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Friday 18 June 2010

Posted by The Coach on June 17th, 2010


As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
125kg Deadlift, 5 reps
Push Up, 13 reps
24” Box Jump, 9 reps

Post rounds to comments


18 Responses to “Friday 18 June 2010”

  1. graeme said

    WOD Thurs Nite
    WU Bike 15min + Bergener
    Press 5×3 – 40,42.5,45,47.5,50
    Airdyne 30Cal, then
    PullUp (no band)
    16kg KB Sbatch
    Parrallet PushUps
    then Airdyne 30 Cal


    i normally read the posts but i wanted to throw out a HUGE thanks to Steve for a couple of epic “no knee” WODs in the last two days and for your encouragement – mate you made me work harder than i have for a while .. thanks

  2. Lisa said

    Good job Graeme, you smashed it!

  3. dan said

    Hi Guys,

    just wanted to comment on yesterdays posts. Steve have you been damaging Government property again? If you like I can lend you some of my speedos and you can go for a swim with Stef? hehehe. Good work mate of the 32kg k.b clean and press session, that sounded tough.

    Stef we will have to go for a Coogee 3 clicker when I get back. I loved that swim……. good times.
    To my darling wife, I noticed your post yesterday, well done getting that WOD as Rxd and the double unders out, I bet that determined hot blooded Italian was coming out! I like the sound of a PB on the Power Snatch too…

    5 rounds:
    500m rower
    50kg P.Press/ 7 reps
    NTE / 12 reps
    time: 18:21 (had to run up and down ladders to get to the rowing machine)

    It is really interesting doing over head anything in large seas…… really character building!

    Take care all


  4. graeme said

    i forgot something important, i must thank all of the cell trainees
    who show such committment, determination and support to their peers, well done all

  5. Bliss said

    As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:
    55kg Deadlift, 5 reps – good weight. 4 rounds in I thought that I could have opted for a heavier weight…focus was on form. Thanks Stef 🙂
    Push Up, 13 reps
    24” Step Ups, 9 reps – not possible to jump at the moments

    19 rounds – 5 DL’s – 13 Pushups – 4 Step ups

  6. Steve said

    Just wanted to post a few observations about the last couple of days training…

    1. The attitude and approach to training has been sensational. This time of year it’s cold and wet, all classes bar lunchtime are in the dark and the grind of training hard can wear people down. However in the last two days I’ve seen athletes come up against WODs that they fear and just crush them. I’ve seen injured athletes not just show up to have a chat but push themselves to the very edge without letting the words “sore,tired or I can’t” even enter their heads. Athletes who are not strong runners would hate to see “Jerry” come up; those who struggle with double unders would hate nothing more than seeing “Annie” on the whiteboard. Those thoughts became as irrelevant as the weather as athletes just stepped up and destroyed previous limits. There is no try; just do or do not.

    2. This energy and determination is contagious. I see it spread throughout the group in every class.
    This is the epitome of the CrossFit community.

    3. Whilst this attitude and approach to life can be nurtured and trained in the gym, it does it’s best work outside of this environment.

    ” We welcome you to the community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice”
    – Mark Rippettoe

  7. The Cell said

    Warm up:
    Mobility drills
    Salute to the sun

    Handstand practice – 10mins
    Forward roll practice

    Pistol squats with and without weight – up to 16kg KB
    6 x 3 each leg

    High bar –
    5 reps @ 40/60/80kg (concentration on power)
    Low bar –
    5 reps @ 100kg +
    5 x 30″ box jump
    2-2-2 @ 115kg +
    5 x 30″ box jump after each set

    60kg Thruster, 8 reps
    Ring dips, 18 reps
    Then: 14-12-10-8-6-4-2 reps of:
    Forward roll (half reps & full ext after each rep)
    C2B Pull ups
    Inverted burpee (feet must touch behind head, must come to full ext)
    RIng dips, 18 reps
    60kg Thruster, 10 reps
    TIME = 19.48min

    Stretch / roll

    *Interesting and fun, forward rolls ceased to make me dizzy after the first couple of sets, that is why I halved the reps, have not done these in a workout before, so wanted to ensure form was good!



  8. The Cell said

    I wholeheartedly agree with Steve, the level of dedication of late has been outstanding, the internal barriers that some a re pushing beyond and obliterating is extremely powerful and inspiring!

    On another note, Vicki, you are a very bad woman for giving me those treats you left in the fridge that you made! I tasted a little, and can understand why your friend devoured a whole tray! This will take all the force of a Jedi master to resist! I think I can do it!



  9. Monica said

    Today I did 25kg dead lift. First time really doing deadlifts since my Fundamentals, and I survivied!
    I did the McGhee scaled and did 20 minutes. I did 12 rounds plus 5 deadlifts. Was a good one. Next time I meet McGhee I will do the 30 minutes. Thanks for the company this morning and thanks for the motivation when I was struggling!

  10. The Cell said

    What is in the koolaid today steve and stef………

  11. The Cell said

    All the boys at lunch Luke B, Paul, Mike W and Glen are hitting hard as RXD.

    Awesome to watch.

  12. Pete Yeates said

    WU = 3 rounds of “20 step-ups, 20 KB swing, 20 Lunge ” with Mobility in between rounds, DL x 5 40kg, 60, 80.

    WOD scaled the DL to 100kg, the rest as Rx’d.
    20 rounds + 5 DL + 13 PU + 1 BJ

    I was really pleased with my Deadlifts, as haven’t done these in a while. Lifting over 10 Tonne in ½ hr just makes me feel bloody MINT. 🙂

    Dan, nice work on the Rough Sea’s WOD. I remember back in my navy days, that doing anything in rough seas, even eating, was hard going. (When ship lurches, food on table runs away from you, usually onto the deck 😆 )

    Steve, I find winter is the best season to train, it is a time to consolidate all the work done through summer and autumn, and get a head start on what’s coming in spring.

  13. The Cell said

    Mike W = 15 rounds + 4 DL

    Paul = 14 rounds + 5DL + 8 Pushups

    Luke B = 10 rounds

    Glen + 10 rounds + 4 DL


  14. Anthony said

    f**k I almost didn’t post after the last comment. you guys rock – well done.
    WU = 3 rounds of “20 step-ups large tyre, 20 KB Russian swing -increase weight each round 12/16/20kg, 20 Lunges and pigeon / downward dog / cobra between rounds.
    DL WU x 5 40kg, 60, 80.

    WOD scaled the DL to 80kg – thanks Stef I feel I kept reasonable form at this weight. my back right now feels great. Also 4 x rnds of push ups on toes then the rest on knees.
    14 rounds + 5 DL + 10 PU

    I just hit a wall when doing push ups! Slowed me down big time. So freakin annoying!

  15. Will F said

    Nice work again Dan! And top stuff to the lunch WOD, that’s awesome!

    Well this week has been very active in the posts, it’s been great! I really enjoyed the WOD’s laid forward in the week too. Challenging both mentally and physically.

    WU = 3 rounds of “20 step-ups, 20 KB swing, 20 Lunge ” with Mobility in between rounds, DL x 5 40kg, 60, 80.

    I found the WOD today very mentally challenging…smashing out 10 pushups only to realise you have 3 more to go always caught me out, also first time doing 24’ box jumps and getting over the mental block by looking at the box as only 2 more inches rather as “WOW 24 INCHES!”

    WOD scaled the DL to 50kg, the rest as Rx’d.
    17 rounds + 5 DL + 6 PU

    I love dead lifts. I was spewing I couldn’t go up to 65/70KG because I had hurt my finger the night before and had minimal grip.

  16. Andrew said

    In lieu of a WOD i sat the Aussie citizenship test (20 multi choice questions with a 45 mins cap)

    I was out in 10 mins. 100% – wasnt that difficult

    you might want to check out this alternative one..

    back to WOD tommorrow

  17. Rhys said

    By the sounds of it everyones driving each other to do better and better which is awesome. Good work everyone!

    Steve, atleast you had a bar to break, your mate K Rudd wouldn’t even let the battle tanker have a C2 Rower.

    Today I went for a hour and a half pedal along the coast, it was nice untill I turned around and rode back to into the wind, I must invest in something to keep me warm.

  18. Glen Lewis said

    This was the toughest mental challenge I have done in years.

    Half way through the first round I realised that doing deadlifts at 80% (125kg – RxD) of my PB was clearly an error in judgement (everyone blamed Luke and myself for the decision to go RxD) and that I was going to have to learn from the experience and given the circumstances, there was no option but to suck it up.

    However, this was nothing compared to forcing myself to do all the pushups on my toes. Storm and Luke gave me some great advice before we started, and by the time I hit the 4th or 5th round, I was really glad I carefully listened – rather than dropping to knees when tired, stop just before failure, take 3-4 breaths and then keep going. Worked a treat.

    I also realised that you can function reasonably well even when your head is spinning and it feels like somebody has just ripped your arms out of their sockets – lots of self-talk and intense concentration to make sure that I wasn’t going to fall off the tyre 🙂 So this was one of those workouts where I came to realise several things – all the while my body was screaming at me.

    Ready for more.

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