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Saturday 19 June 2010

Posted by The Coach on June 18th, 2010

Push Press
3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments


For time:
Row, 1000m
20kg Thruster, 50 reps
Pull Up, 30 reps

Post time to comments


24 Responses to “Saturday 19 June 2010”

  1. dan said

    Hey team,

    I love this WOD!!!

    Stef, Jase and Steve my good friends, can you post your best time for this WOD? Nothing like a bit of friendly competition!

    Take care,


  2. Jase said

    Can’t recall the exact time but I beat stef! :-p

  3. andrew said


    I saw a good one on Gym Jones for the triple smackdown of you/stef/steve

    10 rft
    – 20 cals airdyne
    – 15 burpees

    with or without weight vest looks a killer


  4. Pete Yeates said

    Warm-up = Dynamic mobility, Squat x 5 @ 15, 15, 45.

    Squat x 5 @ 65, 75, 85, 95kg

    Then some gymnastics strength training:

    Bulgarian Ring Dips 5 x 5

    Parallette Pseudo Planche Push-ups 5 x 5

    Straddle Front Lever Pulls 5 x 5

  5. The Cell said

    HAHA! Never done this one before mate, set the bench mark Dan and either Steve or I will demolish it!



  6. Storm said

    I think when Dan finally comes back to our shores I will have to orgaise the D.J.S.S Smackdown.

    Tickets $5 for specatators (proceeds to charity)

    WOD’s by myself and our lovely Kate
    5 WODS with a 5 min rest between WODS.

    And you guys will find out on the day what they are.

    What do you think Kate, oh and to make it funny they have to come dressed as a super hero….BAM

    Maybe it should be the EVIL and TWISTED SMACKDOWN

  7. The Cell said

    Im in…


  8. Biljana said

    You’re just in cause you like the dress ups Stef!! 🙂 hehehe

  9. Lisa said

    Now that event is something I’d like to see!! Great idea Storm! 🙂

  10. Tereena said

    haha you crazy kids, I would LOVE to watch this!!!
    Some favs come to mind: Spidey, Bat, Rock, Hulk, Buzz and Flash…and then of course there is WW (which would hands down win best costume!!)

  11. Rhys said

    Stef’s in cos he can wear his jocks and say hes dressed as a super hero.

  12. Bliss said

    I’ll have five tickets Stormer…The kids love dress-ups!!!


    Can’t wait to take the pics…

  13. andrew said

    WU – 2 rds 500m row + CFWU, flexibility

    Push Press – 3x 70/75/77.5/77.5 (F)/75 (F)

    WOD – as rx’ed 09:08

    Row was sub 3:30 so Ok but i had some grand illusion of doing thrusters in 2 sets (WRONG!!) it was like 5-6 sets and then pull ups were in 5’s at start and soon down to 3’s. Good workout but I felt a bit nauseous at end. This one hurt..

    Only great pain is, as the teacher of great suspicion, the ultimate liberator of the spirit…. It is only great pain, that slow protracted pain which takes its time and in which we are as it were burned with green wood, that compels us philosophers to descend into our ultimate depths and to put from us all trust, all that is good-hearted, palliated, gentle, average, wherein perhaps our humanity previously reposed. I doubt whether such pain “improves” but I do know it deepens us.

    Friedrich Nietzsche

  14. The Cell said

    Jocks it is! BAM!!!


  15. The Cell said

    Tereena who and what is WW?

    And Storm would like to know if Andrew is on the same planet as us today??


  16. stef said

    Warm up:
    1600m run (yes the loop that has disillusioned us all)
    Mobility drills

    Series of Strength movements – 3 movements – 4 sets per movement – The est you finish on each movement is the set you begin with for the next movement – Untimed – rest as required.


    Front squat


    5RFT of:
    32kg Russian swings (Full ROM), 25 reps
    burpees (touch pull ups bar above head on every rep), 15 reps
    TIME = 9.16min

    Dead hang Muscle up practice in between the session



  17. Tereena said

    SS, WW is non other than Wonder Woman! If you want to forgo your jocks for her blue bloomers, just know that there will be a lot of twirling and a golden lasoo involved as well!!!


  18. Anthony said

    I think Andrew is probably head down in an esky right now still very hung over from his piss up with Shazza, Dazza, Blue, Red and all his mates from the Torana Club. He drove his Torana to Dazza’s place to celebrate becoming an Aussie yesterday, after doing a few bog laps of Northbridge and a quick detour thru the bottlo to stock up on some xxxx Gold and a cask of fruity lexia.

    Maybe Andrew should join in the smackdown festivity as Hoges!

    seriously though – good work cobber 🙂

  19. Storm said

    Anthony you crack me…..I thought Andrew was more like the STROP character….HeHe HeHe.

  20. stef said

    In the purist words of Mr Towler (AKA. Capt Smash).

    Your all a bunch of flamin mongrels and galas!!


  21. Luke F-J said

    Hey all

    cant wait to get back to the cell and start training hard again, hopefully my motorbike will be fixed sometime early next week.

    todays WODs

    1000m run
    KB swings
    1000m run

    This one was untimed as i forgot to start stopwatch.

    Rest 5-10mins

    as rx’ed
    time = 8.10mins

    Been training with my house mate at the gym on base over the past two weeks and introduced him to crossfit, seems to realy enjoy it. has been good to have somone to train with and have that push still there. Looks like everyones doing really well with there training,keep up the good work, and hopefully see you all next week

  22. Jase said

    Having been on a WOD diet of massive restaurant and pub meals washed down with vino and some warm flat crap the poms call beer I reckon i’d have to dress up as Jabba the Hut and pray an eating for time WOD comes out of the hopper.


  23. dan said


    I only asked for a time to go for in the WOD and now it has turned into a Super Hero, dress up, 5 x 5 minute break, WOD’s!!!

    Count me in!!

    Great idea Storm!
    That gives me something to really train hard for. Will any of the WOD’s include leaping onto tall buildings with a single pistol, POSE running faster than a bullet or dead-lifting stronger than a locomotive?!…….. Hey that would be a great C.F T-shirt (Copyright, Dan!!).

    Can I be Spiderman, I love spiders, just ask my wife!

    Hey another theme event idea:
    Battle of the Forces – We have army, a few navy once we all get back, surely there is a fireman or woman amongst us, and we know there are more cops hanging around than at McDonalds drive threw on a Friday night….. hehe
    Stef you are a Force on your own mate, so you just need a uniform.
    What do you guys think?


  24. The Cell said

    I love you Dan! 🙂

    I keep things simple! Im in again!


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