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Tuesday 14 September 2010

Posted by The Coach on September 13th, 2010

Push Press
3-3-3 reps
1 x 12 x 60% 3RM


For time:
100m run
30 Pull Ups
200m run
25 Pull Ups
300m run
20 Pull Ups
400m run
15 Pull Ups
500m run
10 Pull Ups

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27 Responses to “Tuesday 14 September 2010”

  1. The Cell said

    C’mon guys. Let’s see who can come up with the best comment.

    Stef is saying to Corey, “……………………..”

    Maybe the best comment will win a prize…………….. 😉

    Jase 😛

  2. The Cell said

    OK, I’ll kick it off,

    “Feel the pain b*#ch. Who’s ya daddy?! I’m ya daddy!”

    Jase 😛

  3. Ash said

    Stef: “C’mon Corey, that’s just my warm up!”

  4. Jase said

    “The pain is only within your conscious mind Corey. Step into your sub consciousness and free yourself from the shackles of conscious self limiting beliefs”


  5. Mary-Anne said

    Push Press 3-3-3 reps 20-30-40 kg (last rep @ 40kg not a winner)
    1 x 12 x 60% 3RM = 22.5kg

    Then For time:
    100m run 30 Pull Ups
    200m run 25 Pull Ups
    300m run 20 Pull Ups
    400m run 15 Pull Ups
    500m run 10 Pull Ups

    16.something minutes…sorry, forgot to write it down. Super busy socialising with the 06:30am crew 🙂

    First day back after 2wk holiday, feeling so much more balanced. Life is great.

    Hey Bianca – check out x

  6. Andrew said

    WU – 400m run, mobility, CFWU x 2

    PP – 3 x 65/75/77.5(F on 2nd rep) 10 x 55kg

    WOD – as rx’ed 17:42

  7. Enzo said

    We’re going to do this at 5am Corey…..

  8. The Cell said

    100cl airdyne
    Mobility drills
    1 x Burgener warm up with 20kg
    1 x Burgener warm up with 30kg

    Snatch practice


    5RFT of:
    Backsquat @ 125% of B/W (100kg), 5reps
    Burpees, 10 reps
    TIME = 5.56min

    Rest equal amount of time as WOD above

    Then:For time:
    100m run
    30 Pull Ups
    200m run
    25 Pull Ups
    300m run
    20 Pull Ups
    400m run
    15 Pull Ups
    500m run
    10 Pull Ups
    TIME = 11.57min


    *This was tough, a real lung buster, today was tough, missed a few snatches and really the only good set of 60kg was the first set, the other sets at 60kg were below average, the 40’s were good, that is why I dropped the load and focused on form. Backsquats were heavy…

    By the way, I am actually saying: “Corey can I please keep Kimba” (his Aikida puppy)



  9. Mary-Anne said

    ….Corey, you need to get sneakers like mine – biodegradable….?

  10. The Cell said

    That could of been reserved for another conversation…



  11. Steve said

    All the pull ups unbroken Stef?

  12. Steve said

    The Cell is being noticed world wide thanks to our athletes…

  13. graeme said

    hi all having a ball here in sanfrancisco ….

    for time
    biked the golden gate
    been to the castro
    boat trip and tour around alchatraz
    napa valley and some good reds

    ahhh… im nackered, i feel like corey looks – having a ball !!

  14. graeme said

    PS: driving to LA tommorrow … wish me luck!

  15. stef said

    Broken pullups my friend. Forgive me Steve but I cannot see the relevance in the link you posted brother? Trying to see relation or a link to The Cell, but cannot, please forgive my ignorance or lack of awareness…

    Mike W gave it a crack today and got a touch over 12mins, sub 11 mins for you Steve! I can feel it in my bones

    Batty, keep on rolling my friend! reads as if you are having a great time, make sure you are having fun for us also!!!



  16. Jason R said

    4-5minutes skipping
    Mobility 2 x Bergner

    Power Snatch 3x3x3x3x3

    Grace 30 x Clean and Press
    Time = 3:13

    21-15-9 Thruster

  17. stef said

    Rectified Steve, for some reason that link was taking me to another site. But got on to it! Good old Scotty! Great pic!



  18. Jase said

    Cmon people. Where are the comments!??

    Steve, I concur with Stef. WTF are we looking at on the CFE link??


  19. Bliss said

    Strict Press: 3-3-3 reps 27-30-36 (failure)
    1 x 12 x 60% 3RM = 25kg – thanks for the form ‘touch up’ Stef!

    For time:
    100m row
    30 Pull Ups
    200m row
    25 Pull Ups
    300m row
    20 Pull Ups
    400m row
    15 Pull Ups
    500m row
    10 Pull Ups
    TIME = 19?? whatever it was…it was slow. The most number of pullups I have done in a WOD unassisted, I think. Was not pretty and Stef had occasion to mention the rather rabid leg movement but apart from that, all good!

  20. Steve said

    Dont know what happened to that link… There was a photo of Scott Fielding on the CFE main site. Added the link from the defence network, so it probably just crapped itself. Check out the CFE site and it should be there.

    Stef-I know it doesn’t count because I didnt go first but any way…

    Today’s Wod as rxd: 9:54

    Pullups went 30, 15+10, 12+8, 10+5, 10

    Good work from all today… Love the banter!

  21. stef said

    I suppose sub 10mins fresh is not a ‘BAD’ time Steve…

    Il have to do that one again Steve, chasing you will be fun…



  22. stef said

    BTW, super fast time brother, very impressive!



  23. Lisa said

    Push Press


    1 x 12 @ 27.5kg

    WOD with a red band

    16.21 mins

    My pull ups were crap but I was happy with the running! Challenging WOD, well done 530pm crew. Carole – you smashed it! 🙂

  24. Storm said


    San Francisco is awesome glad you guys are having fun, shame you didnt get to the Japanese Restaraunt.

    Havent been to LA in a few years, oh thats right they didnt want to let me in the country there……&^%$*& Yanks.

    Keep posting keep smiling.


  25. Stef: “I’ve got nothing but peace and serenity – that’s what 100 pull ups for time does for you!”

    Push Press: 3-3-3 reps 25-30-35
    1 x 12 x 60% 3RM = 20kg

    For time:
    100m run
    15 Pull Ups
    200m run
    13 Pull Ups
    300m run
    10 Pull Ups
    400m run
    8 Pull Ups
    500m run
    5 Pull Ups

    Time: 14:48mins

    I agree – this one was a lung buster! I liked it. Thanks for the tape magic Carole and welcome to our gym Trent!

  26. Glen Lewis said

    Got invited to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,900m) in 5 weeks time. Sounds like a fun trip, so am going.

    Any suggestions as to what supplementary workouts I should be doing besides usual WODS?

    Am thinking of daily walks up and down either Mount Street (near Kings Park) or Kokoda Memorial Trail (also at Kings Park).

  27. Jase said

    Hmmm, no comments have really set the world on fire. Sorry guys, no prize.

    Gotta being your A game to the Cell.

    Jase 🙂

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