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The Cell – Real Fitness Standards Grading

Posted by The Coach on August 21st, 2010

We held our second grading event today with 18 athletes going up against our Real Fitness Standards.

With athletes ranging in Cell experience from a few weeks to several years and ages 18 to 63 it was a great display of the diversity and athleticism of our crew.

Movements ranged from push ups, to rope climbs, to 3-mile runs to WOD’s. It was truly a test of fitness as we define it.

After 3 tough hours, not everyone had passed the standards but everyone had put in 100% effort, done everything they could and learned something about themselves in the process. It is a credit to those 18 people that they put it all on the line and had a go and we are enormously proud of each and every one of them.

That’s why we are coaches, that is why The Cell exists. It is about you, the athletes.

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9 Responses to “The Cell – Real Fitness Standards Grading”

  1. michelle said

    Grading III attempt:

    1. 25 pushups unbroken – Pass
    2. 16kg KB American Swing x 50 unbroken – Pass
    3. Power Clean 65% BW = 48.5kg – Pass
    4. Rope Climb x 2 in 45 sec – Pass (actual time 24sec)
    5. OHS 55% BW = 42.5kg – Pass
    6. 500m Row <2:02 – Pass (actual time 1:47.2)
    7. Broad Jump 2m – Fail
    8. HSPU head to abmat x 1 – Fail
    9. 3 mile run <23:30 – Fail (completed 1 mile then called it quits as my back was starting to hurt)
    10. 'Fran' as Rx'd <6:30 – Fail (actual time 8min something)

    What a fun day – congratulations to everyone who participated. With a bit of work, I'll be ready to smash grade III next time round 🙂

  2. Jane said

    Grading II attempt:

    1. 15 pushups unbroken – Pass
    2. 10kg KB American Swing x 50 unbroken – Pass
    3. Power Clean 50% BW = 30kg – Pass
    4. Rope Climb x 1 – Pass
    5. OHS 35% BW = 21kg – Pass
    6. 500m Row <2:15 – Pass (actual time 2:06)
    7. Broad Jump 1.5m – Pass
    8. Handstand hold 30 secs – Pass
    9. 1.5 mile run <15:00 – Pass (actual time 9.06)
    10. Cell baseline WOD – 500m row/40squats/30situps/20pushup/10pullups
    <6.45 Fail – finished in 7min something!

    I can't pullup these were the reason I failed 😦 need lots more practice!

    I really enjoyed being a part of this and seeing everyone work really hard and get some great results – I am though hugely dissapointed to fall at the very last event!

  3. graeme said

    Grading II attempt:

    1. 20 pushups unbroken – Pass
    2. 16kg KB American Swing x 50 unbroken – Pass
    3. Power Clean 75% BW – Pass 66kg
    4. Rope Climb x 1 – Pass
    5. OHS 45% BW = 40kg – Pass
    6. 500m Row <1:50, – Pass 1:41
    7. Broad Jump 1.5m – Pass
    8. HandStand hold 30 sec – Pass
    9. 1.5 mile (2400m) run <13:30 – Pass 12:52
    10. Cell Base WOD (Row500,40Sq,30SU,20Push,10Pull) as rxd – 5:00

    Well done all, some impressive performances and everyone went at it
    great to spend a saturday with some really inspiring people
    ROD you are THE man, Mr 13:26

  4. Ash said

    Grading II attempt:

    1. 20 pushups unbroken – Pass
    2. 16kg KB American Swing x 50 unbroken – Pass
    3. Power Clean 50% BW = 42.5kg – Pass
    4. Rope Climb x 1 – Pass
    5. OHS 45% BW = 38.25kg – Pass
    6. 500m Row <1:50 – Pass (actual time 1:43)
    7. Broad Jump 1.5m – Pass
    8. Handstand hold 30 secs – Pass
    9. 1.5 mile run <15:00 – Pass (actual time 10:29)
    10. Cell baseline WOD – 500m row/40squats/30situps/20pushup/10pullups <6:45 Pass (time- 4:30)

    Thanks to Jase and Stef, and well done to everyone. Great day!

  5. Jason R said

    Grading Attempt level III

    1. 40 pushups unbroken – Pass
    2. 24kg KB American Swing x 50 unbroken – Pass
    3. Power Clean 65% BW = 100kgs– Pass
    4. Rope Climb x 2 in 45 sec – Pass
    5. OHS 65% BW = 60kg – Pass
    6. 500m Row <1:40 – (actual time 1:31.7)Pass
    7. Broad Jump 2m – Pass
    8. HSPU head to floor x 1 – Pass
    9. 3 mile run <21:30 – (Actual time 25 and some change) Fail
    10. 'Fran' as Rx'd <5:30– (actual time 3:50)Pass

    Great day! Thanks to Stef and Jase. Thanks to everyone who turned out, an inspiration and a pleasure to workout along side you all.

  6. Glen Lewis said

    Grading Attempt Level II


    I was sitting up tonight reflecting how special today was for me. I have never been fit, nor until a couple of years ago, ever felt that it was important to be so. So whilst some will say that it’s not about the certificate, it’s about the effort – for me it was an incredibly important symbol. It was the first time that I ever really strived to achieve something that depended on my body to deliver. I know that at the ripe old age of 39, I am the fittest I have ever been in my life.

    In my 5 months at The Cell, I have gone from struggling with pull-ups with a purple band to needing no assistance, from reducing my baseline WOD by 5 minutes and actually enjoying overhead squats. I managed to achieve 4 personal bests today as well – OHS, Run, Climb and Power Clean. That has been due to the amazing efforts of the coaching staff.

    One of the really unique things about The Cell is the sense of community. Two of those PB’s came about because of other athletes went out of their way to teach me how they do it. This morning, Anthony heard me comment that I couldn’t possibly complete the grading as I had never rope climbed before. He pulled me aside and two minutes later I was up the top of the rope. Last week Pete (after having completed the WOD) ran alongside me and taught me just about everything I know about running – and I managed to get a PB in my running over that distance despite the fact that I haven’t done any running outside of the WODs for a year.

    I can’t wait for next year when I get to try for Level III. It looks damn hard, but at least I know I have some amazing people around me to help me get there.


  7. Tereena said

    8am class:

    1km row
    CFWU x 3 (sans pullups)

    WOD – AMRAP 10 mins of

    – 3 x 6kg double overhead press
    – 7 x pistols on rings
    – 12 x pullups (BB)

    3 rds + 3 presses + 7 pistols + 7 pullups

    11am Grading I attempt:

    1. 20 pushups on knees unbroken – Pass
    2. 8kg KB American Swing x 50 unbroken – Pass
    3. Power Clean @28.5kg – Pass
    4. Rope Climb x 5 scaled – Knees bent, pass undecided
    5. OHS 15kg oly bar – Pass
    6. 500m Row <2:25 – Pass 2:06
    7. Broad Jump 1.0m – Pass
    8. Handstand hold 5 sec – Pass
    9. 1.0 mile run <9:45 – Failed 12:45?
    10. Cell Base WOD <7.00(Pullups BB)– Failed 7.10

    I had SUCH a FANTASTIC time doing this!!! Even though I didn't pass overall because running is my nemesis 😦 I still really enjoyed having a go to see what I could do….and I was really happy with this!!! Towards the end I was just too fatigued and lost focus for the WOD, but having completed this I now have a much clearer understanding of what I need to work on, and therefore can now formulate some concrete goals 🙂 Woohoo!!
    Congratulations to everyone else that graded, OUTSTANDING efforts by all…everyone was really positive and supportive of others, and inspirational in their own right!!!

    i would like to express an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Stef and Jase…it was a fantastic day, and you are both WONDERFUL!! I would never have entertained the thought of entering into such a physical challenge in the past, but you have been so encouraging and uplifting that I decided to have a go…and I LOVED it!!! Who would have thought?? Haha!!

    I would also like to say a final word to my honey Anthony: you really amazed me yesterday…I know how desperately disappointed you were to be out from the get go with the pushups (28/40), even though like you said that was the most you had ever done unscaled, and then to have upset your back again with the power clean…and you still were really supportive of me and others till the end…and many more words I can't really express properly and will tell you instead xxx

  8. graeme said

    im with glen, everything he said.

    13 months ago i had a dicky knee, was a little overweight, stressed as a bucket, smoked 25 a day, i couldnt run around the block, was unfit and unmotivated.

    now after many months of sweat, many moments of doubt, many words of encouragement i am the fittest i have ever been … ever, and more importantly the most motivated.

    i dont know when, but the self doubt and “cant” disappeared somewhere during some tough 30+ minute WOD with someone shouting at me (thankyou for that by the way) when i entertained the thought of stopping, but didnt because of the encouragement of the coaches and the example of my “cell-mates”.

    I (and all of us) know, that with determination, knowledge and focus, we actually can do whatever we put our mind to, and that is a thought process that has now permiated my whole being and applies to everything i do.

    so for me, like glen the level II thing is just a little recognition of what is possible when you want it to be.

    this place called the cell and its people are rare and infectious,
    thanks as much to the cell coaching staff as to my peers for being up for the challenge as much as i am.

    for every session at the cell, no matter what, well done all !!

  9. Anthony said

    Congratulations to every one who graded yesterday, pass or fail, every one put their all into it and it was truly inspirational to watch and cheer along.

    I never was going to pass level 3 ( yet ) but I was sure as hell going to give it a huge go. I can do approx half the items of level 3 and was going to use it as a guide on what to strengthen up on. My grading went as follows:

    level 3
    1. 40 Pushups ( managed 28 which is a PB ) – Fail – this is a far cry from the push ups on knees I started out doing 8 months ago!
    2. 24kg KB American Swing x 50 unbroken – Pass
    3. 110% BW Powerclean ( did 80kg which is a PB ) – Fail as I needed to clean 109.9kgs which was not going to happen! I need to lose more weight to reduce this figure before next grading.
    4. 2 x Rope Ascents in 45 secs – Pass

    At this point I bailed as my back was very sore and I would have been silly to continue. Very deflated and a bit peeved, it was for the best. Unfortunately my back has not healed in time since I strained my whole lower back 2 weeks ago. The 80kg power clean was just too much and I strained everything again. Reflecting on this today, I will take away from it some positive thoughts and renewed vigour. I am going to train hard, get stronger, fitter and lose more weight to bring the BW percentages back to more realistic figures.

    Glen, glad I could help in any way possible. It is a testament to your own abilities to have picked that up in the 2 seconds we went thru that. Mate I only just learnt that myself thanks to The Cell skill session 2 weeks ago!

    Jase, awesome work on that Fran WOD! Solid grading mate, bad luck with the 3 mile run coming out of the hopper!

    Thanks Jase and Stef for a great day, and for your kind supportive words. I can’t wait for the next grading now!!

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