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Friday 09 July 2010

Posted by The Coach on July 8th, 2010

Push Press
3-3-3-3-3 reps
1 x 12 reps

Post loads to comments

For time:
100m Walking Lunge, 24kg Kettlebell Held Overhead

5 Burpee penalty each time KB is lowered.

Penalties will be issued upon offence and paid before continuing with the WOD.

Post time and any penalty to comments

22 Responses to “Friday 09 July 2010”

  1. Andrew said

    hmm saturday before friday but same working nights or something jason?? 🙂

  2. The Cell said

    Dunno what you’re talking about Andrew 😉

  3. Andrew said

    you havent corrected yr twitter feed tho’ – it has saturday but no friday. pedantically yours..

  4. The Cell said

    Yeah but no one looks at that Andrew! 🙂 Sorted Mr Pedantic 😛

  5. Enzo said

    I do!! :o)

  6. The Cell said

    Woohoo!! Thanks Enz. I feel better now. We have a few hundred followers but I think many of those are porn stars! 😛

    Those who know about Twitter will get that 🙂

  7. The Cell said

    Huge efforts this morning in a deceptively tough WOD. The 6.30am crew smashed the 5.30am crew who I think did all the burpees for the rest of todays classes 😛

    The comment from the 6.30am crew was that the 5.30am crew are their bitches…………..thems fighting words 😉

  8. Monica said

    You game Jase you may start an online war….

    Push Press
    3-3-3-3-3 reps
    20/25/26/27.5/27.5 PB and smashed my nose on the way up forgetting to move my head…spot the unco! On last set I felt like I could have gone a little heavier.
    1 x 12 reps @ 20kg.

    For time:
    100m Walking Lunge, 24kg Kettlebell Held Overhead (scaled 8kg) NO BURPEES was happy with that as I HATE them…but after the WOD now know I can do heavier.
    TIME: 4.24
    5 Burpee penalty each time KB is lowered.

    Well done Pete on pressing your body weight!

  9. Andrew said

    WU – 100kb wings mobility

    Push press – 3 x 65/70/75/77.5/77.5kg 12 x 60kg

    WOD – 24kg for 20 lunges and then as my penalty burpees were overtaking my lunges switched to 16kg. 18 mins something and at least 50 burpees

    bet the 06;30 crew were using the pink KB’s…

  10. Will F said

    Suck on some of that 5.30 crew 😉

    WU – 100kb mixed swings, mobility

    Push press – 3 x 30/32.5/37.5/40/42.5kg (PB) 12 x 30kg

    WOD – 12KG KB 4.57 No Burpees

    Really my kettlebell should have been heavier, 12KG felt too light.

  11. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Mobility, 100 x KB swings, Push press x 3 @ 20, 30kg.

    Push Press 3,3,3,3,3 @ 45, 50, 55, 60, 62.5 (Pb) 🙂 Then, just to see if I could, 1 x 71kg (body weight)(PB) 🙂

    Push Press x 12 @ 40kg (need to go up to 45kg next time, as they felt light)

    WOD as Rx’d = 13:07 (with lots of Burpee’s)

  12. michelle said

    The 0530 crew obviously went harder on the push press than the 0630 gang 😉

    Just realised I was booked in this morning – sorry guys, for some reason I thought I had a morning off 😦

  13. Monica said


    I saw on the previous post you where looking for tights with a skirt?
    Check out Lorna Jane on line they have just released some and may be able to get them and try them on at your local store? Hope that helps!

  14. Anthony said

    WU – 100kb ( 50 12kg / 50 16kg ) mixed swings, mobility

    Push press – 3 x 40/45/45/50/52.5kg (PB) 🙂 12 x 35kg

    WOD – 20KG KB O/head 100 rep walking lunges
    12.42 with 35 Burpees

    Did the 6.30 crew even work out? 🙂 12kg lunges pfffft. 🙂 hahaha


  15. Andrew said

    well said anth..maybe Will should wear a skirt with his tights…

  16. The Cell said

    Ooooo, the war is commencing. Love it!!!! 🙂

  17. The Cell said

    PDR Close Quarter Form – 10 minutes
    Dble Unders 3 x 20
    Back Squat w/up sets

    B/Squat 3 x 5 @ 125kg

    5-4-3-2-1 rep rnds for time of:
    140kg Deadlift
    Rope Climb
    Time: 9.50mins

    Super pumped after this WOD. I wanted sub-10 mins and was stoked to get it. BAM!!

    Jase 🙂

  18. Vicki said

    The way I saw it, the 5.30-ers were all wearing skirts … I mean really, doing our share of the burpee’s was a nice gesture – which is why youse are all our biatches. 🙂

    Not a pretty pink bell in sight…

    Bring it on early birds!

  19. Nicole said

    How’s the banter…. haha


    great pic….

  20. Biljana said

    …noticed it Nicole…just been wondering why it was placed upside down???

  21. The Cell said

    Coz upside down makes The Cell logo the right way up 😉

    Plus we just thought Storm looked better upside down!

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