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Tuesday 07 September 2010

Posted by The Coach on September 6th, 2010

Push Press
3-3-3 reps

1 x 12 reps
Use 60% 3RM


Tabata American Kettlebell Swings, 24kg
After the final 10 sec’s rest
Perform as many Double Unders as possible in 4 mins.

Post total reps for each to comments


14 Responses to “Tuesday 07 September 2010”

  1. michelle said

    Warm up: Skipping, mobility, CFWU x 2

    Strength: Push Press
    3-3-3 @ 30-37.5-45kg
    1 x 12 @ 30kg

    WOD as Rx’d

    Total reps = 244 (101 swings, 143 double unders)


  2. Enzo said

    ……..double unders……..

  3. Nicole Quirk said

    Warm up: Skipping, mobility, CFWU x 2

    Strength: Push Press
    3-3-3 @ 30-35-40kg
    1 x 12 @ 30kg

    WOD: 16kg kb = 10,10,10,8,10,8,9,9,=74
    Double unders = 106
    Total = 180

    Michelle… congratulations as R’xd and 244 reps…. insane result hun, my jaw dropped and my eyes sprung open when I read it 🙂

    Also the spring tidyness of reception desk and white board writting looks great guys:-)

    Great work with your double unders this morning Kell !!

  4. Luke F-J said

    WU – skipping and mobility

    Strength – Push press 3,3,3 @ 70kg,80kg,90kg(PB)
    1×12 @ 60kg

    Then – skip for half hour doing sit-ups and L-hangs for rest

  5. kate said

    Warm up
    Row 500m
    CFWU x 1
    Handstand practice

    3-3-3 @ 60, 65, 70kg

    This is a PB for me. After years of chronic back injuries I am (I’ll be honest) scared to go heavy on deadlifts. I am slowly trying to break this down and build up strength. Really really happy with this weight. Slowly, very slowly seeing improvements.

    1 x 15 @ 40kg

    I did yesterday’s WOD today
    6 RFT
    250m Row
    6 KB snatch right (16kg) (do 18kg KB exist? if I had one, would have used it, 20kg was just too heavy)
    6 KB snatch left
    10 Burpees

    Time = 16:05

    100 Double unders to finish


  6. Andrew said

    kate – i am sure 18kg kb’s exist but do they come in colours to match yr wrist straps? 🙂

  7. kate said

    If it doesn’t come in pink, I’m not using it!
    My new training motto 🙂

  8. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    skipping practice
    Mobility drills
    2 x CF warm up with GHD sit ups and head stand push ups (x10)

    3 x 5 @ 72.5kg

    3 x 3 @ 160kg (left hamstring was sore after yesterday’s WOD, so did npt want to push this here)

    Press + dead hang pull up combo
    3 x press (52.5kg) +
    1 x dead hang +
    3 x press +
    3 x dead hang +
    3 x press +
    5 x dead hang
    = 1 round
    3 rounds untimed

    Tabata American Kettlebell Swings, 24kg
    After the final 10 sec’s rest
    Perform as many Double Unders as possible in 4 mins.
    REPS = 88 Swings + 215 Double unders
    TOTAL = 303



    *Kate you are mintox!!!


  9. Rhys said

    G’day gang
    Back in two weeks… Kinda nervous

    Did todays WOD as Rx’d
    80kb swings
    100 double unders
    Still battling with those double unders, some days I’m ok other days not really.

    See you all soon hopefully 🙂

  10. The Cell said

    Good to hear from you Rhys! Look forward to having you back mate!

    You will be fine, it is us that should be worried, I bet you will be coming back firing!



  11. The Cell said

    Push Press
    65-77.5-87.5 (PB)

    As Rx’d
    KB Swings: 83 reps
    Dble Unders: 150
    Total: 233 reps

    Happy with this. Only trained once last week (but got 3 PB’s in that session!) and this is my first session this week. Hit a PB Push Press at 85kgs about 3 weeks ago and got this one without too much trouble. 90kgs is the next stop.

    Train hard & stay safe!
    Jase 🙂

  12. Storm said

    Kate I fully understand where you are comming from.

    But as you have in the past anything that is put in front of you, will be achieved.

    Your Mint

    S x

  13. Storm said

    Rhys we miss you

    You need to come home soon, at the very least to keep Stef honest with some of the gymnastics moves.


  14. Tracy said

    Warm up: Skipping, mobility, CFWU x 1

    Strength: Push Press
    3-3-3 @ 25-27.5-30kg
    1 x 12 @ 20kg

    WOD: 12kg kb = 87
    Double unders = 50
    Total = 137

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