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Sunday 01 August 2010

Posted by The Coach on July 31st, 2010

I often ponder our minimal existence within a greater scheme of events and life dwelling circumstances. I will not remove any level of importance any human being or living organism maintains within this physical realm; the point of interest I would attempt to portray is why and what? Why are we significant (if we are)? And what are we significant for, significant to? There have billions before us, now if remembered, they are only remembered by a select few… I am not portraying a meaningless existence, I am simply asking why do we do what we do and what meaning does it substantiate bar its momentary meaning and what ultimate value does this hold? Stop. ponder for one moment every action we take, how it effects our own personal growth, our own development to ‘bettering’ our being, then reflect upon how does what I do affect others both near and afar? What place do we hold within this ever expansive Universe? But most importantly who are you, why are you here and what will you be whilst alive??? Stefanos Sifandos.

Some of us have seen this before, for those who have not, one of the greatest minds of all time.

Good luck to Cell coaches Stef and Steve in today’s Painathlon. The total race distance is about 46km, made up of 24km of cycling, 12km of flat running, 10km of hellish hill runs and 10 trips up Jacobs Ladder. Get some!!!


16 Responses to “Sunday 01 August 2010”

  1. stef said

    Steve and I race today, an event out of our regular practice, nevertheless welcomed with open arms. I ask myself why? I can only answer for myself here and I will… I do it to simply do, to simply experience, to place myself at the cradle of a new experience. What meaning does it place for me within myself? I find out through physical and psychological obstacle who I am, what I am, and what I can do in that moment. This benefits the person I am and increases and expands my knowledge of self and of the working Universe around us. This is further reached through deeper contemplation and reflection. Ultimately though I simply do not know, I just do and hope to gain in some form or another…

    Steve, go for it brother! Hope to finish strong next to you, I know you will be on fire and do extremely well!

    Hopefully see some of you Cell athletes at Kings Park, word is it is going to be a beautiful day!



  2. Steve said

    Love your work Stef….. Life as Rxd…

  3. Elle said

    Good luck for the Paintathelon Stef and Steve – so looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Found something that I’m hoping Dan can do when he gets back…

    Maybe we could try it during a Cell WOD?? πŸ˜‰

    Go Dockers….

  4. The Cell said

    The ole human TGU. I’ve done that with each of my kids which becomes interesting the older and bigger they become. Next challenge, Carole, all 50 or so kg’s of her!

    Acually met and spoke a lot with the inventor of that trick, Jeff Martone, at the Games. Lovely bloke and I’m presently working on getting him here for a CrossFit KB Cert and his Tactical Athlete Cert. I’m sure Dan would love both of those πŸ™‚

    Jase πŸ™‚

    BTW, good luck Stefanos and Steve you crazy SOB’s!

  5. The Cell said

    Here it is guys, I will lay it down for you. But first an examination of our friend Steve. Here is my interpretation of the man / beast / demi God / superhuman / or whatever else you would like to call him

    Simply put, Steve had an awesome start and really held that strong position the whole way through! Steve = one of two things. 1 = He is on steroids, or has been doing secret training. 2 = He is simply a natural born athlete / beast and definitely superhuman! πŸ™‚ Was an honor to do this knowing Steve was about eons in front! I believe he finished in about 3 hr 20min! Thank you brother!

    Me, I finished not too far behind, my start was slow but had actually planned that (bad planning), but made up a lot of time and felt good! Got to the ladder and cramps galore! Had to load up my upper by pulling up the rails to lighten the load and ROM on my legs, calves, etc. Besides the intense cramping, felt great on the ladder. Finished at about 3hr and 34min. We both finished well before what I expected! Great experience and quite sore for it now!


    Steve and I both did a recovery WOD
    10 x squat
    10 x lunges
    10 x push ups
    10 x sit ups
    3 rounds untimed
    Purpose was to move the hips, would of been good if we had a KB and a GHD up there, never the mind!

    Recovery ocean swim for me also.

    Once again, honor to work with you Steve! Get off the juice though Dan would not appreciate that!



    PS. Thank you to those who came to support, speaking for both Steve and I we are extremely grateful…

  6. Storm said

    Steve and Stef awesome effort sorry I could not get there as planned but there are only so many hours in a day and apparently i need to sleep some of them.

    You are both an inspiration to myself and those that you coach and train with, I celebrate the way you both choose to live your life.


  7. Tereena said

    Woohoo!! Outstanding guys πŸ™‚

  8. Steve said

    Ladies and gents, when the pain of finishing a WOD seems to much, picture Stef cramping so badly that the last 30m he had to run backwards. Inspirational!
    It was a fun morning and a real tick of approval for our mode of training (ie constantly varied functional movement etc). That I was able to come third in this event with nil ( and I mean nil) riding and no training longer than about 30 mins (including minimal running). And even during the worst parts of today, I was reminded of the pain we put ourselves thru on an almost daily basis and thought that this isnt really that bad.

    It was long though (understatement) and my left knee is a bit sore. However I just completed another recover wod consisting of 500m row, 10 box jumps, 5 x 5 back squats (60kg) and 3 x 5 deadlifts (80kg) and the knee pain more or less disappeared. Feel great now.

    FYI this is the first time I have beaten Stef in anything, and it took a 3 hour wod to do it. It may be a long time before it happens again, so todays date could be the answer to a trivia question one day!

    Like Stef said, a big thank you to everyone who came to the ladder to help us finish. I love you all!!!

  9. Nicole Quirk said

    Crazy AWSOME work guys πŸ™‚ …..

    Congratulations to you both, amazing & impressive efforts. Hope your both feeling proud and happy with your yourselves;-)

    Having to do the ladder at the end of it all …. YEOUCH !!!

    Sundays post was a good read, definetly helped my thinking process of a few matters at the moment

  10. Bliss said

    I got home this afternoon (from Adelaide – did a workout with the guys there πŸ™‚ )and have only just read your posts.

    Guys…thank you. You are both amazing. I believe (excuse the Gillard-ism) that we are truly privileged to have the coaches and community that we do at The Cell. I know that when we move from Perth (eventually……) that I will miss what we have here.

    Thank you Stef and Steve…but not just you. Thank you to Jase, Stormer and Kate. I am grateful!

  11. The Cell said

    Steve, Stef or anyone who got any pics at the Painathlon, send them to me at and I’ll pass them onto the lads at CrossFit Endurance.

    Jase πŸ™‚

  12. The Cell said

    Really moved by the posts guys, and Steve cannot thank you enough brother, YOU are inspirational!! Seriously! To everyone thank you deeply! And I am very happy that Sunday’s posts are thought provoking. We place a lot of effort in to allowing and creating a space where individuals can deeply self reflect…

    Be safe… Time for a recovery WOD now with what I have at home, a 12kg KB and 2 x 8’s, lets see what we can do???



  13. michelle said

    Steve and Stef, what an amazing effort! It’s a privilege to have you both as coaches πŸ™‚ I’m just bummed out that I had to work, so couldn’t be there to cheer you on.

  14. Elle said

    WOW, AMAZING effort Stef and Steve!!

    Just as everybody else has said, you guys are both truly inspirational as you live and breathe what you teach….

    Feel really blessed to have you both, as well as all the other coaches at the Cell do all that you do to make us fitter, stronger and more determined both mentally and physically…..a huge THANK YOU.

    What a way to end this week and feel pumped about starting a new week with some SOLID TRAINING!!

    Bring on the Burpees, man push-ups, Double-unders and Snatches!

    Happy days….. πŸ™‚

    (Yay the Dockers too….sorry Jase ;))

  15. Anthony said

    Congratulations guys!!! Stef and Steve, you are elite!! You have proven that by breaking boundaries and putting yourself in the hurt box day in day out, you can do anything you set your mind to do. Awesome result.

    Very proud to be amongst such a fantastic community of people.

    Anth πŸ™‚

  16. Tracy said

    Good job Stef and Steve – you are both so inspiring and have been such role models in my life for physical fitness and mental toughness!

    I miss you all.

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