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Friday 03 September 2010

Posted by The Coach on September 2nd, 2010


Overhead Squats
1 x 5 reps

Post load to comments


5 x 500m Row
With a continuously running clock, perform a 500m Row every 3.30mins

Record time for each of the five efforts to comments


21 Responses to “Friday 03 September 2010”

  1. graeme said

    im gonna have a crack at several of these in the US, you know it !

  2. The Cell said

    Batty, please ensure Dom’s head is not visible between your legs as he’s holding you up! 🙂

    Jase 😛

  3. graeme said

    then steve could incorporate “snatch” jokes ….

  4. Storm said


  5. Biljana said

    Post total metres to comments…2.5km 😀

  6. The Cell said

    Thanks Biljana. Smart arse! Blatant error fixed 😉

    Jase 🙂

  7. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Run 400m, then some lunges, bear crawls, KB swings, OHS.

    OHS x 5 @ 50kg

    WOD = 1:57.4, 1:56.5, 1:55.3, 1:53.3, 1:51.0

  8. The Cell said

    Hey Michelle, Batty, Pete R and Craig. Check out today’s WOD on Hehehehehehe :-p


  9. Travis said

    Overhead Squats
    Warmup sets @ 20,30,35kg
    1×5 @ 50kg PB


    WOD as Rx’d
    Times = 1:44.1, 1:46.5, 1:48.4, 1:49.0, 1:45.9

    Very happy with this mornings workout. 50kg OHS was easier than expected and power output on the rower felt good.

    Awesome work by all the 6:30 crew! Have a great weekend guys

  10. Nicole Quirk said

    Finally got myself up the rope today after todays wod… yep todays bound 2b a brilliant day, got my rope climb in AND it’s a Friday 🙂 🙂 🙂

    WARM UP: 400m run, walking lunges, bear crawls KB swings & mobility x 3

    STRENGH: OHS 1×5 @ 27.5

    WOD: 5 x row 500m on every 3:30min

    TIME: 1=2:00

    After the wod we all went outside to catch some air and sunk into the curb on the freezing cold white stones… Was great for sore glutes….

    Awsome effort morning crew, have a great weekend and enjoy the footy guys !!!

  11. graeme said

    Nic – legend !!!

  12. Luke F-J said

    Strength – Overhead squats
    1 x 5 @ 50kg
    Would have liked to have gone heavier, but this was really painful on my left wrist, just to the back of mt thumb. think i need to work on my mobility.

    WOD: 5 x row 500M on the 3:30 mins

    1: 1:36.7
    2: 1:48.1
    3: 1:43.3
    4: 1:44.9
    5: 1:42.6

  13. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    600m run
    3min airdyne
    Mobility drills
    Rowing practice
    10mins of TGU
    4mins with 16kg – 3 x 3 each side
    3mins with 24kg – 2 x 2 each side
    3mins with 32kg – 1 x 2 each side / 1 x 1 each side

    5 x 500m Row
    With a continuously running clock, perform a 500m Row every 3.30mins
    Rd1 = 1:38.6 min
    Rd2 = 1:41.6 min
    Rd3 = 1:42.7 min
    Rd4 = 1:43.4 min
    Rd5 = 1:43.0 min

    REST 5-7mins

    With an 11kg weight vest:
    5 x Rope ascents – 1 ascent every 2mins or so.


    *Was contemplating today about training and the mind and how powerful thoughts are. Steve, Jason and I were having a conversation the other day about ‘Fran’. What is it about Fran that we dislike or dread? Amongst it being a psych out as such, due to the hype, it can go a little beyond that. yes it is extremely painful and this fear of pain at even an unconscious level would play a part, but I think it goes beyond that again! I feel it is our attachment to expectation, our expectation on ourselves, our expectations of what others will perceive of us (although this is not as powerful as our self placed expectations).

    As coaches we are gifted with the opportunity to train when we want, and experiment with what we like. Although in essence I follow the structure of the programming that we prescribe our athletes, I personally also have the capacity to experiment with a lot more and I do so. We are gifted with choice (well at least the perception of it / another story for another time) So if the work out ‘appeals’ we do it, if it does not we come up with some alternative, other difficult contraption for training.

    Example: Rowing is super tough, you come in as athletes and have no choice but to buckle down and do it! We as coaches can make up excuses in our minds and say “its not in my training plan, I will do something else”. yes we do something else that is equally physically as hard and challenging on various levels but it is not that, that which we dreaded. So today I made a choice and that choice was not to have a choice, so I rowed. And yes it hurt, and so did my ego, because I did not fulfill the expectation in my head which was essentially sub 1:37min per 500m rows. But I did it and being very sore from yesterday it hurt more than it should of.

    It is days that you do not want to, where most of the time you should. Its not only about the pain, its about the conquering and re-balancing of your mind frame and the way we view what is in front of us…

    It is from the athletes that come and train here and put their body through hell that inspire me to be greater, to be better and most importantly to find out where I can go and where my mind can take me.

    Thank you…

    PS. I hope I was clear in my message I was attempting to express, I get lost in language sometimes.



  14. Vicki said

    1 X 25kg OHS Not a PB but was enough for this morning.
    Actually felty like hurling from row #1 😉 It didn’t get better! Nicole’s butt cool down was legendary – good work!

    This was hard. I’d like to add “but fun”- be lying if I did.
    Nice hand stand *woot*

  15. michelle said

    Jase – coincidence or what???? 🙂

    Stef – makes complete sense to me. And I agree that fear of a WOD is not just due to fear of the pain, but also fear of not meeting a particular expectation. I was apprehensive all day about last week’s 2km row, not just because I knew it was going to hurt, but also because I had a goal time in mind and was afraid I wouldn’t meet it.

    Nice work on the rope climb, Nic!

  16. The Cell said

    The below is from one of our athletes that wrote me an email and wanted to remain anonymous…

    Why do we hate Fran? Because she is a bitch. It is short, intense, not particularly heavy, but one of the heaviest metabolic loads of any wod.

    Anyway, in relation to what you posted today. One of the greatest fears we have as humans, and something we emphasise with our trainees, is that a person’s greatest fear is the unknown. The second is a fear of failure. We can break that fear down into failure to achieve the expectations of ourselves, or that we believe that others have of us. This is why it is so hard for some people to put themselves out there in competition. One of my great disappointments at present is failing to achieve my own expectations in wods. I know this is due to injury and a resulting lack of conditioning but it makes it no easier to accept. But this is no different to everyday life and sometimes we all have to practice what we preach. I am continually reminding trainees that shit happens and that what happens in a training environment does not make them less of a person. We all get obsessed with our own expectations of times, and trying to beat PB’s or other people. That’s not necessarily what life is about. It is about achieving the best you can at that time taking into account all of the other stuff that is going on and working around it. If we forget the times and the internally generated external pressure, and remember that this is meant to be recreation and therefore “fun” we find that our performance improves markedly. There will be times when we can’t get away from the pressure, but the fun times also help us to deal with them.

    John Wooden who was one of the most famous teachers and basketball coaches ever said “Success is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming” We need to take a step back sometimes and review ourselves in a realistic manner. Did I do my best? If so, get over yourself and live with the satisfaction of knowing that you did. If you didn’t, try harder next time.

    He also said:
    “Be true to yourself.
    Make each day your masterpiece.
    Help others.
    Drink deeply from good books.
    Make friendship a fine art.
    Build a shelter against a rainy day.
    Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day.”

    Just my 2c worth

    Anonymous Author

  17. Bliss said

    Thanks Anonymous. Thanks Stef for posting.

    ‘One of my great disappointments at present is failing to achieve my own expectations in wods. I know this is due to injury and a resulting lack of conditioning but it makes it no easier to accept.’

    This is very good and very much needed today. In fact, needed for the last few weeks. 🙂

    Oh and I had the absolute joy of training with Coach Kate. Seriously Kate, you are something else. Brilliant in fact!

    I did a heavily sub’d #546. What a bastard! 47:37

    Just want to say…Mike piked and showed up 3/4 through the pain…thanks Mike!

  18. kate said

    Thanks Bliss:-)
    Bliss and I came fully prepared for the big Cell #546 WOD complete with gloves with pink trim (Mike you can borrow them anytime to go with your wrist wraps). Jason was horrified but we were comfortable in the knowledge that we would have nice soft lady hands at the end.

    What a loooooong WOD!!!!!! Although Bliss had a few subs, she did go an extra 5kg on the deadlift and I am not imagining that wall ball and sledgehammer strikes are pleasant at the best of times! Good fun and really challenging.

    Time = 48:20ish.
    Thanks Mike for dropping in and watching us sweat 🙂

    Some thoughts on today’s posts. I was part of a program for 8 years where being the best you can be was the expectation. If every person in the program was the best they can be we gave ourselves a fighting chance of success. We rarely spoke about winning and NEVER spoke about gold medals. The closest Ric Charlesworth would get is, “it would be nice to play in the late game.” All about process!

    The question is, how would you (do you) train if no-one was ever watching?


  19. The Cell said

    I love you Kate!



  20. michelle said

    Warm up: 400m run, 3 rounds of 15 walking lunges, 15m bear crawl, 15 KB Swings, 15 x OHS.

    Strength: Overhead Squat
    1 x 5 @ 46kg PB 🙂 🙂

    WOD: 5 x 500m row

    Great thoughts, anonymous and Kate.

  21. Biljana said

    Was great to train on a Friday afternoon – thanks for the opportunity 🙂

    OHS 1 x 5 @ 20kg

    WOD 5 x 500m row
    1.59 / 1.59 / 1.59 / 1.59 / 1.59

    I guess there’s something to be said for consistency

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