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Thursday 26 August 2010

Posted by The Coach on August 25th, 2010

3-3-3-3-3 reps
1 x 15 x 70-80% 3RM


As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60kg Ground to Overhead

Post reps to comments

Analysis of the Deadlift. By Mark Rippetoe. CrossFit Journal article (PDF)


20 Responses to “Thursday 26 August 2010”

  1. The Cell said

    Great refugee squat! Mile would be proud mate! πŸ˜‰


  2. The Cell said

    Now all I need to do is be able to do one like you with my feet together and barefoot and we are away, hey Jas, are the numbers indicating the weight on our KB’s in kilo’s or pounds???



  3. The Cell said

    Stef- That would be the perfect photo for a dating website… The ladies would not be able to control themselves…


  4. Kate said

    I’m feeling a fair bit of self control at this stage.

  5. The Cell said

    I know what Stef is thinking… “i should have worn tighter shorts”

    It always pays to advertise mate

  6. Bliss said

    Which ladies Steve?

  7. The Cell said

    Did someone say camel toe?? πŸ˜›


  8. The Cell said

    I don’t know about a camel toe, but it does look like bulky goods being carried in the ‘under head’ compartment…On second glance though… And dis someone say ladies? Where are the ladies? Are you lying about the self control thing Kate? Be honest, its just you and I now. And I still have not received an answer to my question pertaining to the KB’s? Perhaps Andrew, you could assist???

    PA! BAM! POW!



  9. andrew said


    all i can say its just as well you dont count the kb weights in poods (imagine the questions then)

    you also need to work on your moose knuckle if you want to compete with these guys below. i suggest wet towels starting with a face towel and then working up to a large bath towel (dont overdo it tho’ as going to physio could be embarassing)

  10. The Cell said

    Andrew you are brilliant!



  11. Travis said

    5×3 @ 100,120,130,135,140F
    1×13 @ 100 Stopped at 13th rep due to a torn callus


    As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
    40kg Ground to Overhead
    = 53 reps

  12. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    5min airdyne
    Mobility drills
    Day 2 of gymnastics warm up

    Tie a five-pound plate to hang an honest 18″ above your tiptoe reach and complete 5 rounds for time of:
    50 Jump and touch
    40 Squats
    30 Sit-ups
    10 Pull-ups
    TIME = 30.04min
    All sit ups/pushups/pull ups unbroken.



  13. graeme said

    thats nasty!

  14. Anthony said

    what is a pood?? Is that what you get after a ridiculously heavy back squat?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Anth πŸ™‚

    PS. back is still shite and finally getting to see my Osteopath / Bowen therapist today. Hopefully back into light work next week.

    PSS. thanks for the banter the last couple of days – very amusing!!

  15. Ash said

    Warm Up:
    Burgener WU


    AMRAP in 10 mins, Ground to OH with 30kg: 86 times.

  16. The Cell said

    Anthony, 1 pood = 16kg KB

    Hope that helps mate when you are reading American programing.


  17. Vicki said

    You have all made me feel a little dirty! (cos I am such a delicate flower πŸ™‚ ) Stef. I feel like I know you better than I should after pete enlarged the image for my benefit.

    Penis overload. Poor Pete.

  18. michelle said

    Warm up: Skipping practice, CFWU, mobility, Burgener w/up x 1

    Strength: Deadlift
    3-3-3-3-3 @55-65-75-85-92.5kg
    1 x 15 @ 62.5kg

    WOD: AMRAP 10min – 30kg Ground to Overhead

    74 reps

    I did this WOD @ a prescribed load of 30kg at the CF Games Regional Qualifier for 43 reps – what a difference nice weightlifting platform makes!

  19. Anthony said

    Thank you Stef, so when Andrew talks about 1 and a half pood, he means the 24kg kb and not his daily toilet routine. πŸ™‚

    I am just kiddin around, I have heard of a pood measurement before. but my real question would be, who the f**k decides to call a weight measurement a pood?

    enter Mr Google

    Pood (Russian: ΠΏΡƒΠ΄, pud), is a unit of mass equal to 40 funt (Ρ„ΡƒΠ½Ρ‚, Russian pound). It is approximately 16.38 kilograms (36.11 pounds). It was used in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Pood was first mentioned in a number of documents of the 12th century.

    that sorts that out then, although I must say a funt is classic too. hmmm, put into a sentence “yeah that guy is a funt, I mean a funt or 2 over weight.” could get someone in a bit of trouble if it was misunderstood! ok comrade πŸ™‚


  20. Tereena said

    hmmmm, what tha???

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