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Monday 16 August 2010

Posted by The Coach on August 15th, 2010

For time:
Run 1 mile
Burpee to 21″ Box Jump, 100 reps
Run, 1 mile

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Setbacks & Motivation from Greg Everett, Catalyst Athletics (PDF)


15 Responses to “Monday 16 August 2010”

  1. amanda o'brien said

    Nice work on the pull up babe 🙂

  2. Storm said

    Looking Good Lisa.

    Yesterday(Sat)Rowing Cert I have learnt so much already and today (Sun) we are heading out to the Pocock Rowing Facility near Seattle. Apparently in the rowing world it is quite a good facility, we will be in doubles on the water with three instructors from the facility instructing us along with Angela Hart (C2 Crossfit Cert Instr). Once I wake up and my calves unravel from yesterday I will be excited.

    Yesterdays WOD,s
    Warm Up Rowing

    AM Wod
    5 x Tabata Rowing
    Damper setting gets changed with each set and was in this order 3,7,10,5,1
    Each 20 sec of work you increased your wattage, you had to row average for that wattage then. NOT EASY.
    1 body weight in watts (pounds not kg)
    2 add 10%
    3 add 10%(20)
    4 add 10%(40)
    5 add 10%(50)
    6 add 10%(50)
    7 add 10%(60)
    8 all out row
    Then we had about 30sec rest before we started the next tabata, which for me was a cough and nose blow I think I had more gunk comming out of my nose than sweat from my body…the heat was glorious tho.

    PM WOD
    500 m Row
    5 45pound W / 65M
    5 pullups
    5 pushups
    400 m Row
    follwed by 4’s
    300 m Row
    followed by 3’s
    200 m Row
    followed by 2’s
    100 m Row
    followed by 1,s
    We did this in pairs so that one was coaching rowing technique while the other was sweating Adrian and I teamed up his time was 9.27 and mine was 12.00 the cold did not like it much and by this time I think my nose had nothing more to give.

  3. michelle said

    Warm up: 400m run, CFWU x 2, mobility

    This was the first time I’ve run in about a month and I could definitely feel my back at the end of the 400m. There was no referred pain, though, which is an improvement.

    150cal Airdyne
    100 x Burpee to 21″ Box Jump
    150cal Airdyne

    Time = 31:26

    My back held up well during the box jumps (step down instead of jump down).

    Storm – sounds like you’re having a blast over there! I’m looking forward to you passing some rowing tips on when you get back 🙂

  4. Storm said

    Michelle, just got back from Lake Washington, day 2 AWESOME.

    I have learnt so much and some very evil rowing WOD’s
    WOOHOO cant wait to coach some rowing technique.

    Im glad your back is feeling better and responding I know exactly how you feel.

    S x
    PS Adrian’s Quad tipped ours didnt go the girls….hehehe

  5. Vicki said

    Storm, you are making me jealous!!! Reckon you should have ditched Adrian tho and taken all us Cell girls 🙂

    Had a bit of my mojo back this morning. I’ll admit to looking at this WOD and thinking there was NO WAY I would finished without some form of massive scaling.

    1600 row
    100 burpee to step up
    1600 row

    It sucked, but was also kinda fun.

  6. Jane said

    Storm I really need some rowing help – I can’t row fast for toffee (paleo toffee of course!)

    Looking forward – I think – to rowing WODs & rowing coaching 🙂

    P.S. can someone explain the burpee to box jump? Is it a burpee and on the way up you have to jump on a box?

    If so, that is really evil

  7. Jase said

    Do a burpee and instead of jumping and clapping, jump onto a box as per standard box jumps.

    Also, keep an eye out for a Rowing workshop soon. This will be in addition to our weekly skill sessions.


  8. kate said

    Hey Storm, looking forward to lots of rowing tips when you return. I’ll definitely make sure you have your work cut out for you as you know I SUCK on the rower!
    Hope you and Adrian are having a fantastic time. Can’t wait to hear more stories :-).

    As rx’d = 26:16

  9. Travis said

    As Rx’d = 31:19

  10. Bliss said

    Nice work guys. Can’t wait to give this WOD a go…

    Storm, sounds like an awesome cert! I’m with Vicki, you should have taken us with you! (sorry Adrian 🙂 )

  11. Lisa said


    As rx’d

    27.43 mins – ouch!!!!

  12. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    400m run
    2 x CF warm up
    Mobility drills

    For time:
    Run 1 mile
    Burpee to 21″ Box Jump, 100 reps
    Run, 1 mile
    TIME = 23.16min

    10kg weighted dead hang pull up



    *Ouch alright!

  13. Steve said

    Good days training today;

    AM: Jacobs ladder with 30 pound vest

    3 x full, 3 x half, 3 x 1/3 with focus on maintaining a constant speed for each effort.

    PM: Today’s WOD as Rxd : 24:16

    10 min rest

    then 30 x 40kg power snatch for time – 2:16

    The scoreline for Stef vs Steve now stands at about 25 to 2, but training alongside a true beast is a privelege in itself.

  14. The Cell said

    Back Squat 5 x 5 x 120kg


  15. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Run 400m, CFWU x 2, Mobility.

    WOD as Rx’d = 25:21

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