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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Posted by The Coach on August 24th, 2010

Push Press
3-3-3-3-3 reps
1 x 12 x 70-80% 3RM

Post loads to comments


For time:
2km Row

Post time to comments

“Row Fast” How to prepare for an erg test. By Peter Dreissigacker; Founder – Concept 2 CrossFit Journal article (PDF)


29 Responses to “Wednesday 25 August 2010”

  1. mandy said

    Ahhh the row! My favourite :/ Haven’t been cellin’ for a while, but looking forward to cracking in tomorrow. Or though, I am rushing from the cell to teach RPM at 6pm – should be fun!!!

  2. Steve said

    This will no doubt become apparent at some stage to those doing todays WOD…

    “It is a sublime thing to suffer and be stronger.”
    – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  3. The Cell said

    Hey Steve, do you know how much the 20kg bar weighs?


  4. The Cell said

    Hey Jas, how much does the bar with the yellow ends weigh?


  5. andrew said

    WU – 1km row, CFWU x 2, mobility

    PP – 3 x 60/70/75/77.5(F)/75(F) 12 x 55

    WOD – 7:21

    Felt row could/should have been a bit better. first 500m was Ok but then was a bit all over the shop and felt I hadnt quite given it as much gas as I could have.

    Anyway least I turned up?

    Jason – if Stef does Fran with a ladies bar and 2 technique plates each side with olympic collars and steve does it with technique bar and a 25kg black plate each side with plastic collars who moves the most weight and what is their TUL and total watts?? Answers on a postcard please.

  6. The Cell said

    Hey Kate, how much does the technique bar weigh?


  7. The Cell said

    Hey Storm how much does the green plate weigh? The one that says 10kg on it?


  8. Bliss said

    ha ha ha ha!

    I’m sorry Jase. 😦 This is great reading!

  9. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Row 1k, Mobility, CFWU x 2.

    Push Press 3,3,3,3,3 all @ 45kg’s, Then 12 @ 40kg’s. (I am resting my body before the City 2 Surf, so went light and played with form)

    Row 2k = 7:58.3 (kept the stroke rate between 14 – 16 for most of it and didn’t strap in)

  10. The Cell said

    Hey Stef,

    That small tyre that says 88kg, what’s that weigh??

    Jase 😉

  11. The Cell said

    Andrew, the question is not what their wattage is, but why the fck was Stef doing Fran with a ladies bar and tech plates!?!?!? AND why did Steve have 50kg’s on the tech bar when the bars are only rated for 40kg!

    Jase 🙂

  12. Andrew said

    jase – burpeees all round then!!!

  13. Jeff said

    I would still like to know if the technique bar is 6 or 6.5kg please.

  14. The Cell said

    Hi everyone, Andrew would like to know how much a 15kg sandbag weighs. I am personally stumped. Can anyone help???



  15. Steve said

    Jeff- if a male is using the technique bar for anything other than the burgener warm up then he is either dead or paralysed, so it would be irrelevant…
    While we are on the topic of what annoys coaches, I must add another one- RANGE OF MOTION!!!. This is particularly a problem with the squat and it’s variations. Unless the crease of the hip goes below the knee at the bottom and comes to full extension at the top it is not a squat. There is no halfsquat, 3/4 squat or 99% squat. This is not just for the work capacity benefit, but biomechanically this is where the beauty of the squat is.
    I know most people grasp this concept, because their first few reps are spot on, but then they get tired and dont have the self discipline to continue moving correctly. If proproiception is an issue, use a guide (eg med ball) until you develop the awareness of where you should be.
    Timing workouts is a complete waste of time if the movement is not done through the full range of motion. If that means using lighter weights or taking 5mins to do 20 air squats then so be it.
    In a games or competition environment then do the minimum standard; in you’re daily WODs do the movement to it’s full range, even if it costs you some time. You will be the better athlete for it.

    Today: 4 RFT of
    400m run
    10 x power snatch @ 40% BW (32kg)
    10 x ring dips
    10 x DL @ 80% BW (64kg)
    500m row
    Time: 22:31

  16. The Cell said

    6.5kg is the tech bar Jeff…


  17. Steve said

    Before Andrew brings it up, I realise I spelt proprioception incorrectly. It is my typing, not my spelling.

  18. The Cell said

    AND BAM!!!



  19. The Cell said

    Gymnastics Warm-Up

    Back Squats
    3 x 5 x 125kg

    5 RFT of:
    100kg Deadlift, 5 reps
    Muscle Up, 5 reps
    Squat, 5 reps
    Push Up, 5 reps
    Time: 11.18 mins

    Steve, your spelling and typing is of no concern to me and the country as a whole. As long as you can keep your head down and shoot straight brother that’s all I care 🙂

    Jeff, that is a legitimate question that I am happy for you to ask. As Stef has already answered there is no need for me to do so, except to say that it is approx 6.5kgs, just as the tech plates are approx 10lbs/4.5kgs.

    Jase 🙂

  20. The Cell said

    Warm up
    5min row
    5min airdyne
    1 x KB mobility complex
    Day 1 of gymnastics warm up

    Back squats
    100-110-120kg (PB at this rep range)

    Then: WOD
    5 RFT of:
    100kg Deadlift, 5 reps
    Muscle Up, 5 reps
    Burpee, 5 reps
    TIME = 8.31min



  21. Steve said

    Jeff- Definitely a fair question; I was just giving a smart arse answer, leaving the serious answers to Stef and Jase…

  22. Adam Piller said

    far out i leave for 3 weeks and all hell breaks loose!!

    push press
    50,60,70,70,70 then 12 on 50kg

    2km row: 6.58 (PB)

    good work all!

  23. Ash said

    Push Press: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70fail then 12 @ 40kg


    2000m row: 7:29 (PB)

    Paul ‘Tomkins’ with the fastest time so far today!!!!
    Thanks again midday crew.

  24. The Cell said

    Adam. P. Big P got 6.58.4min. How is that???

    Unreal times boys! Very strong! Very impressed!



  25. Tereena said

    Hi everyone,
    Just in case anybody would like to get into tonight’s 6.30 class there is now a place available as I have just late cancelled due to screaming headache hanging around 😦

  26. Lisa said

    For time –

    Run from camp
    8 laps of Kambalda Football Oval
    50 push ups
    Run back to camp

    39 minutes

  27. Storm said

    tsk tsk tsk

    It looks like everyone has forgotten a few things like what weigh’s what Bella will be back this week to check on everyone so sharpen up people…hehehe

    On the subject of rowing, females in the USA appling for College Rowing Scholarship have to produce a 6.40min – 2000m Row before being accepted.

  28. michelle said

    Warm up: 1km row, mobility, CFWU x 1

    Strength: Push Press
    3-3-3-3-3 @ 30-35-40-42.5-42.5kg
    1 x 12 @ 30kg

    WOD: 2km row

    Time = 7:42 PB 🙂

  29. Biljana said

    Push Press @ 35/40/45/50/54kg PB @54kg

    2km Time Trial Row – 8:18 mins

    ….and finally one unassisted Pull Up at the skills session!! 😀

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