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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Posted by The Coach on September 20th, 2010

Push Press
3-3-3 reps
1 x 12 x 60% 3RM

Post loads to comments

3 rounds for time of:
Pull Up, 10 reps
60kg Clean & Jerk, 10 reps
21″ Box Jump, 10 reps

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17 Responses to “Tuesday 21 September 2010”

  1. Will F said

    Hit up Ocktoberfest the last 3 days, my arm muscles are aching from lifting stiens all weekend. Managed to sneak in some one handed pushups too!

    Almost a work out.

  2. andrew said

    WU – 800 run, mobility,samson stretch cum lunge/bear crawl combo, CFWU x 2

    PP – 3 x 67.5/72.5/75kg 12 x 57.5kg

    WOD – as rx;ed 08:53 ( I think)

    wasnt really feeling it today but ended up not a bad session

    stef doesnt understand that at my age i cant be setting PB’s every session – and that if i did i would be lifting superheavy weights with my time in the game..

  3. Nicole Quirk said

    What do you mean Andrew… ? you had me fooled…. I always thought you were in your 20’s like everyone at The Cell πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    One of my fav things about the Cell… the quality and diversity of us all…

    It’s brilliant we all get to train together those ‘young in age’ and those ‘less young in age’…
    I always have fun and learn alot from sharing time at The Cell !! thankyou !!

    Warm Up: 800m run, mobility, 2x CF warm up

    Strengh: Power cleans 3x3x3= 32.5, 37.5, 42.5

    WOD: scaled (unhappy shoulder)
    Ring Rows x 10
    Power Clean x10
    Box jumps 21″ x 10

    Time: 6:18

    went to beach after training and ahh….. chickened out, water was freezing !!

    Gr8 work morning crew, & welcome to The Cell Mark

    Have a great day guys πŸ™‚

  4. Jason R said

    1000m Row
    2 x CFWU

    3 x 3 x 3
    75 – 85 – 100kgs (Pb)
    1 x 15 @ 60kgs

    3 RFT
    10 x Pull-ups
    10 x Clean and Jerk
    10 x 21″ Box Jump

    Time = 6:38

    The human body is truely an amazing thing – spent yeasterday digging soakwell and this morning I could barely lift my self out of bed, yet was still able to pull out a PB and a fairly respectable time. Feeling beter for the experience – still hurting all over.

  5. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    5min airdyne
    Mobility drills
    1 x CF warm up + Head stand push ups x 10 reps

    Rounds = 24 + 1 pull up

    * Not too happy with this performance, about 3 – 4 rounds off my best. A couple of weeks ago I hurt my back (quadratis lumbrorum apparently), it has escalated and I have continued to train, when I hurt my back, there was nothing specific that I felt go, or aggravated. Just sort of woke up with tightness so that is why I have continued training as it has not been too sore. From the 3rd round in I was feeling my back on the squats, the inner warrior in us says keep going, you have started, you must finish, so I did. probably not the smartest move…

    I was super keen to do today’s work prescription, but thought the C & J would further aggravate my back as the past couple of weeks it has not been really going away, but not really getting too much worse but the past couple days has flared up a little. That was reason I did Cindy as I thought it would be easier on my back, that did not work as I thought it would have. I finished the 20mins. My back is quite sore now, I will see my physio tomorrow and WILL take a minimum of 5 full days off, the pain is quite high and I am not impressed with the way my body is dealing with this. I would like to believe that my pain levels and thresh hold is quite high, this is actually getting to me pain wise; my movement is limited. I hope this is just muscular.

    Great job to Dan for cracking a PB and a new Cell record for Cindy! Good job brother! And lay off the jungle juice!

    Peace out as am out for a few days (at least)… 😦


  6. Dan said

    Hope that the back is alright mate,

    It was great training with you Stef after such a long time away.

    I’m sure that every athelete that pushes themselve to a higher standard each and every day, such as you, has experienced small hurdles with injury, as you know it will give you more determination and drive to come back bigger and stronger. Keep your head up, and if all else fails I will give you some of this gungle juice πŸ˜‰ hehe….


    1000m row
    CF warm up
    16kg kettle bell swings (50reps)

    28 rounds + 4 Pull Ups (PB)

  7. The Cell said

    WOOHOO Rhys is in the house…..

  8. Andrew said

    dan – i hope that was with a 15kg vest πŸ™‚

  9. Dan said

    Hey Andrew,

    I love your optimistic assessment of my performance.

    Negative – Weight vest, however does pizza’s, pasta , gelato every day for 3 weeks and cake for breakfast count as a weight vest? πŸ˜‰


    P.S Hope you are doing well Rhys, looking forward to seeing you around

  10. Andrew said

    dan – somehow cant see you with a spare tyre even eating all that stuff..

  11. Pete Yeates said

    Cindy hurt Stef, so Dan thrashed her into 28 + rounds, and it’s lucky for Cindy that Dan went easy on her, because he had been on vacation eating lots of pizza.

  12. Storm said

    Very funny Pete πŸ™‚

    3 x 500 m row, keeping under 2.05 for each

    Snatch Practice 5 x 3 reps at 25kg
    Working on getting under the bar quicker with a solid lock out overhead.

    800 m Run
    1 round of crossfit warm-up

    Push Press 3/3/3 40kg across the board

    Pull-ups x 10
    Clean and Jerk x 10 (prescribed 42.5) 35kg
    Box jumps x 10

    Time 7.54

    Trying to get back into a regular training routine building up slowly concentrating on form and less stops during the WOD”s.
    My motto being “Just because I can doesn’t mean I should”

    A big Hi 5 to Mandy awesome effort right on my tail keeping me honest, she did the WOD with 40kg for the C&J. I don’t call her mighty mouse for nothing, always a pleasure to train along side you.

    Hope you are feeling better Stef x

    S x

  13. Lisa said


    Sounds like Mandy is still carving it up in my absence!
    Gym at Marvel Loch is small but well kitted out (it even has a kettlebell!).

    For time (using old school equipment and making a few people stare)

    1000m row
    4km cross trainer (level 14, random program)
    40 tricep dips
    40 push ups

    37 minutes something…. classic πŸ˜‰

  14. mandy said

    πŸ™‚ storm. I said tonight how much I dislike that rack near the seats.

    I went there tonight because I knew you would keep me honest πŸ™‚

    I walked in there tonight thinking I could, but I just needed someone to give me a nod.

    Thanks for the nod

    You are who my dad bazza would call someone made of the really great stuff!

    In fact he would say that about each and every coach at the cell.

    Believe me. My dad is the best man in the universe – so that is a high accolade!

    Peace out ….

  15. Storm said

    I bow to dad BAZZA

    Thanks Mandy

    S x

  16. Jase said


    I’d suggest it is unrealistic and even unsafe for you to attempt a PB every session. That’s just not going to happen, otherwise you would be back squatting somewhere in the vicinity of 2.5 tonne by now! πŸ™‚

    With the more mature trainer (talking chronological age, not training age), much of the focus needs to be on maintaining good movement patterns. There’s no point knocking out a PB every session if your squat gets progressively higher. Full ROM with great form is essential. Then and only then should more load be added. Much of the focus needs to be on maintaining and even increasing mobility, rather than pure max strength. Additionally, it’s necessary with someone like yourself, given your years of lifting heavy shit (high training age), to utlise more intermediate and advanced strategies in your training.

    For instance, this week you’d go heavy on your deads up to a heavy triple at 95% 1RM, but next week you drop that back and say do 3 x 3 sets across of speed sets at 50-60% 1RM. The following week it may ramp up again and you’ll work up to a heavy triple at 85% 1RM. The next week drops back for a 3 x 3 across at 80% 1RM and then you attack 95% 1RM again.

    That’s a very rough outline of a 5-week plan for deads but gives you some food for thought. As coaches, we’re guided largely by how you’re feeling and especially, how you’re recovering from sessions. It’s important to let us know that and for many (not yourself) important to check the ego at the door.

    Jase πŸ™‚

  17. Travis said

    Push Press
    3×3 @ 42,52.5,60kg PB
    1×12 @ 36kg

    3 rounds for time of:
    Pull Up, 10 reps
    50kg Clean & Jerk, 10 reps
    21β€³ Box Jump, 10 reps

    Time = 9:07

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