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Wednesday 16 June 2010

Posted by The Coach on June 15th, 2010


For time:
Run 1 mile (1600m)
Row 2km
Run 1 mile (1600m)

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22 Responses to “Wednesday 16 June 2010”

  1. dan said

    Hi Team,

    Sounds like the weather is making things a little more fun in Perth. I’m dealing with 40+ degrees, so I would love to go for a run in the rain right now! Stef, get that wife of mine running in the rain…… she loves using that girly excuse of ‘but my hair will get wet’ hehehe 😉

    Hey Rhys, good work on the push ups, the boys and I were using Duff (navy talk for desert) as a push up punishment, 500 push ups in 20 min for eating desert. That started to become not enough of a deterrent so we have upped it to 1500 push ups, needless to say the desert intake slowed quiet considerable!

    Squat clean practice, and mobility drills.

    AM WOD
    2min max A.squats (onto a 10kg med ball)
    2min max pull ups
    2min max push ups
    2min rest

    1min max A.squats
    1min max pull ups
    1min max push ups
    1min rest

    30sec max A.squats
    30sec max pull ups
    30sec max push ups

    Total reps: 366

    This was structured a bit like fight gone bad, it sounds ok, but really puts you in the hurt locker!

    PM WOD:
    24kg kettle bell Thrusters (alternate arms as needed)

    Time: 5:34

    I Hope everyone is doing well, keeping fit and enojying life.


  2. andrew said

    WU – 100kb swings every which way (16kg), mobility, 2 x CFWU

    WOD – SNAFU as we went astray on 1st loop so 1300m run, 2300m row, 1600m run


    found it hard to push myself on last run and lost some time on rower as the one i had set up was otherwise occupied.

  3. Will F said

    Nice WOD’s Dan!

    Almost needed a GPS out there this morning. Well done to the 5.30 crew, any darker at 6.30 and I would have ended up in the lake.

    Warmup 100 light KB mixed swings, 2x CFWU, Mobility
    1600m Run (the long way)
    2000m Row
    1600m Run (the right way)

    If anyone is interested, here’s the path…remember follow the arrows 😉

    The Cell – 1600m RunFind more Runs in Cockburn Central, Australia

  4. Pete Yeates said

    WU = Mobility, 100 x KB swings 16kg, CFWU x 2.

    WOD = 23:54**

    **After dropping Willow back to the gym, I was talking to Will, and he said the 1600m is to Blackley and not to the Waldecks St. If this is the case I did 600m of extra special run training. 🙂

  5. The Cell said

    WARM UP:
    3×10 Squat
    3×10 Jump Squat
    3×10 Split Jump (5 each side)
    10mins Handstand and paralette practice
    3 x 3 HSPU strict and head to floor
    5x tyre flip +
    10x 16kg KB Push Press +
    30 seconds Overhead Hold (KB’s) +
    30 seconds Rest
    Five sets (All out and timed for each round)
    1 = 1.07min
    2 = 1.06min
    3= 1.08min
    4 = 1.09min
    5 =1.07min
    10m Sled Rope pull (90kg) +
    10m Reverse Bear Crawl +
    10x Pull-up
    Five sets, rest 1minute – 1.15minute between sets (all out and timed for each round)
    1 = 36sec
    2 = 37sec
    3 = 41sec
    4 = 40sec
    5 = 38sec
    Row – 30sec on/30sec off – 6mins – aim to reach 150m each 30sec round
    1= 161m
    2 = 159m
    3 = 158m
    4 = 156m
    5 = 155m
    6 = 151m
    Cool down

    *Had the pleasure of training with one of the fittest individuals and strongest minds I know. Brad is back and he is hungry to sweat blood and place himself in a world of hurt as he did today! Good to have him back!



  6. Mary-Anne said

    100 KB swings, various
    2 x CFWU / mobility

    For time: Run 1 mile (1600m)Row 2km Run 1 mile (1600m)
    1300m run/2.3 km row/1600m run = 29.31 minutes
    I wasn’t mentally preapred for the extra rowing, but sure being pushed out of comfort zone can only be a good thing.

    Andrew, was I on your rower??? sorry mate, didnt know thats how it works.

  7. The Cell said

    It is an unwritten rule, (I would not call it a rule as such Mary-Anne) What you should and could do though is tell Andrew to F**K up! HARDEN UP, stop winging, and sitting on another rower all of 25cm away and simply row is not all that time consuming, pick another rower real quick, its not like the next available rower is 5km up the road! Hello Andrew, we love you! You know this!



  8. Andrew said

    mary anne – I forgive you

    Stef – you however are not now turns out the loop we ran was correct all along and I rowed 300m more and then ran 300m more at the end.FFS!!

  9. The Cell said

    Andrew the giant, that does not negate the fact that I still love you!

    BAM! STATEMENT: The ‘real’ athlete is prepared for almost anything at any given time; you performed today, and you were prepared. Therefore you are ‘real’ Andrew. Now that is something to be ecstatic about!



  10. The Cell said

    Brad welcome back it will be good to see you and your pink singlet again my friend.


  11. Vicki said

    I didn’t do Jerry, I did a Jesse (as in a pansy assed version…)
    2km row
    100 cal on airdyne
    As much as I loathe running, I really wish I could do it, as it was inspiring to watch everyone bust their humps this morning. So next year is going to be the year I learn to love running …

  12. Anthony said

    so it turns out I didn’t get it wrong! we are all better athletes today for it! That is the 1st time I have ever run 3.8kms ( if that is what it was )in a WOD or at all for that matter 🙂

    Andrew what is the non abbreviated meaning of SNAFU?? I might guess the last 3 letters but the first 2 are a mystery? 🙂

    WU = Mobility, 100 x KB swings Light / various @ 10kg – probably too light really, CFWU x 2.

    WOD as rxd
    For time: Run 1 mile (1600m) / Row 2km / Run 1 mile (1600m)
    Actual = 1600m run? /2.3 km row / 1900m run?

    Time = 28.12

    who cares it was a great workout!! 🙂

  13. Andrew said

    SNAFU =

  14. Mary-Anne said

    Ohhh I can feel the love people, I can feel the love 🙂 🙂

    Can’t wait to train again peeps – see you Friday xx

  15. Will F said

    For some reason my post didn’t go through 😦 so repost, apologies for any doubleup

    Nice WOD’s Dan!

    Almost needed a GPS out there this morning. Well done to the 5.30 crew, any darker at 6.30 and I would have ended up in the lake.

    Warmup 100 light KB mixed swings, 2x CFWU, Mobility
    1600m Run (the long way)
    2000m Row
    1600m Run (the right way)

    If anyone is interested, here’s the path…remember follow the arrows 😉

  16. Mary-Anne said

    Revised WOD – 1600m run / 2.3 km row / 1900m run

  17. Anthony said


    Andrew, more like,

    SNAFU =

    hahaha 🙂

  18. Jason said

    Clearly people haven’t run the 1 mile route enough. I suggest we include it as part of the warm up to ensure it becomes firmly implanted in people’s minds.

    Maybe its just me, but I thought it was a pretty fool proof circle route. Remind me not to go bush with any of you lot!! Hey Stormer, how would they go in the NT!! 😉

    Luv you all
    Jase 😛

  19. Jason said

    BTW Will, your comment was caught up by our spam filter due to the links in it. Very rarely there are comments we have to moderate. Being O/S I hadn’t got arounfd to moderating it.

    Jase 🙂

  20. WUP
    Skipping practise. DBL unders are at 37
    2 x CFW
    I am doing 1 – 2 dead hang pull ups in between the rest to practise those.

    WOD as req

    26:00 flat 🙂
    I have finally found good rowing technique

    Finished with 3 dead hangs
    – getting there

    I am missing the strength work 😦 and can’t wait to do a PHAT wod where you through weights around and climb ropes and stuff!! 🙂

  21. gus said

    had almost a week off due to work taking over for a bit

    squats: 5-5-5 @ 115kg (pb)
    bench: failed at 67.5… think i jumped too quick plus the week off messed with me
    dead: 1×5@140kg (pb) – happy with this one! felt better than last week’s 135

  22. Elliot said

    Wednesday 16 June 2010

    Posted by The Cell on June 15th, 2010

    Warmup skipping 5mins, double unders coming slowly
    2x CFWU, Mobility
    quality of overhead squat moved from 1/10 to 1.5/10

    1600m Run (the long way) felt ok
    2000m Row strength in my legs disapointing
    1600m Run (the right way)should of pushed a little harder early


    more cardio sessions welcomed… need the fitness to chase my shoplifters!

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