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Tuesday 24 August 2010

Posted by The Coach on August 23rd, 2010

Power Snatch
3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments


5 rounds for time of:
400m Run
45kg OHS, 15 reps

Post time to comments

Skill session this Wednesday night at 7.30pm. This Week: Kipping Pull Ups with CrossFit Gymnastics coaches Jase & Stef. Book via the “Seminars” tab in MBO


25 Responses to “Tuesday 24 August 2010”

  1. Storm said

    Great handstand chick see you back in OZ soon.


  2. Bliss said

    Nice Trace! Well done. 🙂

    Stormer…when are you back? Hurry up!

  3. Jane said

    Great handstand Tracy – we are all going to have to try these when we go away 🙂

  4. The Cell said

    That is how we roll Jane, everytime any of us go away on holiday you MUST email Jas or I or any of the coaches a pic of you doing an awesome handstand anywhere! Near or in front of a famous land mark, or high up in the mountains, or on a beach in Hawaii, or anywhere! Just get them out and send them in to us!



  5. Storm said

    Bliss Bomb I am home Wednesday just packiing, trying I should say to pack everything in the bags.

    See you all soon.

    S x

  6. Andrew said

    WU – 1km row, mobility, burgener

    PS – 3 x 40/45/47.5/50/50kg

    WOD – 5 rft of 400m run, 15 x 25kg OHS 15:39

  7. The Cell said

    Hi Jason R. Did you run well this morning?



  8. Andrew said

    Stef – he was a no show as was my slacker wife. my runners are getting worn out this week!! 😦

    steve says that saturdays’s WOD will be a doozie..lets see

  9. The Cell said

    Not good my friend, a couple of people were no shows without late canceling today. We had one on the wait list also. Napoleon as brutal as he was, like him or not, he was successful in what he set out to achieve and did not do so by being slack! That is a message to everyone reading this, if you are not coming because you are being slack, and not late canceling in adequate time to allow your coach to notify those on the wait list, someone else is suffering or not able to better themselves by coming and training and slogging it out because of your lack of notification…

    Saturday will be better than awesome, why dont we all just not show up for it???


  10. Andrew said

    Ninety percent of life is just showing up – Woody Allen

  11. Bliss said

    Muscle Snatch
    22.5-25-30-32.5-32.5 reps


    “NANCY” is a troll!
    5 rounds for time of:
    400m Row
    25kg OHS, 15 reps

    19:00 – this was hard!

  12. Nicole Quirk said

    Hey morning crew … I know none of us like to late cancel or do a No Show to a session but once in a blue moon it can happen to the best of us…. I just want to let you know…. I make my bookings for The Cell on my Sundays due to my work week shedule changing weekly but by doing it so late it means I can miss out on bookings as classes are full before I get to it;-(… So what I want to let you know is….
    A 5:00am late cancel text to your coach is not too late ;-);-).
    I can happily get there in time for session with half an hour warning.

    The 530am & 630am classes are the ones I can normaly make it too. So PLEASE if ya realize it’s 5:00am and you feel sick or cant make it for whatever reason it doesn’t matter why…. but by sending that txt your helping another friend out… So if you find yourself in this bluemoon cinario….. Take a big breath open one eye reach for your phone and send a txt to your coach…. 😉

    THANks guys see you soon;-)

  13. Nicole Quirk said

    P.s. smiley faces not working too well just going to try some more…
    😉 :-);-O:-( :-/ ;-);-*

  14. Dan said

    Great to everyone this morning in the cold (6:30)

    This was a great session on the legs and lower back after last nights WOD…….. did I mention I love training at the Cell!

    NANCY as Rxd: 12:39

    Steve and Adam, thanks for the tips about the P.Snatch = Work in progress, there just something exciting about throwing heavy S%@t over your head!

    See you tomorrow,


  15. Nicole Quirk said

    ahuh ok must leave a space between face and full stop in future to make them work 😉

  16. Dan said

    Hey Stef,

    What is your plans for the T-shirt:
    Option A
    Grow bigger muscles to fit into it
    Option B
    Wash in hot water 3 times and dry on industrial setting?

    Dan 😉

  17. kate said

    WU – 1km row, mobility, burgener

    Power Snatch – 20-25-30-30-35
    My snatch just wasn’t feeling good today (lunchtime crew . . . anyone???) Everything felt out of sequence and just not flowing, and my landing was way too wide. Always things to work on and improvement to be made until a movement feels 2nd nature.

    5 RFT
    400m run,
    15 x OHS (25kg)
    Time = 15:34

    I left my wrist wraps at home so had to buy some pretty pink ones from the gym near home. Lucky I was in all black so they didn’t clash too much.


  18. The Cell said

    Dan, I will grow in to a monster like you… And I love that you love training here brother, you have been missed! BAM!

    Warm up:
    Airdyne / mobility drills
    Truster and pull up practice

    TIME = 4.04min (PB by about 27sec)

    Time to recover = too long, this hurt me, lots of post reflectionover the next couple of days, whilst Steve was not too far behind me, he looked like he could of done 3 rounds of it back to back. We rested and then I insisted we do some more work, to either assist me in vomiting or make me feel better and not stoned!

    Tababta static holds of:
    Handstand hold and ring assist
    16 rounds

    Burpee to 30 inch box jump to depth jump to jump over 24 inch box, 10 reps

    10kg med ball floor to overhead throw
    3 x 10
    15kg med ball floor to overhead throw
    1 x 3
    24kg KB TGU, 5mins, switch hands every rep

    Stretch / foam roller

    Felt 100 times better after all this, thank you Steve, considering we both were flat to train, I am happy with today!!



  19. kate said

    Stef, the t-shirt I will get you for your birthday, just to prove how big and strong you are!!

    Kstr X

  20. kate said

    oooopppps scroll down and you will see 😉


  21. The Cell said

    WOD as Rx’d

    BTW, our bars are 15kg and 20kg respectively and the technique plates are f%^$#g 10lbs. If you have trained here for longer than 6 months and you ask, expect burpees! IN FACT, the entire class can expect burpees!! Nothing like a bit of group bastardization to ensure compliance. There’s nothing quite the same as your class members giving you grief because they got burpees due to your inability to retain information. Switch on. Not a day goes by when we don’t have to remind everyone what the bars weigh or what technique plates are. If you’re new, no prob’s. Ask away. But you have 6 months to learn and I’m counting.

    Rant over 🙂

  22. Steve said

    Trained with the great man today…

    Did Fran in 4:18 then all the other stuff Stef said. Really solid work but good fun also.

    Cant agree more with Stef and Nicole regards late cancels or lack there of. It may be time to name and shame the worst offenders… As coaches it doesnt really affect us, but it does have a big impact on your fellow athletes, especially those like Nic, so if the thought of letting down fellow athletes doesnt get to you, then maybe public humiliation via a list on the white board will.

    Looking forward to seeing some massive efforts and fast times in the 2km row tomorrow

  23. The Cell said

    Plain and simple in the words of one of the greats.

    “Please just look at the clock”…




  24. Steve said

    I dont think I used the word “please”…

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