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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Posted by The Coach on August 30th, 2010


Power Snatch
1 x 3 reps

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3 rounds for time of:
Run, 400m
Rope Climb, 3 ascents
Ring Push Up, 30 reps

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24 Responses to “Tuesday 31 August 2010”

  1. Storm said

    Mount Rainier, Oregan
    It is about a 30 min drive from Pyallup the home of Rainier Crossfit run by Laurie and Curtis Stone.

    Awesome National Park

  2. graeme said

    we miss you!!

  3. Storm said

    Geez fatigue and old age is killer

    It should read Washington and thier last name is Bowler.

    I think i have watched to many movies lately.


    Adrian you can stop laughing now.

  4. Biljana said

    🙂 Look forward to catching up with you Storm

  5. Storm said

    I have missed everyone exspecially McGyver.


  6. graeme said

    can i just say, carole your crunch goes very nicely with natural yoghurt and banana … yum!

  7. Vicki said

    Can you imagine two sets of international tourists in the lobby of a Quantas lounge, sharing stories of these ridiculously fit people they keep seeing on their travels that do handstands in front of everything? I think you have started a movement 🙂
    We miss you Storm!

  8. The Cell said

    We didn’t start it Vick. We’re just like the thousands of CrossFitters around the world who pop handstands in all sorts of places. It’s a bit of a CF thing. Thank your lucky stars we’re into fitness and not dancing! :-p


  9. Vicki said

    I do not need the visual of you bustin’ a move Jase! I’m seeing the Sprinkler meets kettlebell hip thrust … May I also say, I am a tad sore from yesterday 😉

  10. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    100 cal airdyne
    Diesel crew mobility complex
    Burgener Warm up
    Clean practice

    on the minute every minute for 11 rounds perform the following with 65kg:
    1 x squat clean
    1 x hang power clean
    1 x push jerk

    Rest 5mins

    with a 11kg weight vest perform 12 ring push ups every minute for 6 rounds



  11. Luke F-J said

    Hey all

    after doing starting strength with two runs a week for the last two months i decided to do a crossfit total to mark the end of my strength work, before getting back onto the cell programming tommorrow.

    Deadlift 190/205fail/200fail Was disappointed with this as three weeks ago i pulled 200kg.

    Press 80/82.5/85fail

    Backsquat 140/150/155fail

    Total- 422.5kg

    Although no PRs today, was happy with overall total, as this time last year i got 351kg.

    got my driving test on the 13th of september, so hopefully i will be back training at the cell on the 14th. looking forward to getting back and smashing some WODs out with everyone. The workouts have been looking like alot of fun, and keen to give the inmate WOD ago. Everyone seems to be progressing really well and are posting some awesome times, Keep up the good work all, and hopefully see you’s soon

  12. Jason R said

    Warm up:
    1000m Row
    Cell KB Mobility Complex (16kgs)
    Cell KB Strength Complex (16kgs)


    5 x Barbell complex (40kgs)
    50 x Russian Swing
    4 x Barbell complex
    40 x Russian Swings
    3 x Barbell complex
    30 x Russian Swings
    2 x Barbell complex
    20 x Russian Swings
    1 x Barbell complex
    10 x Russian Swings

    Time = 6:50

  13. The Cell said

    So good to hear from you bro! Great lifts and very impressive! Happy to have you back you have definitely been missed and asked about on a regular basis! Will be good to mix it up with you again very soon!

    Keep us updated mate!



  14. kate said

    Warm up
    1000m row, mobility, 2 x (10 OHS, dips + 20 sec L-sit, handstand, frogstand)

    5 RFT
    20 SDHP (24kg KB)
    15 Push ups
    10 Pull up (dead hang yellow and orange bands)

    Time = 17:41
    First workout after a 4 day recovery period. Feels good to be fresh and enthusiastic about training. The power of rest 🙂


  15. Ash said

    Run 800m
    Burgener WU
    Snatch Practice

    Power Snatch: 3x 29kg


    Run 400m
    3 Rope Ascents
    30 Ring Push Ups

    With the Rope ascents
    Round 1: 2 Ascents, 5 scaled
    Round 2: 1 Ascent, 10 scaled
    Round 3: 15 scaled

    Buggered now, 10 WODs and a Grading in 15 days and i’m now of to work for 6 weeks, will check the site everyday and try to do the work out at the gym at work, thanks everyone for an awesome 2 weeks!!

  16. Tracy Lydiatt said

    Hi everyone!

    I’m on my way back to Perth tomorrow after a passport hiccup and two day delay…will see you next week in the box. Bonus was upgrading to business class so I’ll be riding in s-t-y-l-e! woot!

    Worked out in West Vancouver today

    Warm Up
    1000m row
    foam roller
    20 turkish getups 15lb dumbell

    WOD – The Bear

    7 rounds without losing grip on the bar during each round. Weight loading up to 5th round – final score is your last round weight x reps. I took it easy as I’ve been on holiday for two weeks.
    (One of each = 1 round)
    Power clean
    Front Squat
    Push Press
    Back Squat
    Push Press

    Used a 15kg bar = total score 105 for last round.

    Felt good to move and sweat out some of the gelato I ate while at home! 😉 😛

    See you soon! xo Trace

  17. Tracy Lydiatt said

    I forgot to mention that it’s 7 times through the complex = 1 round
    1- Power Clean
    1- Front Squat

    Total for each movement in WOD is 49 power cleans, 49 front squat etc…

    It’s late!

  18. Tracy Lydiatt said

    Great photo Storm!!

  19. graeme said

    ash, so wheres work for 6 weeks ?

  20. Ash said

    Graeme, 4 weeks offshore then 2 week business/holiday in Bali…
    Don’t worry though mate i’ll be doing the WODs daily!

  21. Biljana said

    Look forward to seeing you at home Tracy! 🙂

  22. graeme said

    i can see that right bicep growing from all those bintang raises !
    make sure you even it up and hold your mei goring in your left

  23. Ash said

    Haha will do!!!

  24. Travis said

    Power Snatch
    1×3 @ 45kg


    3 rounds for time of:
    Row, 400m
    Rope Climb, 3 ascents
    Ring Push Up, 30 reps

    = 24:28

    Still feeling fatigued from the half marathon on Sunday, I feel like this held me back a bit as I lacked energy. Really enjoyed doing all of the rope climbs unscaled.

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