker but I had a seniors moment and went to the bar after 12 only to realise that something was not quite right as Steve was still on the thrusters, so after asking and being corrected finished the 3 I forgot and moved on. DUH.

    Great atompsphere this afternoon, the guys that I took for fundamentals were impressed, thank you for you spirit and enthusiasm.


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