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Wednesday 23 June 2010

Posted by The Coach on June 22nd, 2010

2 rounds of:
Max Push Ups in 2 mins
Rest 2 mins
Max Sit Ups in 2 Mins
Rest 2 mins
Max Squats in 2 mins
Rest 2 mins
Max Pull Ups in 2 mins
Rest 2 mins

Post total reps to comments


14 Responses to “Wednesday 23 June 2010”

  1. Storm said

    Steve and Kate

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and those that you care deeply about.

    Breath and stay strong

    S x

  2. Travis said

    10min Renegade Man Makers interspersed with mobility/stretches
    1 x KB Mobility Complex

    2 rounds of:
    Max Push Ups in 2 mins
    Rest 2 mins
    Max Sit Ups in 2 Mins
    Rest 2 mins
    Max Squats in 2 mins
    Rest 2 mins
    Max Pull Ups in 2 mins
    Rest 2 mins

    Round 1: 60,52,83,25 = 220
    Round 2: 52,48,75,26 = 201
    Total = 421

  3. Steve said

    Thank you Storm.

  4. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    Mobility drills

    15mins of TGU – Got to 32kg KB for a couple of reps and sets each arm – mixed the weights, sets and reps up for 15mins

    7 RFT of:
    Big tyre flip, 7 reps
    50kg Push press, 7 reps
    32kg American swing (full ext at top), 7 reps
    TIME = 11.34min

    High bar back squat – focus power
    5 x 5 @ 80kg

    20 push ups on the minute every minute
    5 rounds


    *Got the idea of this 7RFT from Steve yesterday, it looked tough so I wanted to give it a good go! Really enjoyed it! All reps unbroken and very little rest between movements, felt good! thanks Steve! Hurt locker!

    Great efforts by all this morning!



  5. The Cell said

    Been thinking a lot about the short conversations I have been having of late pertaining to certain global issues and consequences of these issues. My deepest thoughts are with all those who risk their lives for an ideology of something of powerful meaning to them. We all have the stamina, power, breadth, depth and imagination to persevere through anything based on simple or by face value complex ideologies and beliefs. My heart is with those close to me who have those close to them which are suffering! Remain strong in your posture, remain powerful in your breath (for that is your life force) and always know that there are those around you who care and will support your every decision!

    Much love


  6. Nicole said

    WARM UP: 10 x Reganade
    KB complex & mobility

    Max Push Up’s in 2min 46, 41 ( second round was doing pushups on knees )
    rest 2 mins
    Max situps in 2min 65, 64
    rest 2 mins
    Max squats in 2min 86, 70
    rest 2 mins
    Max Pullups in 2min 20, 35 ( blue band )
    TOTAL: 427

    Still feeling a little meh from the flu over last week but really greatful to have the body moving again… 😉 Wod nailed me today, felt like I was running uphill the whole way… No rush of adrenalin or strengh mid way in as I normally feel ;-( Stefs inspiring encouragement of wanting to see “MORE INTENSITY….. haha” like were not working hard enough ? may have worked & changed my headspace to push a little harder to find my adrenalin & strengh that give me my satisfaction from training…
    AwSOME INTENSITY 530 crew 😉
    Todays a brilliant day … just got news a good friend is in remisssion ” cancer free ” after fighting for a tedious period with his positive attidude awsome to see things are now looking up 😉 😉 😉 ;-);-) HAPPY DAYS !!!

  7. Will F said

    Was a bit flat this morning…
    WARM UP: 10min of Reganade Man Makers (6kg)
    KB complex mobility (light – 8kg)
    WOD: as rx’d – 449

    I’m traveling away for a few months shortly, does anyone have some good suggestions for “WOD’s on the go”? I’ve got a nice list from this place: and will also be able to refer to the cell’s website for other ideas.

  8. Travis said

    Will, check out ‘Further Reading and Links’ on the left side of this page. There’s a PDF in there called ‘CrossFit WOD Resource’ which has a bunch of workouts including a lot of bodyweight WODs!

  9. Pete Yeates said

    Here ya go Will, from the crossfit forum.

    WU = Renegade man makers, Mobility, KB complex.

    WOD as Rx’d = 566 reps

    Pushup = 68, 58
    Situp = 75, 73
    Squat = 100, 101
    Pullup = 45, 46

  10. Vicki said

    Renegade MM’s 4kg, mobility.
    WOD: Subbed 8kg russian swings for sit ups.
    Total 460.

    Really felt it this morning – mega sleep deprivation and lack of food does not make me a happy chappy 😦

  11. gus said

    not sure what has gone down, steve, but i wish you all the best mate.

    was majorly off my game today.. not sure if it’s sleep related, food related, getting ridden at work, aiming too high with my increases or, most likely, e) all of the above

    squats: 5-5-4 @ 120kg. i got the 5th rep of last set done, but i’m positive it wasn’t deep enough. would even like to have had a third party judging my previous reps as heavy weights can mess with the mind. i then busted out one final rep at 120. on the plus side, i failed twice trying to do 120kg for 1RM at my last CFT!

    bench: 4 @ 67.5, 4 @ 65, 5 @ 60. my pressing movements always just seem to SUCK.

    deadlift: 3 reps @ 145kg. by this stage i was already a bit p*ssed off and over it, but i went out fighting.

  12. Anthony said

    WU = Renegade man makers, Mobility, KB complex.

    WOD scaled = 419 reps

    Pushup = 46/37 ( both rnds approx 15 on toes then the rest on knees )
    Situp = 66/63
    Squat = 70/67
    Pullup = 33/37 ( blue band )


  13. The Cell said

    Gusman and all,

    Steve has lost some good mates in Afghanistan and others are fighting for their lives.

    I’m not too sure why we are there but I do know that those who are there and return there time and again are true heroes.

    Lest we forget.


  14. Elliot said

    3min skip
    3min bike
    1 x KB Mobility Complex

    2 rounds of:
    Max Push Ups in 2 mins
    Rest 2 mins
    Max Sit Ups in 2 Mins
    Rest 2 mins
    Max Squats in 2 mins
    Rest 2 mins
    Max Pull Ups in 2 mins
    Rest 2 mins

    Round 1: 41,44,51,31 = 167
    Round 2: 35,46,51,25 = 157
    Total = 324

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