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Friday 10 September 2010

Posted by The Coach on September 9th, 2010

As Many Reps as Possible in 10 minutes of:
60kg Ground to Overhead
Rest 1 min, then
Row as many metres as possible in 10 minutes

Post total reps and metres to comments


18 Responses to “Friday 10 September 2010”

  1. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Mobility, Row 1k

    WOD scaled to 40kg’s

    Ground to overhead = 45 reps
    10 min row = 2509 m

  2. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    600m run
    3min airdyne
    MObility drills
    Day 1 of Gymnastics warm up

    All with 30lb vest:

    On the min for 15 mins: 4 x burpee pullup + 8 x walking lunges

    3 min rest, then

    5 RFT of 3 x large tyre flip + 2 x shoulder to OH (80kg) + 1 x rope climb
    Time: 6.44min


    *This is what Steve did on Wednesday. F**K you Steve and your work outs! This was tough, the mental barrier of doing those split jerks was difficult to wrap my head around, was almost going to do 70kg, as the warm up on those did not feel great. But the 80kg came up ok (even with the vest on). They were really ugly (technically) splits, but the weight came up. Emphasises the personal point to myself that I need to work on split jerks a little more!

    Thanks for the pain Steve…



    P.S. Great work by all this morning, looking forward to the midday crew giving it their best!

  3. Steve said

    Very nice Stef…

    How was the vest? That is an awesome time.

  4. Steve said

    I just realised something Stef… I think you were only put on this earth to make anything I do look second rate…

    But seriously, I don’t think it is healthy for you to be on that many performance-enhancing drugs. It’s just not worth it.

    I’m only training with Rod from now on

  5. Travis said

    WOD Scaled to 40kg

    Ground to overhead = 58 reps
    Rest 1 min
    10 min row = 2529 m

  6. The Cell said

    Rod loves me and you, do not make him choose! That would not be fair! You are one of the greats if not the greatest, to battle you would be worse than Zeus challenging Poseidon. I choose not this path, but to rather retreat quietly. Remember, a great Demi God once said; it does not count if you are chasing…

    BTW, that vest is absolutely deluxe! Where do I get one from, besides the weight, I did not know I had it on, very comfortable and mobile!




  7. kate said

    Stef, you realize what performance enhancing drugs do to your manhood. Tom Selleck is getting further and further out of reach.

    CFWU x 2, plus handstand practice

    20min of 1min row, 1 min thruster (30kg).

    Min row = 195m
    Max row = 250m
    Average = 210m

    Min thruster = 9
    Max Thruster = 12 (only in the first round, then one set of 10 and then all 9s)


  8. Jase said

    Steve, Stef. Stop the man love right now. It’s scaring me! :-p

    80kg jerks, seriously boys ramp the weight up!

  9. Steve said

    It was 80kg shoulder to oh; I used a strict press, Stef must have jerked his..

  10. The Cell said

    I did, with one arm…


  11. Storm said

    Rod loves me the best anyway Steve and Stef no choosing to do for him. BAM.

    Lunch time crew BAM BAM effort good thought for technique shown by all a the rowing is comming along

    Fantastic job Mithcell you did not pause and kept slugging it out right to the end.
    Not everyone can breath, talk, row, try to understand me and look at me on a funny angle while trying to comprehend what i am yabbering about while trying to correct thier rowing technique without stopping all at the same time.
    But you managed to WooHoo keep up the good work.

  12. Anthony said

    Guys if anyone can make it, just had to cancel an 8am spot for tomorrow so please someone take the spot. Thank you.

    Anth 🙂

  13. Andrew said

    Rolled with the )6;30 crew as it seems you have to be called pete or peter to roll with the 05:30 crew on a friday these days

    WU – 1000m row, mobility, snatch WU

    WOD – scaled to 40kg as I wanted to practice snatch and i oculd only c&j 60kg

    77 reps

    55 were snatches and the rest c&j. the snatches were so much more efficient

    row 2393 m

    only found my mojo in the rowing in last 3 mins – not happy with first 7 mins

  14. Jase said

    Trained with the 4.30om crew. Me!!

    As rx’d
    62 2358m

    Happy with that. Goals were 60 2k. I hate rowing and can’t recall the last time I rowed any further than 500m. Felt ok though. Butt will feel it tomorrow :-p

    Train hard guys

  15. michelle said

    Warm up: 1000m row, mobility, C&J practice

    1. Max reps GTOH @ 35kg

    Total 67 reps

    2. Max distance rowed in 10min

    Distance = 2385m

    All the GTOHs were C&J – these felt strong, I’ll use 40kg next time they come up 🙂

  16. Jason R said

    Warm up:
    1000m Row
    Ground to Overhead Practice

    Wod: As Rxd
    G2OH = 65
    Row = 2364

    More than happy with that – last week’s 10 minute ground to overhead 52, not a bad improvement for a week! That’s what happens when Stef is around to keep me honest.
    Train hard! See you all Wednesday

  17. The Cell said

    Jase R, you suck! 😛 hahahahaha

    I’m just gonna have to back up tomorrow and do 66 reps and row 2365m!

    Jase 🙂

  18. Ash said

    Warm Up:
    50 calories on Cross Trainer
    1x CFWU


    Ground 2 Overhead @ 35kg: 60
    Then 10 mins on Cross Trainer: 180 calories

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